What Is Reiki Meditation And How To Do It Even If You Are A Beginner

Reiki meditation is an odd concept yet very common among Reiki enthusiasts. I have to say that is rather subjective than a straightforward method and in this article, I’ll do my best to give you the best of both worlds.

I’ll be honest: Reiki and meditation are two separate things.

Can’t they be one and the same? Yes, they can, but at least the way people think about the two as one leads to confusion.

Hope it makes sense!

If you don’t understand, don’t worry. It will all become clear in just a second.

What Is Reiki Healing Meditation

Both Reiki and meditation, as standalone elements, have the purpose of improving our lives.

Wikipedia says this about meditation!

They do so through clearing our mind, body, and soul.

The difference between Reiki and meditation is that Reiki uses a more direct action with a more direct effect. I would say it is a bit “faster” for the desired outcome.

Anyone can meditate but in order to practice Reiki, you need to go through the attunement process.

In meditation, you create a calm environment with the purpose of clearing your head and listen to what Divinity has to say.

Meditation is the art of listening rather than doing.

Meditating can be very powerful and should play an important role in everyone’s life.

You don’t have to light candles and stay in silence. You can lower your rhythm and listen while doing dishes, sitting in an airplane, or even writing.

The purpose is to receive messages, guidance and pause for a bit to analyze before moving forward.

Can You Use Reiki In Meditation

The theme of the article, right?

Of course, you can. Reiki will enhance the positive effect of meditations and vice versa.

They both work together just fine. As long as everything is done in balance and with wisdom the outcome can be wonderful.

Reiki as a standalone practice is more complex than meditations.

Sometimes you call Reiki a “practice” or “meditation” and that’s when people get confused. They meditate and want to add Reiki to the equation.

Don’t worry too much about making your meditation “better”. If you do it regularly you will improve no matter what.

On the other hand, if you want to learn and practice Reiki and eventually add it to your meditation ritual, do so. That’s great!

But don’t disregard the power of meditation.

That’s very important!

On Meditation Techniques

Almost all cultures and religions have their own form of meditation.

It’s interesting though that most of the time they don’t come unaccompanied.

What exactly do I mean by that?

If you practiced any form of meditation in your life, perhaps you have noticed that all of them use an accompanying technique such as visualizing, breathing, hand positions or other movements.

Even those meditations that are meant to only empty your mind, have at least a sequence of breathing exercises in order to achieve that.

Meditating In Our Modern World

It’s common practice to seek peaceful surroundings, a clear mind and no distractions whatsoever.

While these situations are ideal, the truth is you can meditate in almost any situation if we set your mind to it.

As said before: you can be at a football game or swimming. It’s your mind that has to be free to wander.

That’s because we need to change our traditional perception of meditation.

These days we live in a fast-paced environment and distractions are all over the place.

We tend to lose ourselves wandering in the digital media for hours.

Additionally, we tend to live a more material life, where stress takes its toll with each passing year.

So no! Meditation doesn’t need to take place in an all-perfect environment?

In fact, the one who can achieve serenity and tranquillity in such a dynamic setting will be better trained than the one who isolates from the world.

While I agree that it may be more difficult, it does develop your mental focus, making you more efficient and resilient.

Although meditation needs a certain state of relaxation, it doesn’t need to be static.

It can also take a dynamic form (check out Tai Chi for example – although that’s a martial art, it has a very defined focus on “chi” and how to use it throughout your body).

The Purpose And Benefits Of Using Reiki And Meditation

Meditations can take many forms.

Even though they are different, they all have common ground.

They help us relieve stress, anxiety, and in time achieve a point of spiritual and emotional evolution.

Most of us know about meditation and that it has its origins in the Far East. 

We all saw at least once a depiction of Buddha or a Bodhisattva sitting with the eyes half-closed, totally relaxed and empty.

As “exotic” as it may seem, meditation as a form of therapy is very useful for anyone, located anywhere in this world.

Meditation is strongly connected to the idea of emptying one’s mind.

But why do we need to empty our minds in the first place?

Because we are exposed daily to information end energy that is not always beneficial to us and our health.

Meditation aligns your body with universal energy

  • It promotes a state of complete relaxation that helps your body heal efficiently. This relaxation starts from the mind.
  • Then the relaxation method goes to the energetic body, healing it at this level, so it may be free of any physical consequences.
  • In the end, meditation has the purpose of making you aware of the unity that exists in you – the potential of perfection that we all must aspire to achieve on all levels.

The Same Happens When We Use Meditation And Reiki

When we do self-treatment or Reiki to others, it is also a form of mediation.

We are connected to the universal life force energy which is circulating our body and mind. Our intentions are much more focused and we destress while clearing our heads.

It is a “meditation in motion” if you wish. There is even a level 3 technique called Meditation In Motion.

