Who Is Archangel Zadkiel And How Can He Help You

Archangel Zadkiel is the archangel of the righteousness and virtue of God. He is also known as Sacchiel, Satquiel, Sadkiel, Zedekiel or Zadquiel. This doesn’t refer to the crude and rugged form of justice that we might find as an attribute to other angels, but a more soft, merciful and kind form.

However, no angel or archangel should be underestimated. They hold within them the Divine laws and are able to apply them swiftly whenever needed.

Archangel Zadkiel is continuously working with Archangel Michael for healing the emotional suffering of people, replacing the negative conditions in our lives with light and joy.

They are always teaming together for the good of mankind aiding in the conflicts with dark entities.

Zadkiel reveals the light inside of us through guidance and understanding and advises that judging others is wrong. He teaches us how to show compassion and not point fingers, but rather share forgiveness towards the ones that have done us wrong.

One of Zadkiel’s main attributes is the violet flame or Holy Amethyst.

Together with his essence, the violet flame represents a symbol of freedom, forgiveness, and justice.

The Origins Of Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel appears in the Kabbalah dominating the 4th Sephiroth, named Chesed on the Sephirotic Tree. This dimension corresponds to grace, benevolence, and compassion. It represents the unconditional love and kindness manifested by Divinity upon Earth.

NOTE: You can find more about the divine entity that governs these qualities in the article on Archangel Haniel.

The Sephiroth Tree is a representation of the multiple astral planes and pillars of the universe. An Archangel guards each threshold to a higher spiritual level. A person can advance to such levels through the process of reincarnation. The more advanced the spiritual level, the more “trials” one has to pass within their lives to grow.

In the Holy Bible, Archangel Zadkiel is the one presumably stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac.

He is figure is represented as being dressed in a shining violet cloak, set in jewels. His eyes are pure blue with violet sparks while his beard is white and clean.

He’s wearing two items: a crown set in sapphires and a scepter of triumph, set in jewels, shining like a lightning.

Zadkiel has a tremendous amount of wisdom, often compared to a king, strong and wise, with many years of experience.

That is why Zadkiel is also known for spreading the ideal of tolerance in the hearts of mankind.

What Is He Known For And The Meaning Of His Powers

Zadkiel aims to help the population of Earth seek forgiveness, mainly for themselves and each other.

This is the primal step in all religions and philosophies that lead to spiritual evolution.

He is the patron of all angels who are in charge of forgiveness, mercy or have spiritual missions to teach humanity compassion.

By willingly accepting your mistakes and asking forgiveness, Zadkiel can guide you the correct path to self-awareness.

Some spiritual practitioners suggest that Zadkiel has a plan in helping humanity free itself from negativity by empowering them to have more balanced lives and gain healthier relationships including the one with Divinity. (Read about Lightarian Reiki as an alternative to collective spiritual evolution).

Somewhat similar to the Count of Saint Germain, Archangel Zadkiel is the bringer of the violet flame. In this case it’s a higher vibrational one, called the “twin violet flame”.

That is why he is often represented by the colors: violet, indigo or deep blue.

The violet flame is a form of very high vibrational energy capable of healing and burning the negative energies or low vibrational entities.

Not every person is ready to receive this type of energy. When called upon, Zadkiel offers each one as much as needed for their greater good.

All the occurrences that have a favorable or unfavorable event, all the gains and losses go through his judgment.

One of the feminine extensions of Zadkiel is Kwan Yin, the Asian master who is viewed as the goddess of compassion.

Although Zadkiel is seen as kind and noble, he maintains a good balance between masculine and feminine, while being straight-forward and joyful at the same time.

You can learn more about stimulating the divine feminine energy in this article on the Violet Flame Reiki system.

Archangel Zadkiel And Memory

Whenever we have a difficult time remembering things, call upon Zadkiel to intervene.

That’s because he’s also known as the Angel of Memory.

The fast-growing world we live in can have a negative influence on us at one point. We lose sight of the spiritual important nature of ourselves and the fact that through Divinity we are everything. 

