6 Techniques To Help Remove Viruses And Get Rid Of The Flu With Reiki

This article describes how Reiki can help you remove viruses, including the ones that give the flu.

At the deep, spiritual level the causes are totally different, hence the reason why the condition manifested in the first place.

Keep in mind that this article is only from a Reiki perspective and you should always consult a specialist.

We don’t offer medical advice here at ReikiScoop. If you’re comfortable with that, I’m sure you’ll enjoy learning how to approach this issue with Reiki.

Before anything, we have to understand what triggered the body’s vulnerability to a virus or bacteria.

To do that, let’s first see what a virus or bacteria is from a spiritual perspective!

Any kind of germ or virus that produces a disease is a negative entity made out of information and energy. Obviously, they don’t have the same energetic structure as a human but they do have a vital energy field. 

Keep that in mind. We’re going to need it later.

In order for an organism to be vulnerable to exterior influences, there are three main categories that need to be affected: the spiritual, energetic, and physical levels.

Spiritual Level

A person becomes vulnerable to diseases, bacteria, infections, and viruses when she/he is going through a hard time or isn’t able to offer understanding, compassion or forgiveness. This applies both to herself/himself as well as to other people or life situations.

Of course, there is also the concept of “karma”. We all have our “debts” that need to be balanced out. However, with the correct mindset, actions, and through our spiritual work, we can offer our understanding and compassion towards life, other people and ourselves.

Energetic Level

We all have seven main energy centers (chakras) and each one generates a major energy field. A breach is created within at least one of those fields when the Spiritual level cause was not acknowledged and understood.

After the breach, the energy field(s) will allow negative or residual energies and entities to enter through it. Those energies and entities reach the chakra level, disrupting the natural, healthy state of that particular chakra.

This process affects all the other chakras too.

Even though there are multiple primary and secondary chakras we still function as one system. Everything is connected.

This leads to an accumulation of energies and entities with negative vibration. In turn, your general energy level (vibration) becomes lower.

When this happens, and it’s left untreated, your natural energetic protection decreases as well.

Physical Level

The physical body gradually loses the ability to sustain its normal immunity.

Slowly, symptoms become present to give us a hint that something is not in balance. At that moment we still have time to act.

Medicine plays an important role but let’s not forget about our energetic and spiritual levels. If you take care of them as well the recovery should happen quicker.

Failing to do so will make the illness stronger. You’ll lose your appetite and begin to feel sleepy because the immune system is starting to fight.

This process pulls out your energy.

Always Look For The Spiritual Cause

Luckily, allopathic medicine has good, strong treatments that can cure a lot of things. That’s why people don’t die like they did a century ago.

That’s marvelous and we should all be grateful for the evolution of technology.

What I’m saying is that sometimes a lot of medication is pushed to us and we usually don’t need that much.

That’s why it’s important to understand why we became ill in the first place.

Most of the time we have a chance to fight the illness and discover where the imbalance originated.

If we don’t do this, unfortunately, we won’t learn our lesson. In turn, this will lead us to similar outcomes in the future. They don’t necessarily need to be negative but they will slow down our potential.

It’s always better to prevent than cure.

Everything has a spiritual cause. The sooner we accept this, the better.

The 6 Reiki Techniques To Help Remove Viruses

Alright, so we find ourselves in the middle of a nasty infection. Now, all we want is to get rid of it and heal ourselves.

How can Reiki help us in this situation?

Before anything, there’s one important thing I want to highlight.

NOTE: Constant self-treatment is the best prevention method. Not only it boosts your immune system but it makes you more aware of your imbalances. It then helps you heal them in our own optimum rhythm.

Practicing self-treatment constantly will help eliminate the vulnerabilities and negativity at the energetic and spiritual levels. This will lower the chances of contracting illnesses.

But what do we do when the disease reaches the physical level?

Can we still use self-treatment?

Well, that depends.

If you have an infection or virus the basic self-treatment can actually help it develop. The universal energy promotes and sustains life, any kind of life.

But there are a few ways to turn this to your advantage and kill the viruses even with self-treatment.

These are NOT the typical lessons you learn at your Reiki class. Only use them for therapeutic purposes on yourself and others, with their consent of course.

Technique no.1 – Informed Energy Through Your Palms

Normally, when we practice Reiki, we channel the universal life force energy throughout our body. We do this for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

However, we are able to inform (condition) this energy to take a certain action that is beneficial to us. 

For example, if you wish to do self-treatment with the intention of strengthening your physical body the universal energy will flow and act through you towards this goal. Of course, it takes time and you have to act accordingly.

This means you have to eat healthier and pay attention to your physical body. 

You cannot have a chaotic lifestyle and expect Reiki to do all the work.

Even so, you’ll have the support of the universal energy. But if you want to reach a certain goal, you need to work with yourself as well in order to enhance that potential.

The same happens for viruses or diseases. 

You can channel the light with a clear intention to break down the energy structure of viruses. If you do this, the vital energy field will eventually disintegrate, killing the virus. Besides this, the energy that is left flowing will help your body recover.

Avoid potentially contaminated places as much as possible. Keep a balanced diet, pay attention to your vitamin and mineral intake, avoid stress, and have a good rest.

