How Reiki Attunements Define The Quality Of Your Practice

Reiki attunements represent processes through which a person enhances their connection to the universal life force energy.

Only Reiki masters/teachers with specialized training can pass on attunements.

Although we’re all connected to this divine source, these initiations enable us to change our overall frequency on a mental and energetic level. We can then channel the universal energy to more specific needs and balance our physical and emotional bodies.

Let’s explore the ‘technical’ elements that form an attunement, its effects, and if it’s really essential for the Reiki practice.

What Is A Reiki Attunement

Reiki attunement is a spiritual process that cleanses students, raises their vibration, and enhances their connection with the universal life force energy.

You must reach a certain degree of knowledge and experience to offer attunements. That’s why only Reiki masters that have been through specialized training can perform this initiation method.

Of course, this is just the beginning of one’s journey because such a profound spiritual experience is much more than meets the eye. – we’ll discuss it later in the article.

Understanding The Universal Life Force Energy Concept

It’s essential to have a good understanding of what universal energy is in order to better grasp the value of an attunement.

This concept refers to the light before creation and is present in many philosophical, spiritual, and metaphysical writings. One of these depictions is the Kabbalah Tree of Life, which presents our existence through the lens of multiple dimensions, including our physical plane, which manifests through the emanation of the universal life force energy.

As it ravens through various layers, it adapts its vibration according to the requirements of each dimension.

The universal life force energy manifests optimally at our level to support our well-being and the interaction between physical elements.

Each particle we know of is a manifestation of this energy, and, therefore, we are too.

We all connect to the universal source through our minds, soul, and spirit.

However, we often forget about this connection. That’s when it gets “clogged,” and we fail to benefit from its full potential.

Reiki is an excellent way to re-establish this link and maintain it throughout the years. And you start this journey through the Reiki attunement.

How To Seek Out A Proper Experience

The best way to set the right expectations is to try and learn as much as your time allows about Reiki, the universal energy flow, and how this connection with the divine source can influence your life.

You don’t have to go overboard. But exposing yourself to different views is a wonderful way to make sense of things and have realistic expectations.

Also… know that this isn’t an exact science, and each individual will experience things differently. Yet, being slightly more prepared than you were yesterday will allow you to enjoy the process at a deeper level.

For example, the Karuna and Shamballa attunements may feel different than Usui or Angelic Reiki due to their vibration and the individual experience level.

One key element that can have a significant positive impact is finding a teacher you resonate with. Keep in mind that you’ll share an intimate connection at the energetic level, so feeling comfortable and being able to open up matters a lot.

The Reiki Attunement’s Role At The Energetic Level

As we already know by now, it’s the Reiki master/teacher who passes on the attunement to the student by becoming a channel through which the universal energy flows.

The Reiki attunement is made of unique methods that help cleanse the energy fields, chakras, and the main energy channels, such as Sushumna.

This process also leads to releasing residual and negative energies, blockages, as well as possible malevolent entities.

In turn, the energetic body becomes re-balanced with a fresh wave of beneficial energy that can now flow through the student. This “calibrates” the receiver’s vibration to be in tune with the universal life force energy flow.

What To Expect From A Reiki Attunement

Even though it’s made of several spiritual elements, which make it a somewhat complex process, the physical part is quite simple.

Basically, the whole Reiki attunement is based on three essential steps:

  • The Reiki master/teacher calls upon the universal life force energy, connects to it, and guides it toward the student;
  • Then, the Reiki master will perform the Reiki breath to open the crown chakra and the top part of the primary energy channel, Sushumna. This will enable the universal life force energy to flow through the body and dismantle any blockages at the crown chakra level;
  • Is all about integrating the Reiki symbols’ energy, each connecting to a manifestation of the universal life force energy. These symbols are activated at the main consciousness level: the mind, the soul, and the inner self;

The teacher then follows a relatively standard last step to seal the entire process. This involves affirmations, visualization, and the use of specific symbols.

NOTE: During the attunement, the student usually sits in a chair with their back straight, eyes closed, and hands in Gassho. The Reiki master will sometimes take their hands and place them into specific positions to better integrate the Reiki symbols.

How Long Does A Reiki Attunement Last

A typical Reiki attunement lasts around 10 minutes, but it varies according to each school and personal preference.

Some teachers wrap up after 5 minutes, while others like to take their time and go as long as 15-20 minutes. Sometimes, they might even ask the student to close with a meditation, extending the timeframe even more.

How Does It Feel

At the spiritual and energetic levels, the Reiki attunement opens you up to the higher planes of existence, allowing the universal energy to enter your body through the subtle bodies, the crown chakra, and Sushumna.

This is how the student will be able to channel the divine light through its energy centers.

As mentioned earlier, we’re all unique individuals. Our past and current behavior matter a lot. The encounters we have, as well as the people that call us family, are also big influences.

Therefore, each will experience the process differently.

Some may feel enlightenment and fall into a deep meditation full of visions, while others may simply travel through astral planes. Some might have physical symptoms like tingling, while most will feel nothing at all.

Once the attunement has finished, it’s normal to expect dizziness, fatigue, or quite the opposite. Usually, symptoms are not severe enough to be a cause for concern.

In any case, be sure that the Reiki attunement has taken place, even though some might need several days to integrate the information.

How Many Reiki Attunements Are There

As said before, each teacher and school has a unique way of doing things. Yet, in general, most Reiki systems have 3 primary levels, each with its own attunement.

