Crystal Grid – Discover The Spiritual Instrument For Manifesting Your Goals

A crystal grid represents a set of crystals arranged in an organized pattern. This leads to an increased flow of the universal life force energy towards a specific purpose.

This article will go in-depth into what it is and why you would consider building one. You’ll learn how it can influence your life by channeling the universal energy towards specific goals.

We’ll talk about the importance of each crystal that’s part of the gird and how to cleanse and activate them using Reiki.

The Importance Of Crystals

Crystals have been around for ages.

Throughout the centuries, they have been used for various purposes. Tools, decorations, and spiritual instruments are some of them.

Crystals found a metaphysical use predominantly in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Europe during the Middle Ages. Even today, they are popular among spiritual practitioners.

Crystals are fascinating.

Their beauty goes beyond perfection. Apart from this, we can use them for guidance in our spiritual quests. They help us find knowledge and wisdom.

There are so many types of crystals and stones requiring a thick book to cover them all.

Although, when using crystals in therapy and meditations, there are a few specific ones that stand out.

Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Angelite, Lapis Lazuli are some of them.

cristal grid popular crystals

Their shape and activation level increases their ability to channel energy. Once cleansed and energized, they become strong conductors of the universal life force energy. The larger the crystal, the more energy it can harness.

But what happens when you put together several crystals to channel this energy towards a project or goal? Well, the power grows exponentially.

Before we learn how to do that, let’s see what a crystal gird is.

What Is A Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is simply a number of crystals arranged on a geometric pattern. This pattern can vary according to each person’s intuition or need. Most practitioners use sacred geometry as a surface to place the crystals on.

The way to maximize the potential crystals have is through this setup, a crystal gird.

Because of their unified structure, crystal grids are powerful tools for manifesting Reiki projects, goals, and wishes. They can help the changes you want in your life become a reality.

The power of the crystals blends with the one from the geometric pattern. In turn, this amplifies their energy focusing it even more towards the desired outcome.

Why Create A Crystal Grid

Before explaining how to construct a crystal grid, I want to point out something essential.

Some therapists say you need to have a clear intention before creating a crystal grid and use it for that purpose alone. While this is absolutely fine, the truth is that you can use the grid for multiple purposes.

For example, if you wish to manifest prosperity or love, you don’t have to create a crystal grid for each of these goals. You could, but it’s not necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, using the crystal grid with one clear intention is not a mistake! It works perfectly fine. I simply believe that you can use one, well-made crystal grid to enhance multiple manifestations within your life.

That’s when creating Reiki projects comes in hand. You can use one grid and create projects for each of the desired outcomes. Not to mention that using Reiki on the crystals and the grid itself will significantly amplify its power. We’ll cover this later in the article.

Therefore, this is why I believe the first step is finding the crystals you resonate with. Of course, have the intention to find the right one to create the optimum grid for you.

crystal grid reikiscoop

How To Find The Right Crystals

Be opened and explore. Don’t worry too much about picking the right crystals. They will choose you. If possible, visit several stores and feel them in your hand.

Here are two reference points to guide you.

  1. Choose the crystals according to your intuition. This option is suitable for a multi-purpose crystal grid;
  2. Choose the crystals that correspond to a specific purpose;

If you go with the first option, keep in mind that crystals are living entities. They have an energy of their own and are also part of the energy that surrounds us. Therefore, using your intuition is the best way to pick the right ones. It’s a way of connecting with them.

When you hold a crystal, you can feel its energy and vibration. A special connection can emerge between your spirit and its energetic print. When this happens, your heart opens, and that’s when you know it “belongs” to you.

Types Of Crystals

Crystals come in different shapes and sizes. Each one has particular properties that work better for certain situations.

The larger the crystal, the more energy it can hold and transfer. Its shape reveals its dominating ability.

For example, a rounded shaped crystal is more likely to spread or absorb the energy around it. A long one can focus the energy in one direction.

