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Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna are the main Nadis or energy channels through which the Divine energy flows. These 3 Nadis connect our chakras and run, vertically, from the base of the spine to the head. Ida is situated on the left, Sushumna in the center, and Pingala on the right.

If you cut someone open, you won’t find energy channels or centers. That’s because they don’t exist in the physical realm. Yet, for many years, they have been recognized by allopathic medicine.

These days, Reiki and other forms of alternative healing have already been accepted by some hospitals around the world.

Don’t get me wrong, allopathic medicine plays a very important role and by no means should it be replaced.

Even my father who was a very conservative doctor for more than 40 years, accepts this form of treatment.

In my opinion, blending allopathic medicine with spirituality can significantly improve the way we treat people.

This can stir up many controversies. Perhaps, as humans, we are not yet at the level of consciousness that would help us harmoniously mix both worlds.

We always have to look beyond the symptoms and understand the real source of a problem.

They all have spiritual causes, created by us. In turn, this triggers an energetic imbalance that eventually leads to physical illness. They are a sign of a breached energetic system. Ideally, we should be aware of this process and make changes in our lives.

Having a healthy energetic body can help us realize the importance of balance at a spiritual level.

That is where the subject at hand comes into place.

Ida, Pingala, And Sushumna

There are many energy channels or “Nadis”, as they are called in Hindu philosophy, but three of them stand out.

They are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna.

Remember the symbol from medicine with the two coiled snakes around the winged staff? In Hermetic philosophy, this is called “Caduceus”.


It represents the two main Nadis, Ida and Pingala, reaching their pinnacle of evolution and contributing to the vital energy.

But what exactly are Ida and Pingala?

Ida – The Left Energy Channel

Ida is located on the left side of the spine (your left). It is associated with the vibration of the moon, which represents the emotional part of a person – the Yin energy.

In the Sanskrit language, Ida means “comfort”.

Regardless of our gender, we all have a female and masculine side.

Each one of those manifests in different situations according to our inner state of mind at a given time.

Ida is the one connected to our female part. It corresponds to the left nostril to the right side of our brain.

This is the more introvert part of our bodies. Ida transports the energy to the nervous system. This process calms the body, mind, and soul.

Pingala – The Right Energy Channel

Pingala is located on the right side of the spine. It represents the masculine, pragmatic part – Yang energy.

In Sanskrit, Pingala means “channel” or “flow”.

It connects to the right nostril and to the left hemisphere of our brain. 

Pingala brings the element of the sun which represents the intellect. It connects to the more extroverted and masculine side.

Pingala controls essential life elements such as vitality and strength.

What Do Ida And Pingala Represent

Even if they are presented as a duality in Hindu tradition, let’s not forget that they are within the same body. Everything is a whole and works together.

For example, a coin has the “heads” printed on one side and “tail” on the other, but it’s one coin. Thus, this creates balance and in the end a whole object. Neither of the pieces can be absent. It is what it is because of the two sides.

The same goes for Ida and Pingala, Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine.

Therefore Ida and Pingala, together with Sushumna, are the most important energy channels that we have.

These three Nadis keep the energy flowing, intersecting themselves at the most important junctions – the chakras. 

The prana (or light) energy flows from the base of the spine all the way up to the crown chakra, exiting as a fountain of light.

They Are Gateways

Ida and Pingala are in strong connection with the chakras. These are gateways that connect the subtle realms with the physical ones. 

Through them, we are able to express inner emotions, thoughts, words, and actions. 

This helps us understand that we are spiritual beings living a physical experience. In the end, this has to lead to spiritual growth and awareness.

Many people live within the vibration of Ida and Pingala and less in Sushumna.

This is reasonably balanced, meaning if the exterior is calm we will also feel calm. But if the exterior changes, we will react to this change. It’s the basic pattern on which they function.

Yet, we can surpass this condition and raise our awareness and consciousness. Through wisdom and understanding, we can expand beyond that and become virtually immune to the outside world.

They simply won’t affect us anymore.

But the energy cannot flow without these two channels being properly cleansed and energized. That’s why there are quite a few Yoga breathing exercises out there.

Reiki With Ida And Pingala

Through Reiki, you can cleanse and activate many of the inert spiritual structures of your body. Reiki self-treatment is actually one of the most efficient methods of cleansing your energy centers and channels. 

You can cleanse Ida and Pingala by connecting to the universal source of life force energy, with or without the symbols. This will create a beam of light that descends through your body. In its way, it removes any residual energies from the root chakra to your feet.

It will help your Kundalini energy to flow in an optimum rhythm through the main energy channels.

By doing so you will cut many of the obstacles that stand in your path towards evolution and awareness.

These two Nadis are part of the most important energy flowing system in our bodies. Together with Sushumna and the seven primary chakras, they form the main structure. This gives us the possibility to understand what exists beyond the physical world.

The Benefits Of Having Ida And Pingala Activated

  • Better flow of vital energy;
  • The feeling of being grounded and confident;
  • Your physical body will become healthier and energized;
  • A better understanding of your inner-self in connection to the higher self;
  • The ability to better perceive your energy and the energies around you;
  • Your awareness will grow stronger and your consciousness will rise;

Sushumna Energy Channel And Its Meaning

The word Sushumna originates in Sanskrit language and it’s made out of two distinct elements. A general translation can be “virtuous thinking” or “healthy thinking”, but its meaning goes much deeper than this.

Sushumna derives from ancient ideology. Therefore the two words that construct it are: “sukha” and “‘mana”.

Each word represents a concept that is linked to spiritual evolution.

The word “sukha” refers to the idea of the center of balance and tranquility, while “mana” represents the hidden ability of the psychic.

