Who Is Archangel Michael And 4 Signs To Recognize He Is With You

Archangel Michael is one of the easiest archangels to connect with.

His role is to help humanity and protect it from evil influences.

Discover how to recognize his presence and ways to enhance your Reiki practice with his help.

If you’re looking to learn more about him and even find some less known details, you should get a lot of value from this article.

Archangel Michael is considered to be the protector of the gates of heaven. He is the leader of the Divine armies made out of angels, archangels, and five other categories of celestial entities.

Michael is a Divine protector against the forces of evil, a supporter of justice, and a helper in fulfilling our destinies under the Divine laws. 

He is the keeper of light and protector of spiritual values and is of great importance to the fate of mankind. According to Christian, Hebrew, and Islamic traditions, Archangel Michael is helping us defeat evil to bring light and justice to both the physical and spiritual worlds. He is often associated with the manifestation of miracles in the physical world.

In many writings, he is responsible for bringing justice, righteousness, and mercy in the name of God.

As a general translation, Michael means “Who is like God(?)”.

It’s not clear whether this is an affirmation or a rhetorical question. The affirmation included “He Who is like God” which indicates an angelic representation of the power and energy of God. Later, this was challenged as being a rhetorical question. That’s true to this day. The idea behind this concept is that the Bible states that no one can be like God.

How Does Archangel Michael Look Like

Archangel Michael is often depicted with an angelic but imposing facial expression. He has a strong body and a firm stance while often associated with a blonde man with green-blue eyes.

archangel michael reikiscoop

Sometimes he has multiple sets of wings. Regardless of the number, his angelic wings are white-goldish and large. The wings are an alchemical symbol for inner strength that conquers negative emotions and temptations.

The wings of angels represent the evolution towards light while the wings of demons are towards dark.

Perhaps what visually separates him from other Archangels is the huge shining purple-blue sword made out of pure Divine light. The flame of his sword represents the Divine purifying fire that transforms all negative energies into positive ones. His sword has the form of a large Christian cross telling us that he fulfills his actions in the name of the Holy Trinity.

Common Representations

Usually, Archangel Michael is represented holding this sword pointed at the body or throat of a beast or a demon. This tells us that he defeated the ultimate evil.

The sword itself as a whole is the spiritual symbol of power and luminous justice against evil forces. 

In some portraits, and iconic representations is him carrying a libra that has a naked human body on each platform. One is praying, offering gratitude and another is full of fear and despair. This symbolic image of the souls of humankind reveals to us that Michael is one of the most powerful Divine entities in the known Universe. He is capable of “weighting” human souls and balancing certain aspects of the Universe.

In the Rennaissance era, Archangel Michael has a more mild representation with a bright, kind face, wearing a cloak, and carrying a spear and a shield. These are the symbols of perception and insight towards the Divine truth.

In the Islamic tradition, Archangel Michael is named Mikail and is described as having emerald green, shining angel wings. He has long, golden hair, and each thread of hair has more than a million faces. They croon prayers and ask God to forgive our sins.

Many religions and cultures have their own portrayal of Archangel Michael. What matters is how each one of us perceives him. He can emerge as a kind but imposing person or a ruthless soldier fighting for justice. Either way, he is there to stand by our side.

We’ll get to talk more about how we can become aware of its presence shortly.

What Does Archangel Michael Do And What Is He Known For

Archangel Michael is well known for his incredible power to defeat and protect humankind from evil. He banished from heaven all the angels that turned to darkness. With unconditional love, he is constantly defending us from negativity and evil entities. His love for us is enormous.

When it comes to helping people directly, Archangel Michael delivers the “messages” of Divine wisdom and revelations to help us when we are most in need.

Archangel Michael is able to dissolve the seeds of lies, disbelief, hatred, gossip, fear, and anger that have plagued the minds and hearts of people since the beginning of time.

He has the ability to cut the negative strings of each person and free them from unwanted influences.

Michael and Gabriel are probably the most important Archangels to Christian and Islamic religions. Michael is also known as the Prince of Archangels, the defender of faith, freedom, and the Divine protector of Israel.

His Role In Protecting Us

Archangel Michael is also known as the protector of souls. His help is almost instantaneously received upon invoking him. 

He works as a divine shield against temptations, evil, and difficult situations (both inner and outer influences).

We may often find ourselves fighting feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, stress, suffering, or grief. Asking for his help in these situations will help us understand why those feelings occurred in the first place. Doing so will help heal them according to the level of our understanding.

Archangel Michael has the power to protect both during the day and night. Consider asking for a peaceful day as well as a quiet and resting night.

He Helps Us Deal With Our Past

We all have residual energy strings attached to us. Whether they are from past relationships or connections to places or events, unfortunately, they are there. Michael can cut those strings if we ask him. This will free and enable us to be one step forward to higher consciousness. It’s important to remember that these strings are there for a reason. You should think about what you have learned from them. This process will help you better understand yourself on the path to self-development and spiritual evolution.

