Reiki Self Healing And The Power Of Focusing On The Basic Elements

Reiki self-healing is the most basic, yet most important way of practicing Reiki. It’s the first thing you learn after you go through the attunement process and what you should do regularly from that point on.

Even if it’s very simple at its core, Reiki can become quite complex. But this comes with time and every person has its journey.

You can read books, attend seminars, and while these are all good strategies, constantly practicing Reiki on yourself is what’s going to help you learn the most.

The foundation of Reiki is based on self-treatment, intention and awareness.

That’s were you begin and it’s why you start practicing in the first place.

Reiki is a form of self-healing therapy that promotes relaxation and well-being through channeling the universal source of life force energy.

It can help reduce anxiety levels, improve mental health and anything that relates to imbalances on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Once you get used to this early experience and find a clear path to well-being, Reiki becomes more than just a simple way of meditating and self-healing.

Reiki should be a way to spiritual evolution.

What Is Reiki Self-Healing

Your body is in a constant state of self-healing.

We are exposed daily to different types of “pollution”. From actual toxic fumes to media and general negativity. This harms our minds and bodies which seem to relentlessly keep regenerating.

Unfortunately, some are stronger than others, and that’s why people get all kinds of conditions.

Therefore, you don’t need to have an illness or an injury to see how your body fights to regenerate. It does this every day.

Using Reiki self-healing you can consciously do the same through the universal source of life force energy. Help your body get better by offering additional support.

We all have access to the universal energy but through Reiki, you can become a channel through which it flows. This way you can start to focus that energy on specific areas of your body or help solve certain issues from the past.

It’s an active way of healing.

It can also be used to find answers to questions you might have or seek the root of your problems to heal them.

These are all part of Reiki self-healing and to do them, of course, you have to go through the attunement process.

With self-healing, intention and awareness are the most important parts of Reiki.

With time you can practice Reiki on other people and even animals. But regardless of how much you evolve, you’ll always use Reiki for self-treatment.

You are the one that needs to be healed and be in balance first. To feel healthy and happy before you can influence others.

That’s the core of Reiki and it can’t be any other way.

How To Practice Reiki Self-Healing

In Reiki intention is key.

That’s actually how the world works, and because Reiki and the energy around us is part of what we are and where we live, it’s how this therapy manifests itself as well.

If you’re not happy with where you are in life, if something is bothering you or want to make changes, to improve you have to make a decision and stick with it.

That’s what having an intention actually means.

And it needs to be strong.

You need to believe in it and you have to believe you’re capable of achieving that goal.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Reiki or not, that’s how you achieve most things.

A Few Reiki Self-Healing Techniques

Reiki can be done anywhere, at any time. But this takes practice and you have to evolve to a certain level of focus where you won’t be influenced by the surroundings.

But most people have to set the scene and follow some basic but powerful steps.

Even I choose to do self-healing in a calm and relaxing environment, after so many years of practicing Reiki.

Before anything related to Reiki, consider having a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and getting enough rest is a way of self-healing in itself and it’s mandatory for helping the overall process return the best results.

Here’s a website/app that helps me find inspiration for healthy recipes.

  • Be sure to set aside 15-30 minutes for one Reiki self-treatment session;
  • Find a quiet place at a comfortable temperature that will help you relax;
  • Play calm music and even light some candles if you can;
  • Another thing that’s crucial but not mentioned as a “step” in self-treatment, is doing it regularly, daily if possible. This is the only way to see results;
  • Always start Reiki self-healing with a clear intention. If you’re looking for answers or want to reduce anxiety levels, be ready to accept the information that will be given to you. Have an open mind and even take notes so you can study them once you’re done;
  • After setting the stage and getting yourself ready you can start practicing using the techniques from Reiki level 1;
  • Face your fears and use Reiki to help overcome them. Visualize how you do something you are afraid of and ask for help and guidance in order to arrive at a positive outcome;
  • To make the self-treatment more complete, you can use the hand positions that you know or even experiment with the ones you want to learn. Read more about each Reiki hand position here >>
  • When you’re done, be thankful for all the things in your life, people around you, the opportunity to know about Reiki and practice it on yourself to heal. Also, don’t forget to thank your Spiritual Guides for leading you to the best outcome;

Reiki Self-Healing Prayer

Even though Reiki is not religious and prayers are not considered necessary when practicing Reiki, many believe using them enhances the energy and offers better results.

This is subjective, but here’s how:

Like Reiki, if don’t believe in it and you don’t use it properly, the effects will be limited.

It’s the same way with prayers. If you don’t believe in them, don’t use them. If you do, chances are they will bring lots of benefits.

But it’s not a mechanical process. You don’t have to add them for the sake of it.

On the other hand, if you are not religious, you won’t even consider them.

If you do practice praying, adding them to your Reiki practice will only come with benefits.

They won’t hurt either way. Reiki is for everybody.

That’s why it’s best used in Reiki self-treatment because it’s strongly related to you.

But considering we’re talking about self-healing, just know that using prayers and Reiki can work only if you believe in them.

Having said that, if you’re a religious person, it’s probably best to say the one prayer you’re most comfortable using.

From personal experience, and what I know from other Reiki Masters, the prayers that work best are not focused on one particular problem.

That’s because we don’t know what’s the best outcome.

Therefore, simply asking to receive “the greatest benefit for our health, well-being or professional life” is often the most reliable way to go.

If you lack inspiration, it’s always good practice to use the Reiki principles.

A Quick Guided Meditation

Make sure to have about 30 minutes of peace and silence for yourself. If it makes you more comfortable, light some candles and incense and even play some relaxing music.

