Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma | The Symbol That Aids Your DNA Sequences

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma is one of the first symbols you learn at the second level of Shamballa Reiki.

It’s the Reiki symbol used to regenerate some of the inactive DNA sequences of the human body.

However, there is much more to this symbol than meets the eye.

This article reveals how this symbol can influence our lives and change our inner structures. It’s a way to access deeper levels and grow from a spiritual perspective.

mer ka fa ka lish ma shamballa reiki symbol

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma And The Shamballa Reiki System

Shamballa Reiki is one of the most complex systems out there. This doesn’t make it complicated. It’s simply more focused on the spiritual component.

Shamballa provides a wide variety of meditations and practices. In this way, it has a more substantial influence on our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

We can use this Reiki system to perform inner alchemy. This process can propel us to a higher awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

By activating the Soul Star, Crown, Heart, and Earth Star chakras, Shamballa Reiki will bring to the surface all the negative and latent energies that need to be transformed into light. It reveals the root of the problems and energetic imbalances so you can work to heal them in your own, optimum rhythm.

You can do so by accessing this system’s unique “package” of energies and symbols. Like all the other Reiki types, this, too, has its own stories to tell. Each symbol is unique in its own way and has the ability to access “specialized” energies or entities suitable for particular types of healing.

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Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma is a perfect example. It’s one of the first symbols you learn at the second level of the Shamballa Reiki system.

I say “one of the first” to point out that, compared to other systems, Shamballa doesn’t have a strict sequence to follow.

For example, Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Dai Ko Myo, Zonar, and Antahkarana are also included in the second level of Shamballa MHD Reiki.

After Anthakrana, Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma is the second “different” symbol you learn at this level.

NOTE: To use this and any other specific Shamballa Reiki symbols, you need to be attuned to the system and, of course, the respective level.

The Inactive DNA Sequences

The DNA represents our deepest and finest level. Within its nucleus, every cell contains DNA. Whatever we choose to be or do in life influences our DNA. All our genes, knowledge, and potentials are stored in it and can be transmitted to our children.

Each person shares their parent’s DNA.

We are all living archives of information and experience, handed down from one generation to the other.

According to science, we are using only 2 of the 36 DNA spirals. So far, we are unable to access the rest of them through scientific research.

We Are Limited For A Reason

Having said that, throughout history, there have been people known to manifest certain abilities that were considered “out of this world”. These abilities were materialized through at least one additional activated DNA sequence.

There is quite a thick list of paranormal abilities that humans can have. Unfortunately, we are not ready to understand, let alone manifest such potentials.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, and telekinesis are just a few examples.

These abilities were in high demand during WWII. Both Russians and Germans had special departments for studying the occult and paranormal sciences. They had multiple test subjects considered capable of manifesting these kinds of powers. They were exploited to gain a considerable advantage whenever possible.

Obviously, there is no official record of these activities. If everyone knew that we could reach such levels of manifestation, the world would be in total chaos. We are limited for a reason. That’s why I believe our scope is not economic expansion and political power but spiritual growth. When the time comes, if ever, we will be given the right to access these abilities.

They can only become present if a person is in perfect harmony with herself and divinity. Until then, they will be “switched off” so humankind won’t repeat the tragedy of Atlantis.

Having said that, nothing is impossible.

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma And Activating Inert DNA Sequences

The more you practice Reiki, meditation, Qi Gong, etc., the more you begin to bring harmony in and around you.

A healthy flow of the universal life force energy through our body means a higher vibration. In turn, this leads to a better understanding of life and divine principles. A raised vibration also improves your physical health and endurance.

This process results in perfect harmony between your true inner-self and the world around you. Your spiritual evolution will be determined by your will and practice.

With patience and good intentions, we can slowly tap into those inert DNA sequences.

And that’s where Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma comes in.

Its primary role is to gradually activate dormant DNA sequences by using this symbol in either meditation or self-treatment.

Often, you won’t be able to do so for specific sequences. This is for our greater good, and the energy will follow the best path. To better perceive the spiritual world, we have to practice and trust the process.

Whenever you activate Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma, you can visualize integrating its vibration into your energetic structures. The symbol reaches your DNA level. Whenever you are ready to receive its full potential, it can help activate the right inert sequence.

