How To Use Subtle Bodies To Travel Beyond Your Physical-Self

Subtle bodies are the layers of the human energetic system that exist beyond the physical plane.

In this article, we’re going to cover the seven main ones and how they can influence your Reiki practice.

The universal life force energy flows through these layers, and that’s why it is useful to understand their role.

If you’re looking to learn what’s beyond the physical plane, this article will guide you there.

NOTE: Some of the information and terms present in this article are inspired by Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands Of Light”. Having said that, I filtered the necessary information and assembled it with the one gathered from my own experience. This subject can become quite broad. Therefore, I’ve only extracted the essentials to offer an easier understanding of our subtle bodies.

We Are Energy

The physical body is very well defined. It includes bone structure, muscles, tissues, and organs. This forms a complex system that we call the physical layer that helps us move and interact with the world.

At the very core of every tissue, there are atoms. From here on, science has shown us that the atom is made out of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Interestingly enough, at the base of all these elements, there is … well, energy.

“Not all that we see is real, and not all that is real can be seen”.

Energy exists all around us. It’s between each person and every living organism. Even when we talk, we release one form of energy. It’s been here with us since the origin of the universe.

In general, energy is accompanied by information. Some scholars would go as far as mentioning entities that belong to different levels of vibration.

Regardless, we are born and live within the same element. But what’s crucial to understand is that it manifests differently for each of us.

How Many Subtle Bodies Are There

So far, we’ve learned that each celestial object, large or small, has its own magnetic field and a certain gravitational force. In fact, anything that has energy at its core generates at least one type of energy field around it.

Throughout the 1900s, several experiments were conducted to propel the idea that humans have multiple energetic fields. This idea was revisited a decade after the Second World War.

Although we are far from the ideal concept of blending science with spirituality, we can now distinguish a defined number of subtle bodies grouped in 3 main categories.

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The Seven Subtle Bodies

The Energetic Plane

  • The etheric body;
  • The emotional body
  • The mental body;

The Astral Plane

  • The astral body;

The Spiritual Plane

  • The etheric template;
  • The celestial body;
  • The ketheric template;

A Word Before We Start

This small introduction will set the stage for the core content. Because everything is linked together, it’s important to know the different elements of our energetic system before discussing subtle bodies.

The Aura

The aura is a cumulation of all our energetic fields and immediately comes to mind when talking about subtle bodies.

There are people capable of perceiving imbalances in one’s aura.

Some can do it naturally while others train to achieve this level. Either way, their sensitive system develops in such a manner that they can distinguish colors that don’t belong to a standard aura system. Sadly, only a handful of people can precisely tell which layer is affected.

There are also certain devices that can detect lower or higher frequencies within the energetic field of a person. One of them is the controversial Kirilian method of photography.

So, the aura is just a general description of the sum of all energetic (subtle) fields each person has.

The Chakras

The chakra system is a popular topic in today’s modern society. Even though we tend to lean more towards technology and science, many do the opposite and seek peace in things that are not “proven by hard evidence”.

Somehow it seems natural. Wonder why that is … But I digress.

There is quite a bit of confusion when it comes to chakras (energy centers) and energy fields. So, it’s good to shed some light before we continue.

The existence of 12 main chakras is generally accepted. Out of these, 7 are located on the human body while the rest above and below the physical body.

The 7 primary chakras are vortexes of energy that coordinate certain parts of our physical body and 5 have back projections.

They are extremely important for our mental and emotional health. Keeping them balanced contribute to higher awareness and spiritual evolution.

Each chakra is attributed to a type of energy and vibrational level.

When the energy flow is constant and active through each chakra, we can benefit from a healthy physical and energetic body. We can also generate a higher vibration, which translates into a greater potential for reaching elevated levels of consciousness.

Considering there are 7 known major subtle bodies, each one corresponds to one of the 7 primary chakras. This means that each chakra propagates a certain type of energy to one of those subtle energy fields, creating a connection.

Knowing this, keep in mind that each chakra generates its own vibrational field. These fields are different from the subtle bodies.


The solar plexus chakra or Manipura generates the energetic field of protection.

However, this chakra coordinates certain emotions and spiritual elements connected to the third subtle body (the mental subtle body).