Therefore Reiki and meditation work together very efficiently

Reiki enhances the power of meditation by adding intention and more knowledge to the procedure.

How To Use Reiki During Meditation

One of the most powerful approaches is using spiritual guides from Reiki to advise you throughout your mediation. They will be there to take you to the best outcome.

Even if you wish to practice some exotic form of meditation that has certain steps and techniques, feeling the flow of energy through you will only enhance the desired effect of that mediation.

Of course, there are many types of meditations out there.

From simple forms of engaging with the universal energy, to the more complex ones such as Kundalini meditations or those including Archangels and spiritual entities.

Combining the two is very subjective, that’s why I’m avoiding giving strict steps to follow.

That being said, the most important thing is to find your own way to marry the two.

Keep in mind that Reiki is intention-based.

However you will be using Reiki in your meditation, the intention is key. Therefore having a goal and asking for guidance should lead that meditation to a purpose.

That’s very powerful. Reiki will enhance your meditation in this way offering you a more exact path to follow.

Next, you should wait and listen as everything should come together.

Reiki Meditation For Beginners And How To Do It

Remember that everyone is different and there is no rule of applying Reiki to your meditation.

However, here’s something to help you get started.

The most simple and efficient Reiki meditation is Gassho Meditation. 

Simply put your palms together in front of your heart and take deep breaths and slow down your general breathing rhythm.

Recite the Reiki Principles and relax.

Visualize with each breath that you fill yourself with energy.

Each exhale helps you release the residual energy from your whole body.

It is recommended but not mandatory to participate in guided meditations at first. After some time of practice, when you have mastered them, you can practice on your own.

This Reiki meditation is well suited for beginners so if you are new, I would start here.

NOTE: If you’ve landed on this page randomly and you’re looking to learn more about this practice, check out our Reiki For Beginners guide.

Reiki Self-Healing Meditation For Both Beginners And Advanced Practitioners

Let me share with you a Reiki self-healing meditation I found to be very simple and efficient.

Before you get started, be sure to have a quiet environment and a bit of time on your hands (20-30 minutes).

As you can see I’m portraying the ideal scenario here.

You may choose to play some relaxing music and light incense or candles if it helps you relax. (BE CAUTIOUS – don’t burn things around you!!)

By adding these “little tweaks” you will help cleanse the room and bring the surroundings to a more meditative mood. This will help relieve stress and support mental healing.

The Reiki meditation script, if you will, goes something like this:

  • Sit on a chair with your back straight. Place your palms on your lap facing upwards. Close your eyes;
  • Slow down your breathing. Take several deep breaths without rushing, and focus on relaxing your mind;
  • Visualize how a thick beam of goldish-white light shows up above your head and enters the crown chakra (Sahasrara);
  • Let the beam of light descend slowly through your head, cleansing the brain, the eyes, auditory system, nostrils and all that is present at this level;
  • The beam of light will slowly go down more and more through your body, cleansing everything on the way: your throat, heart, stomach, liver, intestines, pancreas and all the organs and tissue in this area.
  • It continues to go down to your hips, sacral area and through your legs, feet, and all the way down to the center of the Earth. This will cleanse you, raise your vibration and also ground you.
  • Stay like this for a few minutes and feel the flow of energy/light going through your body and setting its optimum rhythm;
  • Now, just as you would pour fresh water from one glass to another, visualize how a wave of light pours down through your crown chakra to your sacral area, filling you up. These should all happen slowly, in your rhythm;
  • When the light has filled your body it will spread out through the crown chakra with powerful rays of energy. 
  • Stay like this for a few minutes and feel how your body is adapting and cleansing with this powerful flow of energy;
  • At one point you should feel comfortable “waking up”. At this point, you may open your eyes and rub your face like you would from a good rest.

This Reiki meditation method should help cleanse and energize you.

It will also refresh your connection to the universal source of life force energy and increase your vibration.

This will lead to activating your mindset towards a more spiritually focused life.

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Practicing Reiki is a form of meditation in itself.

Meditating as a standalone procedure is very powerful.

Combining the two can enhance the meditation by offering more focus and a goal.

But it’s all subjective and you may see things differently when you put them in practice. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to experiment and receive information.

Was this article helpful or were you looking for something more specific?


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  1. I was taught that each Reiki symbol is a teacher you learn from through meditating on the symbol, drawing the symbol and carrying the symbol with you for a 33 day period. It’s a process of merging with the energy of the symbol and receiving what each symbol has to teach you. It’s not a process of pursuing knowledge, it’s a knowingness that comes from being in a receptive state with no expectations.

    • Well, each Reiki school, teacher, and practitioner has its own way of presenting Reiki and its elements.

      Whichever approach you choose, know that Reiki works! And this is the most important thing.



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