Archangel Michael is the angel that will help our souls connect to Divinity when we pass. He is the one that guides us in those moments to receive the Divine light.

Archangel Michael is more than willing to aid humanity on their path to spiritual growth. Lightarian Reiki is, for example, the system that focuses specifically on this matter.

The most important thing to understand is that this help can come in different forms. The outcome may not look like what we asked for but it is certainly what it’s best for us and our life.

Archangel Michael In The Bible

Archangel Michael is mentioned in the Bible on a few occasions.

He is present in the Old Testament to Abraham where he denies his intention of murdering Isaac.

He was the one to accompany and help many Jewish people in their struggle against the Egyptians.

Michael was able to transform the evil words of the wizard Balaam into blessings. Using his power he turns negative energies into positive ones. 

He even helped Peter, the apostle, escape Herod’s dungeon. 

Perhaps, Archangel Michael is best known for evicting the angels that turned to evil from the kingdom of heaven, in the New Testament.

Unfortunately, he does not have many appearances in the Bible but there are other writings that offer more insight. These tell us that he is is the ruler of natural elements: wind, water, earth, fire, thunder, and snow. He is also named the commander of the Heavenly Host. This means that he is the leader of angels, archangels, and other heavenly ranks in the battles against armies of evil.

The Relationship Archangel Michael Had With Jesus

There is a debate that Jesus is actually Archangel Michael. I believe they are connected as two separate Divine entities with their own roles and power.

In my opinion, their relationship is strong and together they are in a constant “struggle” to guide humanity towards a better future.

They seek to offer light, protection, and guidance to those who are in connection with them and seek spiritual truth and knowledge. These individuals receive a “special” divine light, protection, and guidance in the sense that it was asked for and therefore tailored to their needs.

However, it is up to us to understand our connection with them and to call for their help.

How To Invoke Archangel Michael And Communicate With Him

Invoking Archangel Michael is more or less the same thing as communicating with him. I tend to separate the two because it makes the practice easier to comprehend. For me invoking refers to the preparation stage and calling for his help. It’s the pre-phase. Communicated is when I articulate my needs and thank him for his contribution. It helps me see things clearly and in an order that makes sense. Maybe it works for you as well.

Creating a healthy spiritual relationship with Archangel Michael has an important role in each one’s spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, there is no pattern to do so. Each one of us has her/his own way of connecting to him.

You may do so through certain prayers or meditations that are specifically meant to better connect to him.

Others just invoke Archangel Michael and he simply appears. This is due to the relationship they had in their past lives.

Perhaps one of the best ways of invoking Archangel Michael is to pray and ask for his help or assistance when you are in need.

I would recommend lighting candles when you pray to him. I usually use 5+4 in the form of a cross, so a total of 9 candles. This connects to the 9 groups of Divine entities.

Extensions Of Divine Entities Explained

The critical part to understand when calling upon an Archangel or a high ranked Divine entity is that you’ll only see or feel an extension of that entity.

Let me explain!

Each Divine entity has multiple extensions in the spiritual and physical worlds. To help us, each one of these entities will show an extension of themselves that is suitable for our vibration. Most likely, we’ll all receive a different representation according to our level of understanding.

Why does this happen? 

Most of us would be literally blinded by the sheer energy that these entities have. They want to help us, not hurt us. If they would show in their full form and energy we would not be able to understand a thing. We would be totally confused. It’s like looking directly at the Sun.

So, if we call for Archangel Michael, a spiritual extension will come to aid us. This extension is the optimum one according to our level of spiritual understanding. It’s still Archangel Michael but in a form that is good for us.

This also has to do with our perception. If we see Michael as a rough entity, an extension that corresponds to our way of perceiving things will show up. On the other hand, if view him as a respectful, kind-hearted, and helping Archangel that’s how his extension will manifest.

The best part is that Archangel Michael is among the ones that give the “quickest” response. His love for humankind is only surpassed by the Creator Himself.

Archangel Michael Prayer

There are many prayers dedicated to Archangel Michael. Feel free do to your own research and try whatever comes naturally. Here’s the one I resonate with the most:

“Dear God and Archangel Michael (and any else to whom you pray – other angels, Jesus or Mother Mary), I ask for your Divine intervention (describe your situation). I welcome your help, I trust and follow your guidance with gratitude and grace. I need a miracle and ask that you send one to me within this situation as quickly as possible. Thank you and amen!”

This prayer belongs to Doreen Virtue from her Angel Cards. 

I truly recommend her works as they are among the best in the field of Angels.


4 Ways To Recognize Archangel Michael Is With You

Probably the best way to know that Archangel Michael is with you is a sudden sense of security and protection. It will feel as if you are carried on a pillow and taken away from danger.

It may sound out of this world but it’s true. This feeling brings peace and clarity to your mind and soul. 

Another sign could be a warm voice that silently offers guidance in a moment of need. You simply feel his presence close to you and a warm, comforting whisper that will make you rest assured it’s him.