One of the main differences between the energy fields generated by the chakras and the subtle bodies is that the latter takes the form of our physical body. Thus the name “subtle bodies”.

Although they are different types of energetic fields with distinctive roles, they do interact with one another.

Here Are The 7 Main Chakras Briefly Described

Muladhara or the root chakra is the first primary chakra. It coordinates the ability to ground, survive, and bring abundance. It represents vitality and your connection with the earth’s energies.

Svadhishthana or the sacral chakra is the second primary chakra. It handles creativity and your ability to socialize. It also holds much of your body’s sexual and sensual energies.

Manipura or the solar plexus chakra is the third primary chakra. It is responsible for protection, strength, and guides our emotions towards spiritual evolution. It also influences major organs such as the liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, and spleen.

Anahata or the heart chakra is the fourth primary energy center. It helps us manifest unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness towards ourselves and others. It’s also responsible for the health of the heart and the thymus gland.

Vishuddha or the throat chakra is the fifth primary chakra. Its main role is to help us express our deepest emotions through harmonious communication. It also plays an essential part in our physical wellbeing.

Ajna or the third eye chakra is the sixth primary chakra responsible for stimulating intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual awareness. It’s known for developing psychic powers.

Sahasrara or the crown chakra is the seventh and last of the primary chakras found on the human etheric body. From here, we can connect to the Divine wisdom and Divine-self. Through this chakra, the universal energy flows abundantly.

There are also secondary chakras. These can be found at the eyes, nose, ears, shoulders, elbows, palms, hips, knees, and soles levels. Each of them contributes to our spiritual development.

Now that we’ve set the ground, let’s go back and further explore the subject at hand.

The Etheric Subtle Body

etheric subtle body

This is the first layer that lives beyond our physical form. It is also denser than the rest of the subtle bodies.

It’s the unseen part that surrounds the physical body. It’s a concept that defines the area between matter and energy.

The etheric layer’s role is to influence and stimulate the physical body to produce certain cells and keep the organs healthy. You could say that it works to nurture our body’s vital side and maintain a normal function.

How Does The Etheric Body Work

It connects the physical level with the higher, energetic fields.

Each organ has at least one energy center, an energy print, and a subtle energy field. The etheric subtle body is the one that holds all these parts together.

The same goes for the bones, blood vessels, and tissue. They all have energy prints that belong to the etheric body.

That’s why the physical body is an extension of the etheric one and not the other way around. This means that any kind of mental or emotional imbalance becomes present here before manifesting into the physical plane.

Hence the saying:

Most issues have their roots at the emotional level.

Even if each of the 7 main chakras corresponds to a specific subtle body, together they can trace their “roots” here, in the etheric plane of existence.

As we know, most of our core energetic structures are at the etheric level. All the energy channels like meridians, the Nadis (Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna) can be found in the etheric subtle body.

How To Cleanse The Etheric Subtle Body With Reiki

Working to balance this subtle layer will enhance your health at a physical and energetic level. This leads to a proper function of the energy centers and main energy channels.

With time a healthy etheric body increases your energy, awareness, and smoothens the path to spiritual growth.

Using Reiki Self-Treatment

The easiest way to cleanse and heal this subtle body with Reiki is through self-treatment. A daily routine can help raise the vibration of the physical and energetic structures so everything can develop harmoniously.

It’s like taking your etheric body through a workout session. Of course, without the sweat and excessive effort.

Using Reiki Symbols

Using the Reiki symbols before and after self-treatment is a great way to cleanse and energize this subtle body. This can amplify the effect of a regular self-treatment. The symbols will quickly remove residual energies from the etheric subtle body and make room for pure, Divine energy to enter.

Meditation In Motion

* Applies to all subtle bodies.

This method is specific to Reiki level 3 because it uses Dai Ko Myo, the Reiki Master symbol. It’s a quick and effective way to cleanse your subtle body and all your energetic fields.

Part 1

  • Activate your palms and draw Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki symbols on each of the primary chakras;
  • Then activate Dai Ko Myo in front of your heart area at approximately 10-12 inches;
  • Open your palms and harvest the bright energy of Dai Ko Myo. Run it through your aura in slow, circular motion;
  • Then gather all the residual energy in the area below the navel, and say the master symbol’s name three times: “Dai Ko Myo, Dai Ko Myo, Dai Ko Myo”;
  • Do this exercise three times and pay attention to the residual energies that you gather;

Part 2

In the second part, we’ll be using the energy of the master symbol once again.

