Archangel Sandalphon: Bridging The Heavenly And Earthly Planes

Archangel Sandalphon is the divine manifestation of light in charge of placing our prayers in front of the heavenly throne to help fulfill our wishes according to the divine laws.

It is the patron of all nature and wildlife at the physical and spiritual levels.

Sandalphon is also a mediator between us and divinity and the reasoning behind each birth.

Let’s explore its sacred role in our evolution and why we should mind its presence!

Who Is Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon is one of the 12 major Archangels that govern the dimensions of existence. The Sephirotic Tree depicts them as eleven central universes, each under the tutelage of one or a group of two Archangels.

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According to the accounts of Moses, when he went to observe the seven levels of heaven, he described Sandalphon as the most prominent angel he had ever seen. Its height even surpassed Hadraniel’s length of 2 million miles, and the journey from the toes to head would take a regular human an additional 500 years by foot.

This would make it the largest celestial being in existence.

But does this make Sandalphon the most powerful or luminous of all angels?

Ancient religious and esoteric writings see him both as a Cherub and Archangel.

NOTE: Cherubs are some of the most potent divine entities in existence. They have 6 wings, each representing a spiritual dimension. They also include the four celestial powers: the lion, the eagle, the ox, and the human being. Each of these elements is a symbolic representation of the form the universal life force energy chooses to manifest.

Archangel Sandalphon helps guide us on our spiritual path and it’s why some religious scholars see it as the one who places our prayers in front of God’s throne and asks Him to fulfill our needs.

Even though we may find it under various descriptions, its name rarely appears in religious texts. The most notable one is the connection with the prophet Elijah.

Archangel Sandalphon And The Prophet Elijah

The prophet Elijah is a prominent religious figure in the Hebrew scriptures, present in all four gospels and two epistles. He brings the word of God and prays for the people of Israel to turn back to the divine faith. Therefore he is known as the representative of God’s word and an icon of faith.

His passing is accompanied by chariots of fire and horses that take Elijah to heaven in a spectacular whirlwind.

From thereon, the prophet Elijah is considered to have risen to the angelic rank, eventually transforming into Archangel Sandaphon.

We can find a similar event with Enoch, who supposedly lived for 365 years until God took him to heaven and transformed him into Archangel Metatron.

These metamorphoses appear in Kabbalah as each mighty archangel governs a particular dimension (sephiroth) within the Sephirotic Tree.

Archangel Sandalphon in Religious Texts

Archangel Sandalphon is rarely present in religious texts, but a few instances are worth mentioning.


Elijah is the manifestation of Archangel Sandalphon on Earth. After serving humanity and bringing God’s word to the people of Israel, it returns to its original form as Sandalphon.

Because of its deep connection with humankind, Sandalphon becomes the keeper of Malkuth, one of the Sephirot. This represents the material plane of existence, which is actually a depiction of our own known Universe.

Malkuth is the source of earthly life as we know it and emanates from God’s creation. It is the densest of all worlds presented in Kabbalah, containing all the galaxies, solar systems, and planets.

If Malkuth is the material plane of existence, which is incredibly complex, one can only imagine what the rest of the Sephirots would look like.

NOTE: Archangel Metatron is known as the governor of the highest Sephirot – Keter. From this dimension, all existence was made possible through the building of the Sephirotic Tree and through Metatron.

So, in a way, Archangel Sandalphon and Metatron are considered twins as they are the two guardians of existence and the shepherds of light manifested through both “ends” of the Sephirotic Tree.

Sandaphon and Metatron are the only archangels with the suffix “on” instead of “el.”


In the ancient bible of Judaism, there is a mention regarding Sandalphon as the “wheel within the wheel.” This connects with Ezekiel’s vision of Sandalphon being on the chariot of holy fire that soars through the heavens.

This is also related to the Ophanim, another significant celestial type of being within the divine hierarchy. They show up as wheels within wheels with numerous eyes and mouths. Such an association suggests that Sandalphon may actually belong to the Ophanim order.


Here we find the ritual and celebration of Sukkoth, a Jewish holiday meant to support the detachment from materialism. Sandalphon appears as the supreme being that gathers all the prayers within an orb of light and sends it to God.


This is where Archangel Sandalphon appears as the governor of the “Seventh Heaven.”


Here we find Archangel Sandalphon as the philosopher and interpreter of Muhamad’s writings. Ibn Hazm describes the archangel as an angel serving the “divine crown.” Of course, this is a reference to God’s presence.

Archangel Sandalphon And Prayers

Due to its closeness and dedication to the physical realm, Archangel Sandalphon helps us create and fulfill our desires and wishes. More precisely, whenever we connect to its divine presence through meditation, intention, and/or prayer, it communicates through our personal guardian angels.