As said before, large amethyst or citrine geodes have the ability to harness more energy. But, there are many types out there, and I can only recommend the highest quality ones. Some geodes have tiny crystals inside, for example, which is not something you want to go for.

Here are some of the best choices for a multi-use crystal grid:

  • clear or white quartz;
  • rose quartz;
  • amethyst;
  • citrine;
  • aventurine;
  • tiger eye;
  • aquamarine;

There are many others to choose from. I just found these to be very efficient in channeling the universal life force energy.

For a single-purpose crystal grid, listen to your intuition. Set a clear intention and think about what the purpose of creating the grid is. Then go out there and try to buy the crystals that correspond to that specific goal.

  • If you’re looking to manifest abundance, then citrine, pyrite, smoky and red quartz is what you want;
  • If bringing love in your life is a priority, then focus on pink quartz, malachite, green aventurine, emerald, and green jade;
  • To support your spiritual development, amethyst, clear and rose quartz, opalite, white jade, and moonstone are some obvious choices;

It all depends on the intention you have. You’ll want to build the crystal grid according to that.

What Shape To Choose

It’s not a hard rule but a useful guide.

  • The center crystal should be larger than the rest. This can be a pyramid, irregular shaped, or even a sphere;
  • The surrounding crystals should be elongated and pointing with their tips at the center crystal;
  • (optional) you can have one or multiple rows of additional crystals placed behind the surrounding ones. These can have any shape you feel works best;
  • You also need a master crystal. It can be tall or wide but one that you feel a special connection with;

This is just a quick overview to complement this chapter. We’ll go deeper into this subject in “The Layout of a Crystal Grid” section.

How To Cleanse And Activate The Crystals

After you’ve made your purchase, it’s time to cleanse the crystals.

There are a number of ways to do this.

The most common is to keep them in a bowl filled with coarse salt for 24h. Ideally, you should place this bowl near a window so the crystals can benefit from the Moon and the Sun’s energy. Then rinse them with lukewarm water. The salt will absorb the negative energies, while the water will refresh their energetic field.

Another way is to use incense, sage, or Palo Santo smoke. This is called “smudging”. The smoke will cleanse them from all residual and negative energies.

Perhaps the most efficient way to cleanse your crystals is with Reiki.

  • Activate your palms and place them over the crystals for 10′. If you can, hold each one for 5-10′ each;
  • Use Reiki symbols to enhance the effect and the flow of the universal life force energy;
  • As a Reiki Master, you can also attune the crystals. This way, they become permanently connected to the universal energy. You can read about this method in greater detail further in the article “Attuning A Crystal With Reiki”;

Having said that, let’s see how a crystal grid should look like.

How To Build A Crystal Grid

Now that you have your crystals ready to go, put them all together and build the grid.

The base of the grid will dictate the importance and position of each crystal.

Usually, practitioners prefer a layout that belongs to the Sacred Geometry, like the Flower of Life or Metatron’s Cube. Others consider a symbol like Antahkarana or Star of David to be more suitable to their needs.

Here are a few layouts that can help you get started.

In the end, it’s up to you and your intuition to choose accordingly.

Apart from the crystals and the grid base, you’ll also need a piece of paper to write down your goal(s). Use the present time and positive descriptions. Remember to add yourself as the benefactor.


“I have the best and optimum job for me and for my life. I am thankful for that”.

“Each day I grow spiritually and in the best rhythm for me and for my greater good”.

“I have the best relationship for me, my life, and for the greater good of all people involved.”

You want to live the moment. Position yourself as you are already having what you wished for. Be happy and thankful for this.

Remember to add “for the greater good” at the end of each statement. Doing so will reinforce the idea that you should receive the best outcome for you and the people involved. This may be different from the one you imagined.

Be flexible and accept this guidance.