  • Take the positive energy from Dai Ko Myo and spread it in a slow, circular motion around you to cleanse your aura of residual energies;
  • But, this time, don’t gather these energies under the navel. Instead, throw them to the ground;
  • Add the affirmation “I declare my presence here, now, on Earth!” starting with the circular movement and finishing on the throw;
  • Repeat 3 times;

It’s a good idea to wash your hands after you’re done with the exercise. You can either wash them with soap and water or simply rub them as if you were dry washing them.

The Emotional Subtle Body

emotional subtle body

This subtle body does not exactly “mold” on the physical body as perfect as the Etheric body does. Also, the emotional subtle body is less dense than the etheric one and corresponds to the sacral chakra.

The emotional layer is the subtle energetic field that includes all our emotions and feelings. Therefore, its colors and structure highly depend on our emotional health.

This raises a very common question with a rather confusing answer.

“Are feelings and emotions the same?”

“No, they are not, and there’s actually a solid difference between them. Feelings are considered to manifest consciously at the heart and mind level. Emotions manifest unconsciously and run through the whole body.”

You can find a more “scientific” explanation in this article.

I guess they should have mentioned that feelings are connected to the heart as well as the mind. But that’s just my opinion.

What Is The Emotional Subtle Body

So, when we talk about the emotional body, we can distinguish different colors that indicate the state of our emotional health.

These colors can appear as steam clouds in motion, slightly translucent or opaque. It depends on the dominant feeling we have at that time.

For example:

  • A feeling of anger will have a different color and structure than a feeling of love;
  • Anger will be a blazing fiery color combined with dark brown. Love will be a combination of bright pink with hints of light green and orange;
  • Anger will seem thick and muddy while love will be clear and somewhat translucent;

The same principle applies to any other feeling or emotion like anxiety, depression, stress, or joy.

The interesting thing is how this aura segment changes its color when any of these feelings occur.

It’s a transition that happens quickly.

At the emotional body level, all the colors of the chakras can be seen through meditation. In theory, through this subtle layer, we can observe the actual colors and nuances of the primary energy centers.

The Color Corresponding To Each Chakra

  • Red for the root chakra;
  • Orange for the sacral chakra;
  • Yellow for the solar plexus chakra;
  • Green and pink for the heart chakra;
  • Blue for the throat chakra;
  • Indigo for the third eye chakra;
  • White with violet for the crown chakra;

Whenever we perceive the colors within the aura, we actually observe the emotions, feelings, and energy manifesting through that person’s chakras.

This is why the emotional energetic field is perhaps the most “colorful” of all subtle bodies.

Healing The Emotional Subtle Body With Reiki

This subtle energetic field is highly sensitive to energies, emotions, and exterior influences. This is why it’s always recommended to keep it cleansed and protected.

Many spiritual practices can be used to influence the emotional body in a positive way.

Using Reiki Self-Treatment

Through self-treatment, you can cleanse the emotional body of residual and negative emotions. It becomes more resilient to unwanted factors.

Constant practice will contribute significantly to keeping the emotional body healthy.

Using Reiki Symbols

Symbols are used to enhance the practice of Reiki and focus the energy on specific issues.

When going to Reiki symbols for emotional healing, Sei He Ki and Shika Sei Ki is what you’re looking for.

If you are attuned for Karuna Reiki, then Harth is another great choice. It has a higher vibration than the previous two, and can, therefore, heal at a much deeper level.

Reiki Meditation In Motion

A straightforward way to cleanse the residual emotional energies is meditation in motion.

Here, it has slightly different implications.

It will spread the high vibrational energy of the Master symbol through your aura, cleansing most of the negative emotions.

Although it is a very effective method, it doesn’t mean it will cleanse everything at this level.

This process acts as a support for the actual work you need to do with yourself. No spiritual practice or method is enough without your own introspection.

The good news is that here is where the real healing starts. You have the tools, but remember that “the secret” to healing lies in you.

The Mental Subtle Body

mental subtle body

This is the third subtle body and exists beyond the emotional body.

NOTE: The more we go “up” in the subtle bodies scale, their composition becomes more refined. That’s why this energetic field is made out of even finer particles than the emotional body.