Therefore each idea or word that comes from this range of spiritual practices has a deeper meaning.

Where Is Suhumna Located

Sushumna is positioned vertically, between Ida (on the left) and Pingala (on the right). It starts from the root chakra, the base of the spine, and runs all the way up to the crown energy center.

It doesn’t exist physically, only within the subtle plane. Sushumna has a straight, vertical shape, passing through all the 7 primary chakras, keeping them united on the same “highway” of energy.

What Does Sushumna Do

Sushumna is the most important “route” that allows the flow of vital and universal life force energy to nourish our bodies.

It is a vital part of our energetic structure. It represents the spine of the energetic system.

Without it, we wouldn’t be alive.

Sushumna is like a straight pipe through which clean water flows.

If we have this channel properly cleansed, we can raise our Kundalini energy through meditation. It then travels upwards through Sushumna, passing through the gates of consciousness, our chakras.

At every chakra, we have the intersection of Shushumna with Ida and Pingala. So, there is a great amount of energetic interaction at each of those levels.

Each time it passes one of the gates, this energy brings with it great wisdom and understanding. Eventually, the Kundalini energy has to reach the crown chakra and flow like a fountain of light around us.

At this level, there is no duality or negativity. Only wisdom, light, and compassion are present.

Sushumna acts as a pathway through which the awakened energy rises and reaches the crown energy center. This is the first step towards enlightenment.

Sushumna itself has no Yin or Yang. It is self-sufficient and combines the sacred elements of Ida and Pingala into one whole structure.

It’s very important for our physical health and breathing.

There are many Yoga meditations, breathing exercises and asanas that teach you how to cleanse or open the Sushumna energy channel. 

Our daily breathing is the life force that keeps Sushumna active. Whenever we suffer from an illness and have blocked nostrils, the energy intake is lower and we become much weaker.

So our energy system is always in a strong connection with the physical one. They work together to improve our mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Sushumna And Reiki

Knowing our energetic structure, we can now better understand how and where the universal energy flows.

Through the Reiki attunement, we gain access to the universal source of life force energy. This way, the crown chakra and Sushumna begin having an increased stream of energy flowing through them.

Through the Divine breath of the attunement, the crown chakra opens up like a flower. It then starts channeling the necessary energy and information for the initiated person.

With the help of the self-treatment, we can clear up the energy centers and channel universal energy. This means that the more the light flows through us, the more cleansed Sushumna gets.

Understanding the importance of Sushumna and all the other energy channels, fields and chakras, we can fathom how the universal energy flows through us.

More importantly, at this stage, we can figure out where imbalances originate and where they are located.

From this point on, we can understand where healing is needed. This will help us replace negative thoughts and energies with light and compassion.

These are the first steps toward evolution.

Meditation: How To Activate Ida, Pingala And Sushumna In 10 Easy Steps

NOTE: I’m not a professional Yoga or Pilates practitioner. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, thus I will describe these steps from a Reiki perspective.

This is a simple and efficient exercise that doesn’t involve Yoga and you may practice it even if you are not yet attuned in Reiki. Of course, if you are attuned, you’ll get the full benefits of this process.

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair with your back straight;
  2. Keep your palms on your lap, facing upwards;
  3. Close your eyes and relax. You can ask your spirit guides to assist you throughout this meditation;
  4. Inhale and exhale deep and slow. You may hold your breath for a few seconds in between. This will calm and empty your mind. Repeat 20 times;
  5. Visualize a large, bright, white sphere of energy on top of your head;
  6. This will slowly descend to your crown chakra;
  7. Further visualize how the sphere goes through your body and slowly cleanses the main energy channels: Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna;
  8. As it travels your body, this sphere dissolves any negative and residual forms of energy. It fills your energy channels and centers with light;
  9. As it exits the body through the root chakra, the sphere goes down into the earth;
  10. Thank your spirit guides for offering their help, and now, when you are ready, you can slowly open your eyes;
reStart your Reiki practice with a specialized course!


Ida and Pingala are the main conductors for our own energy and of the – the universal life force energy.

Through Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, energy, awareness, and consciousness can rise to their full potential. This allows the person to reach a whole new stage of unity and spiritual evolution.


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  1. You write that the Pingala Channel ” connects to the right nostril and to the right hemisphere of our brain. ” While it is true that it connects to the right nostril, most other sources say that it connects to the left hemisphere of our brain which governs the right side of our body. Thank you for your article.

    • Hi there, Patrice and thank you for writing.

      Indeed you are correct. Although Pingala connects to the right nostril, it does coordinate the left brain hemisphere. When I wrote this article I took into consideration the concept that the two nadis don’t cross-over each other upwards beyond the Ajna chakra. While this is correct, they do connect to the opposite brain hemispheres.

      Thank you for pointing this out.


  2. Thank you for an enlightening article
    I’m now on my way to go further into meditation with a focus on these nadis.
    The last 2 days have started to flow more freely.
    Like I feel a gateway there.
    My interpretation is these chakras and nadis come into effect on a cosmic path


    • Hi Timoteo and thank you so much for your feedback!

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      Of course, when you become aware and focus on these nadis, things will feel differently.

      The chakras and nadis are indeed connected to a cosmic path, but not in the sense we usually understand.


  3. Thanks a simple & honest way, you represented this article. Pingla Right nostril left hemisphere of the brain. Yen Shiva energy.
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      • It is ok.When you are ready.Everything happens when you are ready.We all have our own pathways to chooses long as we believe in ourselves. Good luck

    • Hi there Dymphna.

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  4. Your points 5 & 6 are critically important.
    The PINEAL GLAND located in Crown chakra is shaped like a Funnel to receive REKI .


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