Soul Star Chakra – Helps You Connect To The Divine Consciousness

The Soul Star chakra is considered to be the 8th chakra and the first energy center located outside the human physical body, above Sahasrara chakra.

Unlike the other chakras that are located on the physical body, The Soul Star chakra does not have a name of Sanskrit origin. However, this does not make it less important.

In fact, together with the Earth Star chakra, they are the most important transpersonal energy centers of any human being. 

Some ancient texts call this chakra Vyapini.

Together with The Stellar Gateway chakra, when activated, the two energy centers form a constant connection to the higher-self and to the Divine energy.

Although its name can be somewhat confusing to some people, this is where the purest and highest form of spiritual and Divine energy starts to merge with the physical body, nourishing the rest of the primary chakras. 

When you cleanse your soul through Reiki, meditation, prayer or music, you do that through the Soul Star chakra. The pure light descends and refreshes the soul and spirit.

By being present outside the body and by acting as a receptor for the Divine energy, this chakra has a very high vibration compared to the rest of them.

This doesn’t mean this energy center is better than the rest. All the chakras are extremely important and each one has its role in human evolution.

However, it is important to understand that this energy center acts as a filter or regulator for Divine energy. 

Understanding The Soul Star Chakra

Imagine you enter a room that is extremely bright. You want to have the lights on, but you don’t want to get blinded by them.

So what do you do?

You dim the lights a little bit.

That’s what the Soul Star chakra is capable of. By acting as an adaptor, it balances out the Divine Energy, bringing it to a level that is optimum for us. Doing so helps with our cleansing and evolution without having a blazing effect.

Considering that the auric body has a total of 12 major energy centers, 7 of those are located on the physical body. The Soul Star chakra is the place where the purest Divine energy flows through before reaching the rest of the chakra system and the physical body.

Whenever we receive messages from higher vibrational entities such as Angels or Ascendant Masters, it is through this chakra that the energy and information are channeled towards the crown chakra. 

Due to our moments of lower energy, that energy and information can transform in intuition.

After all, intuition is just a simpler form of higher energy.

Where Is Located

It’s located above the crown chakra, approximately 10 inches above the vertex. We are all different so it’s possible for some people to find it even 1 foot above the head.

It does not have any projection as it is a transpersonal energy center and it is self-sufficient.

What Does The Soul Star Chakra Do

It’s the first purest energy center that we encounter when performing meditations for purification and for ascending to a higher vibration.

If the third eye chakra and Sahasrara are the seats of the higher-self, then the Soul Star chakra is the ascension towards the Divine and pure.

The Soul Star chakra is strongly connected to your spiritual karmic past and to the Akashic records.

The Akashic records represent the sum of all the humankind events from their real and original history (not the one presented in books) to the present.

The Akashic records are about the events with a significant spiritual impact that shaped the consciousness of the people throughout the ages. 

Through meditation, you are able to access certain possibilities of the future but this is not something everyone can see.

Once the Soul Star chakra is cleansed and activated, you have the potential of accessing the Akashic record. Always ask only for what is truly needed and beneficial for you.

The fact that it’s connected to your past doesn’t mean that it will bring it back to you once the chakra is activated. It refers to a balanced way of healing and harmonizing your past by living in the frequency of the present.

The True Divine Order Of Things

I would emphasize that the greatest benefit of activating the Soul Star chakra is the calm, peaceful state you enter by raising your awareness and consciousness. You become aware of the true Divine order of things within your life.

The type of energy received through this level is a lifechanging one. By embracing this Divine and pure form of manifestation, you’ll be able to transcend the strings and disturbances of the physical world.

This will enable you to free your heart and mind and focus on your spiritual evolution rather than material issues.

NOTE: It’s not that hard to reach this stage, what’s challenging is to staying here.

Although the Soul Star chakra is mostly responsible for maintaining the optimum flow of pure energy, it is also a strong contributor to the development of telepathy, clairvoyance, and emotional balance.

You can either receive these skills as spiritual gifts or you can gain them through hard work and discipline. In any of these situations, the “management” of such powerful skills requires a balance between all the chakras, including the Soul Star.

Like Sahasrara, the Soul Star chakra helps develop empathy towards other people and situations. Having empathy indicates a healthy Soul Star and crown chakra.

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How To Activate The Soul Star Chakra

The Reiki symbols can be quite useful for stimulating the energy of the Soul Star chakra.

By using Sei He KiHon Sha Ze Sho NenDai Ko MyoShanti – OM, you are able to create a doorway of light towards the Soul Star chakra. 

After that, you can activate Reiki symbols on the crown and other chakras. This will facilitate the flow of energy through your whole body in an optimum way.

Our Reiki Symbols Guide can help you better understand what each symbol does and how to use them with your chakras.

Another method that worked for me was meditation.

One of my colleagues showed me this simple meditation that I resonated with right from the start. It involves using the Mahatma energy and Christ Consciousness. I felt amazing after this. Not so many meditations help you get to such levels of awareness as this one did.

Here’s the Mahatma Meditation in detail.

Crystals Can Help Activate The Soul Star Chakra

Some of the stones that resonate with the Soul Star chakra are labradorite, selenite, clear quartz, indigo kyanite, aragonite star cluster, and diamonds.

As for aromatherapy, the Soul Star chakra resonates with lavender, cedar, neroli, and olibanum.

It is said that the Soul Star frequency is 272.2 Hz. By playing music and tunes at this frequency, can stimulate, activate and grow its energy field.

9 Affirmations You Can Use

  • I am one with Divinity;
  • I am allowing my soul to shine;
  • I transcend karma and my ego;
  • I transcend all self-imposed limitations;
  • I transcend my emotions;
  • I am a spiritual being having a physical experience;
  • My mind, body, and soul are luminous and clean;
  • I am one with all;
  • I am presence;

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