Learning how to heal and control our emotional and mental bodies leaves room for the universal energy to manifest itself into our life.

Therefore, this whole process plays a significant role in our spiritual evolution.

The Mental Subtle Body Includes

  • Complex Thoughts – meaning our ability to understand different concepts and dimensions of reality. The more we read, think and use spiritual practices, we develop our mind. This helps us interpret more complex issues that were previously a mystery;
  • Habitual Thoughts – these represent the basic thoughts that run through our minds. They form our fundamental way of thinking. We should be aware that repeating habitual thoughts over and over again can create rigid mental structures. These have the power to influence our objective and our clear way of thinking;
  • Ideas – represent a conglomerate (large or small) of thoughts that make insight and intuition work as a whole. These thoughts “work” together to build a mental structure that can later develop into an expression of one’s self;
  • Intentions – these are thoughts aimed towards a purpose. Usually, they form either a simple or elaborate plan before developing into an intention. This is the form that ends up in the physical plane;
  • Conceptual Thoughts – they enable us to connect events, ideas, patterns to solve a problem or understand a certain situation. Conceptual thinking allows us to extract the necessary information to reach the awareness needed to comprehend a broader concept;
  • Mental Processes – they help us develop functions such as imagination, reasoning, beliefs, memory, and even perception. A healthy mental body stimulates these functions;
  • Mental Energetic Waves – needed for developing telepathy and clairvoyance. These are the frequency bands that help us develop psychic abilities;

The Spiritual Element Is Essential

Thoughts and ideas have different colors and shapes according to their quality of energy. For example, positive thoughts are clearer, regular in shape, and brighter in color compared to negative ones.

Although humans are considered a rational species in general, we have not yet developed our mental body to its full potential.

I believe that the main reason that’s holding us back is our inability to make sense of things without acknowledging spiritual practices.

The more we combine the spiritual elements with the emotional and mental ones, the more we are able to extend our knowledge and wisdom towards understanding the mental energetic field.

Reiki And The Mental Subtle Body

Reiki has a strong beneficial influence over the mental body.

By channeling the universal life force energy, you can dissolve most of the energetic structure of negative thoughts.

Using Self-Treatment

Self-treatment can help remove the basic negative energy and information from a thought.

The more you practice, the more you raise your vibration. This reduces the chance of creating negative concepts. It also brings in positive energy, which increases your potential for developing positive feelings.

Suitable Reiki Symbols For The Mental Body

As we know by now, using Reiki symbols will enhance the effect of the Reiki practice.

The best symbol to work with, from the Usui Reiki system, is Sei He Ki. It is very efficient in dissipating the negative energy from thoughts or ideas and harmonizes the mental body.

From Karuna Reiki, you can use Zonar, Halu, and Gnosa. They will cleanse the mental body and help guide you to the source of the unwanted thoughts.

Meditation In Motion

The method alone won’t solve the issues completely. At this level, it’s more challenging to disintegrate adverse mental patterns. You have to constantly work with yourself to grow your awareness and find inner peace.

Only when you realize how toxic some thoughts and ideas can be can you remove them from your life entirely.

The Astral Subtle Body


The astral body is a transition from the lower, more “physical connected” energy layers, to the upper spiritual fields.

From this level on, you have to consider a reality that extends beyond the physical realm. This means that each of these superior layers holds a somewhat different manifestation of the reality we perceive.

It empowers the idea that not all we see is real, and not all that is real can be seen.

The astral body corresponds to the heart chakra, Anahata. This energy center is associated with love and the manifestation of high vibrational feelings.

In the astral world, Anahata represents the junction through which the higher, spiritual energies are transmuted into the physical energies and vice versa.

So, at a spiritual level, the heart chakra is a gateway to different states of reality.

There is a common trait between the astral and emotional body. That’s the presence of colors. It’s the same rainbow spectrum from the chakras and emotions we generate. However, this is a very pure spiritual layer that doesn’t have such a “telluric” representation of our emotions or feelings.

An Example Of Colors Present At This Level

A positive feeling like love can be perceived as a pinkish-white bright light. In fact, all colors generated by chakras or emotions have a pink background at this level;

Low vibrational feelings such as anger or hate barely become present in the astral body if at all. The astral layer is a place where pure energies are present and even manifested depending on the person;

The Astral Body And Its Relationship With Energetic Strings

Within the astral body, there is a lot of activity taking place like energetic transfers, soul connections, and even the manifestation of different types of entities.