Be aware of what exactly you wish to eradicate. Within our body, there is beneficial bacteria that helps keep our immune system active. If you know you have an infection or a virus, that’s the one you have to target, not all bacteria.

Technique no. 2 – Sei He Ki And Activating The Laser Knife For Cutting The Vital Energy Field Of The Bacteria

This is a more direct approach that you can use as a stand-alone method as well as within the Reiki self-treatment.

Activate Sei He Ki Reiki symbol on the dominant hand with the intention of creating a laser-like hand that extends as a knife.

Just as you would cut using a knife, use your activated hand to cut the vital energy field of each virus. You can also do this through meditation as well as visualization.

It’s best to follow-up with a self-treatment session for cleansing yourself of negative energy.

Technique no. 3 – Using Zonar And Halu With The Help Of Archangels Gabriel And Raphael

With the Karuna Reiki attunement you gain access to the power of the Archangels through the specific symbols that come along.

Archangel Raphael is the patron and helper of all doctors, therapists, and spiritual practitioners. Together with Archangel Gabriel, He is able to help disintegrate the negative energies of diseases and viruses.

Zonar and Halu symbols are your best choice in this case.

  • Activate them on your energy centers and use them in self-treatment;
  • Have the clear intention of destroying the energy structure of that specific virus;
  • Call upon the power and help of the Archangels to support you in your healing;

Their high vibration will act accordingly and it shouldn’t take long before you see results.

Technique no. 4 – Motor Zanon

Also called the “viral symbol”, Motor Zanon is mostly used for removing viruses.

This symbol is present in a few Reiki systems such as Shamballa Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, and Seichim Reiki system.

It’s true that you need to have an attunement for one of these systems. Once you do, this is one of the most efficient ways of removing viruses.

Both with its energy and the entities it brings, this symbol is highly potent against such threats.

Some other attributes of Motor Zanon are physical and emotional healing through the acknowledgment of imbalances. It helps boost the immune system and contributes to DNA healing.

Use the following sequence:

Cho Ku Rei three times + Motor Zanon three times + Cho Ku Rei three times again.

Do so directly on the affected area with the clear intention of destroying the virus.

This action removes the energetic print and breaks up the vital energy field of the virus.

You can do this through visualization. For a significantly enhanced effect though, I recommend vocalizing the names of the symbols each time you activate them. Do this three times per day every day until you start feeling healthy again.

Do self-treatment once per day for removing the negative energy print of that virus and for healing the whole body.

Technique no. 5 – Saint Germain’s Violet Flame

This technique is more efficient once you gain the master level in any Reiki system. Having said that I encourage using this energy as it is highly effective against diseases, viruses, and emotional traumas.

The violet flame has a high vibration and it also has the power to remove negative energy prints from our body and energy fields.

“Dear Saint Germain, please place your powerful violet flame within my palms and help me in my healing using it.”

Visualize how a silvery-violet flame fills your palms as they get warmer and warmer.

Place your palms on top of your head and start self-treatment with the intention of killing the virus.

You may also do a general self-treatment which will dissolve any negative energies and raise your vibration.

Another easier method is placing the activated palms on a known affected area, healing it.

Remember the violet flame has quite a hight vibration. Use it for your own healing and only use it on others with their consent.

Do this every day!

After you finish thank Saint Germain for assisting and helping you.

Technique no. 6 – Calling Upon Your Spirit Guides And Archangel Michael’s Help

We all have our own spirit guides. Calling for their aid is always a best practice.

They can guide you towards what would be the most appropriate action for you. This goes for any stressful situation in life including removing diseases and viruses.

They are entities of higher planes of existence, therefore they have a higher vibration than most of us here on Earth. They are in permanent connection with Divinity and with what is best for us.

Ask them to help guide you in your healing journey.

Archangel Michael will help remove the negative energies from your body.

Together with Gabriel and Raphael, Michael is one of the most powerful Archangels. They help heal humanity by guiding us towards the best outcome.

Archangel Michael can fight against any kind of negative threats. He can help us heal at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael are the bringers of peace, healing, and triumph against negative influences. 

While doing self-treatment, ask for the aid of your spirit guides and Archangels. Have the clear intention of helping you remove any disease and/or virus from your body. 

The energy that will flow through you from that moment on, will gradually dissolve vital energy fields of bacteria or viruses. Also, the universal life force energy will nourish your physical and energetic bodies. It will offer you strength and healing on all levels.

reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!


A negative form of energy or entity cannot live inside (next to) an organism that generates peaceful vibration.

The light and love will simply burn them.

It is as if you would use a mosquito spray on yourself. They will keep away because they cannot live in that environment.

If you are suffering from a severe affection you can even combine the above techniques.

All of them work very well but see which one suits you best.

And don’t forget! Always seek professional help. Here at ReikiScoop we don’t offer medical advice. Like all the other articles, this one too is written from a Reiki perspective. This is the result of years of studying and applying techniques, including the ones mentioned here.

Now It’s Your Turn

Have you ever used Reiki to remove viruses from your body?

Is there a particular technique that you resonate with?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Just leave a comment in the section below.


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