It can take time, so be patient.

Remember the true practice is the one with your own self. This can only happen through self-treatment or meditation.

How To Draw Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

mer ka fa ka lish ma

How To Activate Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

Like with most Reiki symbols, you can activate it on your palms first.

  1. Use your dominant hand and draw it on your non-dominant hand while pronouncing its name three times;
  2. Then activate it using your non-dominant hand on your dominant one, and say its name three times;
  3. Gently clap your hands three times;

You have now activated the symbol in your palms.

Next, activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo + Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma on your crown chakra.

This will open the source of universal life force energy.

Adding it to this sequence will enable the symbol to blend into your energetic structures even before self-treatment. This action will also enhance the health of the crown chakra.

Activate the following sequence on the heart chakra: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Shika Sei Ki and Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma.

This will enhance the flow of energy through the heart chakra.

Together with Shika Sei Ki, Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma will help cleanse your soul of negative and discordant energies. Having a clean soul is one of the most important things to consider when doing self-treatment or treatment on others. You can always use Reiki to cleanse your soul.

NOTE: Before starting self-treatment or any meditation, activate the symbol on your wrists. This will increase the potential of activating dormant DNA sequences through the flow of the universal lifeforce energy.

Using Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma On The Back Of The Body

One of the lesser-known uses of this wonderful symbol is to activate it on the back of your body.

You can’t do this directly, so here are two solutions:

  1. Visualize a big Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma covering your back. The horizontal line connects the shoulders, while the vertical line connects the top of the head and down to the sacral area. The flow of the serpentine line flows from the sacral area all the way up, engulfing the head aura;
  2. Draw it as described above in front of you and gently use your dominant hand to place it on the back of your body;

How Is This Useful

Among other uses, Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma represents the manifestation of the divine Mother. This is different for every religion, but in the end, there is one universal divine Mother. One of her extensions is Gaia, the spirit of the Earth.

mer ka fa ka lish ma the power of the divine mother

When you draw it on your back, it connects you to the divine Mother. This way, you become a channel through which both the universal life force and Earth’s energy manifests.

It’s a process that enables you to embrace both types of energies and use them for your spiritual development.

Moreover, placing Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma on the back of your body will align the back projections of your chakras. This works specifically well for Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, and the Svadhishthana chakras.

Use Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma On A Damaged Organ

Activate it on an affected organ or any part of the body to help regenerate its damaged DNA sequence. This will lead to a faster and better recovery.

Additional recommendations:

  1. Use Sei He Ki as an energetic gateway to release the negative energy from the affected area;
  2. Use the combing method to pull out all this residual energy;
  3. Apply the sequence Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Zonar + Halu + Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma + Dai ko Myo to fill the area with light. Using these symbols will help regenerate and heal the affected area. Keep your hands here for about 10 minutes;

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma And The Egyptian Cross (Ankh)

Perhaps you have already noticed that the Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma symbol resembles the Egyptian cross Ankh.

The Ankh is approximately 5000 years old. Its origin in the Egyptian culture is unclear. Mostly used in writing and decorations, it was one of the most important hieroglyphs of this culture.

The Ankh’s symbolic meaning is life and/or a transition to another life after death. It also represents a perfect balance between the feminine and masculine parts. (Read more about the divine feminine concept in the Violet Flame Reiki article.)

We don’t know for sure why the two look alike. Besides their similar shape, they share one common attribute: both bring and preserve life in any way possible.

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma also contains the serpent-like line that curves around the symbol. This can be considered a reference to Kundalini or the vital energy. Kundalini flows as a serpent along the spine, through each chakra, as we overcome our imbalances and blockages.

This connection tells us that Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma has the potential to heal our Kundalini energy and become a symbol of spiritual evolution.


It’s important to know that Shamballa Reiki has over 350 unknown symbols. This is to protect humanity from accessing energy it can’t handle yet.

However, we can truly benefit from the symbols we do know. Their energy and knowledge can be a blessing in disguise.

When you combine the Shamballa Reiki symbols with others from different systems, you get an amplified effect.

Have patience. Use these symbols at your own pace. They will reveal to you the necessary knowledge and wisdom when you are ready.

Great things need to be allowed to happen from within to fill the exterior with light.

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