At this level, a complex connection between people who share feelings is created. Regardless of their nature, this link develops energetic strings. They exist in the astral and emotional body, and we can observe them through meditation.

Whenever a feeling arrises, an energetic string is created. The better you get to know a person, the more active this string becomes. The stronger the relationship, the thicker it gets.

This results in a solid bond with that person.

Through this string, a transfer of energy takes place. If both parties manifest a similar involvement, then this exchange is usually in balance. However, if one of them is less committed, then she/he can lose part of their vital energy. This can manifest through lethargy and lack of optimism.

Remember that the energy transfer applies regardless of the type of feelings people have for each other. It can range from love to animosity and even hate.

NOTE: This transfer takes place at the unconscious level most of the time. So, the people involved may not even be aware of its existence. Knowing what you know now can help you better manage these situations and also offer your support.

The Astral Body In Connection With The Soul

Among many things, the astral body represents the first level where we can perceive the existence of our soul.

The soul is the Divine spark.

It’s the light that we receive at birth and the one that we give back when we die.

It is the purest and most important form of energy in the universe.

Inside the soul are all the positive, energetic programs that shape our lives. We can work to enhance them and eventually benefit from a prosperous life.

But, like always, it all depends on us.

It is our responsibility to keep our soul cleansed. Doing so will help all our energetic and spiritual structures regenerate.

Although the largest “part” of the soul can be found in the heart area, it does spread through the rest of our body, nourishing all the physical and energetic structures.

That’s why this divine spark is responsible for keeping our organs, mind, heart, and tissues in optimal health.

Taking care of our soul will enable us to find joy in life, forgive ourselves, and offer unconditional love.

Your soul has an energetic field of its own. The brighter it is, the larger this field becomes. Anyone who enters this filed will unconsciously feel more at peace next to you.

Meditations that involve the heart area and cleansing the chakras will help you understand and perceive your soul’s energetic structure.

NOTE: The soul and the true inner-self are two different aspects of the spiritual world. They exist within the same body and are interconnected to some extent. But, they have different roles and attributes.

The Astral Body And Entities

The astral layer is the first energetic field that holds spiritual entities within. In fact, starting from this level, the subtle bodies have a whole different structure. They are like interconnected spiritual worlds with different energies, information, particles, and even entities.

In the astral subtle body, we can find different types of entities. These “belong” to the person in the sense that she/he attracted them into their life. No entity stays with a person without them resonating.

And, as always, these entities can be beneficial or not. This is why we need to take care of both our physical and spiritual structures.

Practicing Reiki, praying, or meditating will always attract beneficial entities and spirit guides.

The Astral Body And Reiki

Reiki has a powerful influence over the astral body and the astral world in general. The more subtle bodies we become aware of, the better we’ll perceive the universal life force energy.

If you could visualize this flow of universal energy through meditation, it would look like an intense beam of light entering the crown chakra. You’ll also see a white glow around your aura.

In the astral world, shapes differ from the ones in the physical plane.

That’s why the energy field created by the flow of Reiki may not follow the shape of the human body as we know it.

Reiki And Self-Treatment

Practicing self-treatment will cleanse your astral body of unwanted entities. It will create a layer of pure energy that will help raise your vibration and protect you from negative influences.

Place your hands on the heart chakra to increase the healing effect of your soul.

At one point, the Reiki self-treatment will enable you to discern the astral body and gain additional information on what needs to be healed at this level.

Using Reiki Symbols To Heal The Astral Body

Apart from enhancing the self-treatment effect, Reiki symbols will also smoothen access to the astral body. Doing so will provide clear information on what resides in this field and what needs to be restored.

The best symbols you can use from Usui Reiki are Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. They will facilitate access to this subtle body.

To further cleanse and harmonize, I would recommend adding Shika Sei Ki.

The Astral Body And Meditation In Motion

Although this type of meditation is especially useful for the etheric, emotional, and celestial subtle bodies, it does have a beneficial influence at the astral level.

When practicing the meditation in motion, you spread the universal energy through all your subtle bodies. Therefore, even though it has a stronger effect on the first layers, it’s worth considering it here.