If you are attuned for Reiki level 2, you can draw all the symbols you have access to on the back of the paper. Draw them with your thumb together with your index and middle fingers above the paper. While doing so, pronounce their names three times to activate them. This will energetically “print” them within the Reiki project.

Fold the paper and place it under the central crystal.

The Layout Of A Crystal Grid

A crystal grid can easily be defined as a number of crystals placed around a central one. Using common sense, you have to have at least three crystals around the center piece. From this rule on, you can add as many as you see fit.

The Central Piece

As a recommendation, it’s better to have a round crystal in the middle and not a flat or long-shaped one. This is because your Reiki project will sit directly under this crystal. A sphere, a large standing obelisk, a pyramid shape, or even an irregular crystal will do. Its body has to allow or facilitate the energy to flow uniformly and not directionally.

The Surrounding Crystals

Also known as supportive crystals, these should be pointy, with their sharper tips aimed towards the central crystal. They don’t necessarily need to be large, but you should have at least three. Lay them down at approximately equal intervals.

Add An Additional Row (optional)

Outside the surrounding crystals, you can add more pieces if you wish. These don’t have to have a specific shape. Often they are irregular and small. Their role is to provide additional support but can be left out.

NOTE 1: I have seen many crystal grids with various shapes and layouts. My first crystal grid was relatively small compared to what other practitioners use. At its base, it had a hand-drawn Antahkarana symbol with 6 clear quartz crystals around a large center one. I’ve placed the Reiki project at the base of the center quartz crystal. And that was it.

NOTE 2: The largest yet most simple crystal grid I’ve seen belongs to one of my Reiki teachers. He has four 5 foot tall geodes in the corners of his office. Two are amethyst, and two are citrine. He also has two smaller amethyst geodes, one massive clear quartz in the center, and a large carnelian sphere on his desk. That’s definitely one impressive crystal grid.

I gave these two extremes to show that it doesn’t matter how you start. It all depends on what you wish to achieve. Of course, as you progress, you’ll probably increase the size of both your crystals and your grids. An advanced Reiki Master who has many patients and ventures into more complex procedures can definitely benefit from a large crystal grid. As a curious enthusiast, you’ll do just fine with a simple yet well-constructed grid.

The Master Crystal

Every crystal grid needs a master crystal. This doesn’t belong to the grid itself. It will be used externally for activating the whole setup. If you are a Reiki Master, you need to attune this piece as well.

How To Activate A Crystal Grid

There are a few ways to activate the crystal grid. Both use the master crystal.


The first and most common way is to activate each “slice” of the grid.

  1. Hold your master crystal with your dominant hand and move it from the center towards one of the supporting crystals;
  2. Then, move it to the next supporting crystal counterclockwise;
  3. End in the center of the grid;

This represents one “slice”. You will do the same for the others.

crystal grid activation


If you have a grid with many crystals you can activate it using your intention. Start from the center, and with your master crystal connect each stone on the grid. Your intuition will guide the movement. Finish back in the center.

For both methods, you can say:

“I am now activating the crystal grid and using it for my greater good”.

to physically engage in activating the grid.


Reiki is another way you can use to activate the crystal grid. This is my preferred method and one that I always recommend.

If you are attuned for Reiki level 1:

  • Activate your palms by firmly rubbing them against each other;
  • With your dominant hand, connect each crystal to the center one;
  • Use the affirmation “I now connect each crystal to the universal life force energy and all connect to the center one.”;

If you are attuned for Reiki level 2:

Use Reiki symbols;

Activate the symbols you have access to on each crystal with the intention of connecting them to the universal life force energy;

Add the above affirmation to enhance the effect;

NOTE 1: If time permits, activate your crystal grid daily or at least once a week.

NOTE 2: You can use the master crystal to draw and activate the Reiki symbols on the crystals.

Cleansing Your Crystal Grid

Like with individual crystals, it’s a good idea to cleanse your crystal grid regularly. You don’t have to remove the crystals, and here are a few methods to do this easily.