Sandalphon then makes us aware of the elements we must prioritize at that moment in life. Usually, these relate to the basic needs we should ask the divine force to help us manifest for our greater good.

Therefore, we can once again state that this entity brings our requests in front of the divine throne and prays with us so they will manifest according to the universal laws.

The Relationship Archangel Sandalphon Has With Children

Sandalphon is known as the benefactor of the unborn children. Specifically, it is the archangel assisting and supporting a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

It then places the optimum information at the subconscious level that will guide the children throughout their lives. While not mandatory, these elements are usually essential for reaching their true potential.

One can then access them through meditation and spiritual practices.

Suppose a child cannot step into the physical world. In that case, Sandalphon will carry their soul to heaven, becoming a guardian archangel of unborn children.

It’s also the archangel responsible for the proper development of infants and those who require additional assistance to gain strength.

How Does Archangel Sandalphon Influence Our Natural Environment

Archangel Sandalphon is the patron of nature at a physical and spiritual level. Through the existence of the Malkuth Sephirot, these manifest within the material plane of existence.

It governs the natural elements, keeping them in perfect balance and harmony. Although we contribute to its demise, Sandalphon maintains nature’s vibration stable so it can constantly thrive.

For those who desire to evolve from a spiritual perspective through the elements of nature, such as shamans or naturopathic doctors, there is always a way without exploiting the resources. 

On the other hand, due to our greed and careless actions, we also deviate from our spiritual path by destroying what’s around us.

Sandalphon is there to help those who wish to correct their course and reintegrate with nature’s pure energy.

I believe this archangel is the most displeased with our lack of caring for nature and the overwhelming exploitations we partake in.

How To Connect To Archangel Sandalphon

Before moving forward, remember that you’ll only connect to an extension of any divine being to avoid being overwhelmed with their sheer amount of energy.

Everything will happen according to your current vibration level and spiritual perception so that you can benefit from the experience optimally.


“Dear Archangel Sandalphon, you are the one that sends all my prayers and requests before the throne of God.

Please deliver my prayer to the primordial Creator as soon as possible.

Allow me to receive the necessary feedback that will make me understand what I need to heal or do to fulfill my wish.

Offer me the strength and will to go forward and accomplish all my tasks with love and wisdom.

Watch over me, my family, and my dear ones so that we become healthy and prosperous.

Thank you, mighty Sandalphon! Amen.”

Then clearly state the wish or desire that you originally intended. 


  • Activate your palms using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo (for level 3 Usui Reiki);
  • Add other symbols if you have attunements in other Reiki systems;
  • Activate your primary chakras with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki. Consider adding other symbols as stated above;
  • Activate the same sequence in front of you: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo;
  • Start sending energy to Archangel Sandalphon for about 10-15 minutes as a token of gratitude. Have the explicit intention of creating a healthy connection with him and channel the energy and information necessary for your spiritual and material growth;
  • Ask for assistance and wisdom in your life’s journey toward genuine abundance;


Find a quiet moment free of any distractions and play some relaxing music, light a candle and incense. Sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet touching the ground, parallel to each other.

  • Place your palms in your lap facing upward;
  • Close your eyes, relax and begin listening to the environment you’ve just created;
  • Enter the Alpha State of mind or any breathing technique that you feel comfortable with to empty your mind and relax;
  • Visualize a door in front of you. It can have any color, shape, or size;
  • Activate the Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol on that door, or Kriya if you have the Karuna Reiki attunement;
  • Send light toward the symbol and the door and visualize as they begin glowing;
  • The door will slowly open, and you’ll enter the space behind it;
  • This is where you’ll find Archangel Sandalphon’s extension – the one that resonates with you. It may also be your personal angel or a Reiki spirit guide that is in connection to Sandalphon;
  • Offer your gratitude for being in this room and ask for advice and guidance. Focus on personal healing and your relationship with divinity; 
  • Try to see what part of your life requires more attention and if there is anything expected from you in particular;
  • This can be a friendly conversation by the end of which you can offer a hug;
  • When you’re done, offer your gratitude once again and slowly return through the door;
  • Close it behind you and return to the physical body without rushing;

This can be a very intense experience, so allow enough time to get used to your environment.

It’s also the proper time to think about your discussion so you don’t forget the details.

Finally, to make things manifest in the future, it goes without saying that you need to take action and actually implement what you have learned.

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One Last Word

Archangel Sandalphon is the guide that can show us the optimum path we should follow by bringing our prayers in front of the divine throne.

It’s the governor of nature and its elements. Therefore, it’s the perfect archangel to help us evolve through the surrounding energy.

Sandalphon’s care and love for those who acknowledge their divine connection with God is unshaken and unbroken. Since childhood, it has implemented the essential information in our subconscious so we can travel the right path toward spiritual growth.


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