The Etheric Template Subtle Body

etheric template

This is the fifth layer of the energetic field system. It extends beyond the Astral body and has a strong connection to the etheric body. It’s depicted by an oval shape.

According to Barbara Brennan, the etheric template is similar to a blueprint of the etheric body layer.

Keep in mind that the etheric body follows the shape of the physical body. Whenever there is an imbalance at the etheric level, the etheric template is the one that helps the etheric body recover.

The etheric template has a positive influence over the etheric body and helps the physical body thrive.

This layer contains all the energetic prints of the organs.

It also stores the ones for the etheric body, such as chakras and energetic channels. However, all these appear translucent on a dark blue background (like a blueprint), compared to a clear picture of the etheric body. So, if we were able to perceive this level, we would see something similar to a photo’s negative.

This is the first level of the spiritual plane. The best way to perceive it is to work with it rather than simply visualize it.

How To Work With The Etheric Template

The fifth chakra, Vishudhha, is the one that corresponds to the etheric template body. By working to heal at this level, you can develop a better connection with yourself. This improves your communication abilities, and it will help you understand what needs to be manifested.

In her book, Barbara Brennan mentions music as a means of healing this subtle body. I believe that certain meditations, prayers, and Reiki can also work well.

Even though high vibrational music has its healing effect, in my opinion, at this level, it doesn’t take care of the core imbalances.

Music is a way to cleanse and create a beneficial environment for something bigger. That’s why using it together with meditation, prayers, and/or Reiki can bring the necessary healing and awareness for spiritual growth.

Reiki And The Etheric Template Subtle Body

At this level, Reiki has a chain effect. As the universal life force energy flows through the top of the head, it goes to all the layers and the etheric template body. When this happens, the universal energy helps this field achieve a state of healing. This also influences the etheric, and eventually, the physical body.

Reiki Self-Treatment

Self-treatment works in the same way as above but in the opposite direction. You first influence the physical body, and then the energy extends to the etheric subtle body, all the way to the etheric template.

Because they are all interconnected, by simply placing your palms on the physical body will help all layers transition into a state of healing. This enhances the etheric body’s health, which in turn helps the etheric template find balance.

The cleansing and regeneration process starts.

Doing Reiki self-treatment, you’ll help remove unwanted energies, negative entities and bring light to the etheric template.

The Reiki Symbols For The Etheric Template

Use Sei He Ki and Shika So for a harmonizing effect. Add Dai Ko Myo, with its high vibration, to cleanse this energetic field.

Meditation In Motion

The meditation in motion will penetrate the etheric template body, cleansing some of the unexpressed residual emotions. It will also trigger the ones that couldn’t be cleansed, helping them harmoniously heal through communication.

The Celestial Subtle Body


While the etheric template is connected to the etheric body, the celestial is connected to the emotional body.

We can consider the celestial subtle body the higher, spiritual component of the emotional layer.

It has a more undefined shape than the rest and is portrayed mostly in pastels and goldish bright light. You’ll most likely identify it as a glowing halo with rays of light going outwards from the body.

When you reach this level of consciousness, you bathe in a totally different level of awareness. Everything is clear and connected to the universal life force energy.

This subtle body connects to the sixth chakra, Ajna. It also provides the heart chakra, Anahata, an incredible potential for expressing unconditional love.

In fact, the celestial body is a spiritual manifestation of Anahata, called the celestial chakra. Therefore, love, compassion, and joy are limitless at this level of consciousness.

NOTE: Bear in mind that we are talking about a spiritual level, not just a chakra’s energetic functions. These are the supreme levels through which you can experience spiritual ecstasy.

Activating this celestial part of the Anahata can provide a further understanding of the love that goes beyond the physical plane. This will feel like a wave of joy and happiness towards every living creature on this planet.

The Celestial Body and Reiki

You can use Reiki to enlarge the celestial body’s potential to manifest in your life.

Through the Reiki self-treatment, you’ll not only increase the energy level of Ajna and Anahata chakras, but you’ll also influence this complex energetic layer.

Guiding the flow of universal life force energy to these areas will intensify the activation of the celestial part of your energy centers. In turn, it will raise your awareness and the potential for spiritual growth.