But first, let’s understand why you need to cleanse your crystal grid.

A crystal grid is quite sensitive. Negative energies can find their way inside it and even get through each crystal, eventually reaching your projects.

It’s highly recommended to take care of it and keep it out of sight. Don’t let anyone touch it and even look at the crystals. Apart from the people who are close to you, it’s possible that the rest can harm it without even having that intention.

Keep that in mind and consider giving it the proper attention. Here are a few ways to do it.


Burn incense sticks, Palo Santo, Sage, frankincense, or any other high-vibrational plant that you have access to.

Use their smoke and fragrance to wave it around the crystals. This will dissipate stagnant residual energies that have accumulated in time.


Use prayer or mantras. Regardless of your religion, you can always pray or chant mantras with the intention of cleansing the crystal grid. These will quickly cleanse the grid from many residual and negative thoughts and energies.


As usual, in my opinion, Reiki is the most efficient option. 

For level 1 practitioners, activate your palms and keep them above the crystal grid for 10 minutes. If you can, do this daily. The universal life force energy will cleanse the crystals from negative influences and bring light to each of them.

For Reiki level 2 practitioners or higher, activate your palms with all the symbols you have access to. Then activate them on each crystal and on the grid as a whole. This will greatly enhance the cleansing effect and will also increase each crystal’s ability to channel energy.

Reiki can also disintegrate any negative thoughts that may be attached to each individual crystal or the whole grid.

As a tip, the Dai Ko Myo Reiki Master symbol world wonders when activated on the crystal grid.

NOTE: If time permits, a crystal grid should be cleansed daily or at least once a week.

How To Attune a Crystal Using Reiki

Attuning a crystal will permanently connect it to the universal life force energy. This will enhance its ability to channel this energy and therefore become more powerful in manifesting its role within the grid.

  1. Activate your palms and chakras using the Reiki symbols;
  2. While holding the crystal in your non-dominant hand, draw the Serpent of Fire with your dominant hand on its length, top to bottom. Fix the symbol by tapping at the base of the crystal three times using your fingers;
  3. Activate Dai Ko Myo on the crystal’s whole length and fix it three times. Visualize how it enters the crystal;
  4. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. The tip of the tongue will be behind your upper incisors. Visualize the Tibetan Dai Ko Myo symbol at the tip of your tongue. Gently blow the energy of the symbol above the crystal in a violet breath, while holding the tip fixed behind your upper incisors. Also, visualize this symbol as it anchors itself deep within the crystal;
  5. Activate all the Reiki symbols you have access to on the crystal. Fix each one of them three times and visualize how they enter the crystal one by one;
  6. Put your tongue on the roof of the mouth. Gently blow over the crystal and visualize fixing and stabilizing all the Reiki symbols within it;
  7. Make a clear and loud affirmation that the crystal is now attuned to all the beneficial and healing energies of Usui Reiki. If the case, mention other systems you have used in the attunement;

NOTE: To use the symbols from other Reiki systems, you need to be attuned to those systems.

Well done!

You have now attuned the crystal to the universal life force energy.

To Recap And How To Use A Crystal Grid

The crystal grid works exactly as described above. After you build your setup and cleanse and activate your crystals, place your project under the center crystal and let it do its job.

There is nothing more to do except from cleansing it daily or at least once a week. It’s also a good idea to activate it with the master crystal or Reiki.

Build A Crystal Grid To

  • Bring health to your life by cleansing your energetic system;
  • Enhance your energetic field of protection;
  • Help the desired outcome become a reality in the best way for you. This can be improving certain relationships, manifest abundance, or find balance at the emotional level. All these have to be done with good intentions and always be thankful even if they don’t happen the way you wanted;
  • Have a great energetic support if you’re going through a stressful time. It can help you overcome obstacles and even find answers to better your life moving forward;

The crystal grid is a very useful instrument but it comes with a caveat. You have to take care of frequently, which might become a demanding task at one point.

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