Here are two “physical” signs you could take into account:

  • Whenever you search for something you will find pictures of warriors, swords, angels, or even of Michael himself;
  • Taking part in a discussion where the name Michael is mentioned can be a strong sign that he is aware of your call. His help will be delivered soon enough;
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Archangel Michael And Reiki

Archangel Michael is a great adjuvant for those looking to enhance their spiritual journey with more information and knowledge. 

In Reiki, we can call upon his help whenever we do self-treatment or Reiki treatment on others. He can guide us on how to best use the universal energy (light) for that situation. We’ll learn to place our hands where they are needed the most and help heal an area more efficiently.

When it comes to protection Archangel Michael can offer an energy pillar that defends us during therapy. Shamballa MDH Reiki actually has a method of invoking this pillar. It’s made out of pure light that surrounds us like a shield. This has the role to repel any residual or negative energies and entities.

“Dear Archangel Michael please offer your pillar of energy to protect me for [period of time] or [against a situation].” (here you fill in the “[…]” with your own needs).

Here are a few examples:

  • You may ask for protection for a whole day;
  • The same is valid for the night. Maybe you want to have a good rest, without any interventions, and wake up refreshed and stress-free;
  • It’s also suitable when doing Reiki treatment on someone else;

In the end, it’s up to you to use it as your intuition dictates. Just remember that staying within this pillar will indeed offer strong protection but also a somewhat difficulty in communicating or properly interacting with other people. 

In Karuna Reiki, we have the Rama symbol. This is a symbol of protection associated with archangels and in particular with Michael. Whenever we activate Rama we activate a part of Archangel Michael’s energy. This will greatly cleanse and protect an area from negative and residual energies.

Archangel Michael is more than happy to assist us in our spiritual endeavors. This is especially true when we’re trying to protect and help other people.


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3 thoughts on “Who Is Archangel Michael And 4 Signs To Recognize He Is With You”

  1. I am not a Reiki practitioner, but have been a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner since 1983.
    Had this experience with Archangel Michael with a JSJ client sometime in the 1980s. Remembering this experience, I mentioned Michael to another JSJ practitioner. Here is the conversation.
    Thank you for your link describing Michael. I again feel his energy just reading it, and realize how important he is right now with what is going on in the world.

    EXCERPT:”In terms of ascending energy being spiritual movement…is that something you heard in a JSJ class?
    Probably could say this better, but our manifested self is “spiritual” in and of itself if you will. It is a gift from spirit. It is up to each person, what to do with it…you can connect more or less to the unmanifested realms of the heaven worlds. It is up to each person. So the SELs are more on the unmanifested level (text 1) but you can feel the spiraling of the SELs on a client with your hand…in that sense SELs are manifested, and are manifesting the human form all the time. SELs are numbers not randomly assigned. Numbers are part of math theory, or how the universe was formed and is constantly being reformed or constantly recreated is a better description.
    When Mary described the SEL 4 as the “Weaving Princess,” I like to think of the Weaving Princess weaving all manifested moment to moment. And, also like to think of the “Weaving Princess” as weaving Heaven to Earth, and also Earth to Heaven. Mary did say our soul enters our body at the SEL 4. It also leaves the body through the SEL 4…the left SEL 4. Remember Mary saying, “If the left SEL 4 closes, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore!” I always check the SEL 4s on most clients (and myself) to see how they are humming along. It is the first thing I check on a critically ill client.

    This actually reminds me of a JSJ client. She was about 5 months pregnant. She came to see me because the baby was not growing on schedule. Doctors were concerned. At the end of the session, I stood behind her on the table (she was propped up because of being pregnant) and held her SEL 4s: (Base of skull on either side of spine). Suddenly a tremendous amount of energy came through me and I had to ground myself and concentrate on holding it. It was powerful. In my awareness, this energy wrapped its wings around my arms. This lasted for a couple of minutes. I figured the wings meant it was the babies guardian angel. Not sure if angels really do have wings, so maybe that was how this angel presented so I would understand it. About a week later the client showed up again, and this time looked very pregnant! The doctors were amazed at how much the baby in utero had grown in a short time. During these two JSJ sessions, I had attended a class studying the writings of Daskalos (Cyprus) and realized this was the ArchAngel Michael.
    So am not sure if that is when the babies soul actually entered its body, with a little help, or if it was already there and needed some extra help. Anyway, I realize this is my story of the SEL 4 being the Weaving Princess, weaving heaven and earth. My whole self became the jumper cable, jumper cabling from the universal source at that moment. A blessing.
    Also, this reminds myself of the importance of meditating (deeply) daily. It creates the possibility of being able to hold that kind of heavenly energy when it comes to help. I have gotten off track with the daily meditations, connecting with the Creator, the Universal Source…however one wants to describe it. I have experienced what I like to call the beings who reside in the heaven worlds. They are always there to help, and there are different levels to the heaven worlds.
    I will send you a PM of a link I found about the ArchAngel Michael when googling just now. Also will send a link for Daskalos. He is no longer in his body. His books may be hard to understand at first. He was a very special being. Still is.


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