The first level – has the role of helping you cleanse your physical body of residual energies and negative programs. It’s also the first stage of introspection when you get to connect with your inner self and become aware of your energetic anatomy;

The second level – will take you deeper inside your feelings and guide you toward finding balance at the mental and emotional levels. It’s when you receive access to symbols as well as various cleansing and protection methods;

The third level – is when you become a master. Again, this doesn’t refer to your experience but the vibration you’ll be able to work with. It’s how you raise your awareness and get closer to your spiritual side;

Some schools also include a fourth level, reserved for those who wish to become teachers, and offer attunements. This will obviously take you to a higher vibration and a more profound understanding of your consciousness. Again, things might differ here as well. Sometimes you may find this 4th level split into multiple attunements.

Learn more about the each Usui Reiki level >>

Remember that neither approach is good or bad. As long as you respect the values of Reiki, and I would add… wait until you’re ready for these advancements… everything will be fine.

What Is The Reiki Healing Crisis And Why It’s Recommended

Although not mandatory, after receiving the Reiki attunement, the student should practice the Reiki self-treatment for 21 consecutive days. This is a symbolic token attributed to Mikao Usui’s efforts – the founder of Reiki.

During this “healing crisis,” you will allow the universal life force energy to flow wherever needed. It will recalibrate and stimulate all your structures so you can expect to experience certain emotional or physical feelings.

This happens because you’ll release many stagnant energies and harmful programs and dissolve part of unhealthy habits.

Usually, these won’t last and will propel you toward a more robust state.

  • Some practitioners may feel the need to cry or become incredibly joyful;
  • Others will feel fatigued and sleep longer;
  • Although present on rare occasions, dizziness and nausea are possible symptoms to expect;

These are pretty common as you’re “pumping” high-vibrational energy into your body, which requires time to adapt. Therefore, the stagnant energies that may be trapped inside you will clash with the pure light. But, eventually, everything will balance out, and your overall state should be significantly improved.

NOTE: Even if these healing elements are part of the daily Reiki self-treatment, the actual value comes from your awareness as a Reiki practitioner. You’ll gradually need to learn more about the qualities and imbalance within you so you can change for your greater good.

What To Eat Before or After A Reiki Attunement

DISCLAIMER: I am not a nutritionist, fitness coach, or any food-related advisor. I am not promoting a certain diet or advising you to stop eating certain foods. This advice comes only from a Reiki perspective and from my experience with energy work. Always consult your doctor before restricting certain foods.

Although nothing is mandatory in Reiki, avoiding meat-based meals, alcohol, or fatty, sugary dishes before and after the attunement is highly recommended.

The same goes for the next 21 days of self-treatment.

This happens for two reasons:

Physically – prolonged digestion implies focusing most of your vital energy on dissolving foods. This means that both the universal and vital energy flows will be hampered due to the effort placed by the body. In turn, the Reiki attunement and self-treatments required for emotional and energetic detoxification will have a constrained effect.

Energetically – you’ll borrow the residual energies of the animal. These will flow directly into your energetic structures, fields, and subtle bodies. This will then require a more thorough cleansing, especially for beginners in Reiki.

A healthy diet will allow you to benefit from the more abundant flow of vital and universal life force energy.

Do Reiki Distance Attunements Work

This is a highly debated subject among practitioners and Reiki communities.

Even I was skeptical at first because I didn’t believe the process works as well without its physical elements. Yet, after discussing the matter with my teacher and other Reiki masters, I learned two important things:

  1. The attunement happens in the astral planes of existence by connecting the student’s energetic structures before integrating into the physical body;
  2. With the Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen sequence, you can connect to almost anything and anyone. This allows you to provide distance healing as well as offer attunements. Of course, you must have the patient/student’s consent and set the session in advance so you can both consciously connect to the event;

I have a good experience with distance attunements. Yet, it’s crucial to have an open person at the other end who is ready to receive the divine light and keen on improving oneself.

There’s no doubt that they work quite well under the right circumstances. In Shamballa Reiki, there’s actually a specific method for providing distance attunements.

Having said that, if you have the option to receive the initiation face-to-face, I highly recommend you do that. Our mind reacts better and is more open when we see and feel the person in front of us performing a spiritual practice. It’s a psychological effect that can trigger specific brain receptors related to trust and safety.

Is The Reiki Self-Attunement Even Possible

The idea of attuning yourself is another controversial subject, and I will share my opinion on the matter. As I see it, there are two circumstances under which this is possible.

  1. You already received an attunement, and now, for various reasons, you may decide to go through that experience once again;
  2. This second belief emerged from Mikao Usui, who channeled what we know today as Reiki by himself. Yet, you have to know that you have to be a highly spiritual person, cleansed, and balanced emotionally. Even so, it took Mikao Usui 21 days of fasting and praying to complete the process. This implies you need a high level of spiritual discipline and dedication to even consider attuning yourself;

Even with the examples above and a couple of people I know of, who did this on their own, I’m still not 100% sure everybody can do it.

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Why Do Reiki Attunements Matter And How To Make The Most Out Of Them

The Reiki attunement is like a spiritual and energetic “switch” that enables you to better channel the universal life force energy and practice Reiki.

Together with self-treatment, they act as a catalyst for spiritual growth.

Even if it leaves you slightly confused, you can always ask your teacher for guidance. That’s why it’s essential to find somebody you resonate with.

Take your time to internalize what you have received by experimenting with the attributed methods, symbols, and meditations. There’s no rush in Reiki, and remember that the best way to advance is to first understand how the universal energy flows, what you’re actually healing, and what you can do with what you already have.

Taking everything slowly at first is how you advance later.

Therefore, regardless of your experience and current awareness, what matters most is what you choose to do from this point on.


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