Reiki Symbols And The Celestial Subtle Body

The Reiki symbols from Karuna Reiki have the best influence at this level. Harth, Shanti, and OM are the ones you want to start with.

If you’re not attuned to Karuna Reiki, use Usui Reiki instead. Sei He Ki, Shika Sei Ki, and Dai Ko Myo are again the go-to symbols.

Meditation In Motion

Add Dai Ko Myo to bring light and harmony to the celestial subtle body. This enables it to transmit its beneficial energy to the physical world.

The Ketheric Template Subtle Body


This is the seventh subtle body beyond the physical layer. It represents the mental field of the spiritual world and it is in strong connection with the seventh chakra – Sahasrara.

The ketheric template is the strongest of the seven subtle bodies, engulfing all the previous layers with its egg-shaped form.

Contrary to some beliefs, in meditation, you can perceive all the physical body’s chakras and structures through this layer. However, now they emerge bathed in goldish-white bright light, constantly shining. In fact, most of this field looks the same. Sometimes may show tones of gray.

The ketheric template subtle body holds the finest and most spiritually developed structures that we should reach during our lifetimes.

This means that we are capable of connecting to this higher level of consciousness and receive the necessary energy and information to start understanding that we are one with the divine.

In fact, this is the level that connects us to the divine-self or, as others call it, divine-consciousness.

Two important factors make the ketheric template body stand out.

1. The presence of energetic cords that connect to our past lives.

  • Together with a conglomerate of energies, these cords connect us to certain events, conflicts, or unresolved issues;
  • They can manifest in the present under different forms. They are like backpacks of residual energy;
  • To advance in our spiritual journey, we have to heal them;

2. The existence of the universal energy vortex.

  • Through the ketheric template subtle body, the universal life force energy flows as a vortex of energy. On its way to the physical body, it nourishes the rest of the spiritual and energetic layers;
  • At one point, this vortex of universal energy looks like a goldish-white light. This goes down through the main energetic channel – Sushumna. In its path, it “floods” all the chakras and other energetic channels with light, cleansing, and healing them;

Reiki And The Ketheric Template Subtle Body

This spiritual layer is very receptive to the universal life force energy.

In the Reiki attunement, the “violet breath” method enables the practitioner to open up the crown chakra and all the layers, starting from the ketheric template to the universal life force energy. This will allow it to flow through all our spiritual, energetic, and physical structures.


When you practice self-treatment regularly, you manage to keep the ketheric template filled with light. This is especially true in the 21 days of self-treatment when your body’s vibration changes.

If you were to see it, it would look like a glow of energy.

Using Reiki Symbols To Reach The Ketheric Body

The symbols that resonate at this level are the master symbol Dai Ko Myo from Usui Reiki and OM with Shanti from Karuna Reiki.

Zonar and Halu also help quite a lot to harmonize this layer with the rest of your energetic and physical structures.

Of course, it’s just a reference. Even if these symbols hold the highest vibration, they don’t make the others useless.

Meditation In Motion

This practice will energize the ketheric template and help cleanse some of the negative energies that manifest from your past lives into the present.

While the meditation in motion is very efficient, deep guided meditations are also recommended to properly dissolve these energies.

To have a clear path to spiritual evolution, you need to keep this majestic spiritual layer glowing with light.

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Subtle Bodies From This Point On

There is so much about the subtle bodies that can be discussed. Even if this article seems long, it’s only a brief description. But, it includes the essentials, so it’s easier to make sense of this fascinating subject.

Keep in mind that there’s a strong possibility that other subtle bodies might exist.

This statement can easily be supported by the other 5 primary chakras. Like the 7 we went through in this article, technically, the rest should connect to other subtle fields.

Considering the subtle bodies exist in the non-material world, it’s important not to see them as something well defined. They are explained in a way that makes sense for us, but their description cannot be limited to texts similar to this one.

Because they have different functions, it’s better to offer a segmented representation that’s easier to understand.

They interact with the chakras, other energetic fields, and the physical body in their own metaphysical way.

You should rather emerge in deep meditation to make sense of them, rather than seeking hard evidence.

Reiki can help you visualize them. It depends on the practitioner’s sensitivity level, but this can change with time and experience.

There’s a better chance to see them if you accept that the physical body is an extension of our subtle bodies and not the other way around.


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