  • Sit on a chair, preferably facing a window with the curtains opened. Make sure your back is as straight as possible;
  • Place your hands on your lap, facing upwards and close your eyes;
  • Start with deep breaths until you can feel your body relaxing more and more;
  • Slowly visualize a place you like;
  • Keep inhaling and exhaling without rushing;
  • Now visualize a bright golden-white light just above your head;
  • This light will transform into a column of energy and will start to descend through your head, cleansing your mind and balancing it;
  • This light slowly continues down to your neck area, cleansing your esophagus and your throat chakra;
  • The energy descends further to your chest area and higher abdomen, cleansing your heart, stomach, liver and all the organs located here. Be aware of the light as it simply dissolves all the negative influences;
  • The light will now slowly go down to the lower abdomen and to your hips, cleansing the intestines, genital organs and stimulating the vital energy;
  • It will now go through your legs, balancing their energy fields and all the way through your soles into the ground;
  • The light finally ends its journey into the earth, grounding you;

You are now cleansed, energized and grounded.

Stay like this for a moment and feel how the light flows. Try to understand where there is a need for more energy and what part of you needs more healing;

Whenever you’re ready, slowly open your eyes and gently rub your face;

You can start your day with this procedure or whenever you feel depleted of energy.

Reiki Self Treatment For Anxiety

On a personal note: I have been asked multiple times about how to heal or at least reduce the levels of anxiety. To do this, place your palms 5-10 minutes in each of the following three positions: 

  • First: One palm on your forehead and one on the lower back of your head;
  • Second: place your palms on the heart chakra – on your chest, near the heart area.
  • Third: place your palms on the solar plexus area (Manipura chakra), just above the navel;

Do this for 10 days in a row and see the results.

Each one of these three positions has a specific role in eliminating anxiety.

The head positions clears the mind and raise its vibration. By raising the vibration it is significantly harder for negative energies to affect you.

The heart position eliminates the perception of unease and negative feelings.

The third one has the role of calming you down.

Whenever you feel nervous the solar plexus energy center and field become distorted. Placing your palms here and giving Reiki to this area will cleanse and heal the energy field and bring it back to its optimum level for you.

How To Use Reiki Symbols For Self-Healing

There are 3 Usui Reiki levels and you have to be attuned for at least Reiki level 2 to use symbols.

They have the role of enhancing the therapy by allowing you to focus on specific issues.

Even though they are very powerful and can get quite complex, never underestimate the power of hand-positions.

You can improve so much with the simplest and most basic Reiki notions, without adding any other techniques to your self-treatment.

Chujiro Hayashi inspired me to think like this because his practice was mostly based on hand-positions.

If you’re interested in going in-depth, this Reiki symbols article should help you do just that.

What Are The Benefits

The explanation here is pretty simple and you can answer better than I can describe it.

The benefits of doing self-treatment are usually the reasons why you’ve approach Reiki in the first place.

I’m not talking about severe affections like cancer, heart issues or advanced forms illnesses.

Most people want to improve their lives, protect their bodies from a harmful environment and evolve spiritually.

Truth to be told, through Reiki self-healing, in time, you protect yourself from negative influences.

For example, if you do suffer from a heart condition, this usually originates from the incapacity of receiving and offering love and forgiveness.

Here’s where Reiki self-treatment comes into play.

It reveals these facts, guiding you to what needs to be done. Additionally, it brings light / positive energy to the cause, healing it.

It can of course work if you already suffer from a heart condition for example, but it can very well be a prevention method.

Either way, it takes time and patience to see results.

On the other end, even if you use Reiki just as a simple form of meditation, and stop for 10-20 minutes during the day to just breathe, relax, and let your mind travel, it will do so much for you long term.

It’s hard to offer a straight answer because it varies from person to person.

My advice is to start with small things. The ones that bother you the most and maybe don’t let you sleep at night or make you sad during the day.

Practice Reiki through self-healing and try to reduce them. This way you’ll gain experience and can move on to more serious ailments.

The biggest benefit of Reiki self-healing is the simple act of trying to improve yourself instead of doing nothing at all.

Can You Teach Yourself Reiki

You learn Reiki by practicing on yourself through self-treatment.

That’s the best way to learn and what you should do before moving on to treating other people.

However, to practice Reiki, you need to go through an attunement process.

It is possible to get the attunement at a distance, but I always recommend against it simply because of its importance.

Once you are attuned to Reiki level one, you can start practicing Reiki.

From here on it’s best to explore as much as you can and ask questions as you progress.

So considering this, yes, you can teach yourself Reiki and usually, that’s how it goes.

What Are The Side Effects

There aren’t really any side effects of Reiki healing.

If you don’t believe in Reiki, nothing bad will happen.

If you do believe and practice either on yourself through self-treatment or receive Reiki from a Master, it takes time to see results.

Therefore, the occasional “side-effects” only appear in extreme cases.

This happens most often during or after the attunement process because you transition from your regular vibration levels to higher ones.

It’s not a rule and some people don’t experience much. But it’s also not unusual to feel like yawing, dizziness, or in more extreme cases, nausea.

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Reiki Self-Healing Can Become A Way Of Life

I can’t stress enough the importance of Reiki self-treatment.

It’s where you start in Reiki and what you need to do constantly to keep yourself in balance.

Regardless of whether you want to become a Reiki Master or simply take care of yourself, you’ll always come back to doing self-treatment.

Also, understanding how many Reiki sessions are needed and how to look at energy healing in general, will provide you with more confidence by helping you set realistic expectations.


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