We tend to forget to take care of ourselves from an emotional and physical point of view and to ask for guidance when we are under pressure or pass a difficult time in our lives.

Once asked to do so, Zadkiel’s “job” is to help sustain our memory. Of course, we are the ones who need to take the next step and use those transitions to our benefit.

That’s why one of Zadkiel’s attributes is to help us remember important things and enhance our memory functions.

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Prayer To Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel guards the powers of affirmation, invocation, and the essence of prayers. Through our honest desire for spiritual growth and prayer, Zadkiel is willing to guide us on the correct path.

Meditating and invoking Archangel Zadkiel lead to an increased capability of understanding the angelic messages and to the awareness of his guidance.

Whenever we feel the need for mercy and Divine compassion or help from a material, and an emotional point of view, Zadkiel can be called upon.

Note: the following prayer originally belongs to Doreen Virtue. I have made small adjustments modified according to a few elements that I consider to be of value within this prayer.

“Archangel Zadkiel, please help me heal my heart. If I am withholding forgiveness, please, help me to free myself of it.

Please help me see clearly if I need to manifest more compassion, and fills my heart with it!

If I am worried or unsettled, please fill my heart with faith and peace.

With your guidance, I wish to forgive myself first. I forgive all the ones that have done wrong towards me and I ask for their forgiveness as well. 

I leave this situation on to you and God.

With grace, harmony, and wisdom I strongly believe that your Divine healing power will watch over any element within this event.

Please come next to me and manifest your love and compassion within my life.



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16 thoughts on “Who Is Archangel Zadkiel And How Can He Help You”

  1. I would like to suggest an edit for your archangel Zadkiel prayer. The second sentence says:
    “If I am withholding unforgiveness, please, help me to free myself of it.”
    I believe you mean to say, “If I am withholding forgiveness,” but I do not think you meant, “withholding unforgiveness.”

  2. Hi, my name is J. Fielee Boe, born December 2, 1970. From Liberia. Would you mind telling me the name of my guardian angel, please

    • Hi there J and thank you for writing.

      I would gladly tell you its name but I don’t have a way of finding out 🙂

      Your guardian angel will reveal itself only to you. You are the one that needs to meditate and find its name. As an advice, once you do, keep it only to yourself.


    • Hi Emma.
      Usually, Archangels don’t require offerings. At least not in the way I’ve learned it. However, you can meditate with him and send him distance light in order to establish a strong connection between you and Archangel Zadkiel.

  3. Is there a prayer that I can use during meditation to find out who my Guardian Angel or Archangel is? I understand I’m not supposed to share it with anyone. I’ve been told that my Archangel is always someone different, depending on which website I used and the research that I have tried to do thus far…

    • Hi Kristen.

      As far as I know, when it comes to finding out what is the name or nature of your guardian angel, there is no fixed prayer. It is up to you to enhance your communication and connection either through Reiki, meditation, or prayers. Use your intuition and you will know how to pray. Send energy and meditate in order to enhance this connection.

      When it comes to their nature, it’s not mandatory that you have a specific known Archangel or angel. It can be an extension of an ascendant master, a powerful spirit guide, or any kind of entity that belongs to the higher planes of existence. It doesn’t matter what other websites tell you as long as you have your own personal connection with this divine entity.


  4. Hey there! Just commenting to thank you for further information on Archangle Zadkiel. I’ve recently found out after having a past life regression that Archangel Zadkiel is one of my guides and makes complete sense after learning about my most recent past life that occurred in the 60s. I’m incredibly blessed to have the bond already established, I feel that we may have established a relationship in the past thats connected me into my current life. I suffered in my past life from some very traumatic events, in which I pray to Archangel Zadkiel and hes there to take my fears away instantly and left me feeling at peace.

    • Hi there Tori and thank you so much for your comment.

      I am grateful that you found the offered information useful. And yes, an archangel can be (or become) your spirit guide at least for some time in your life. The guides can be of tremendous help on your spiritual journey and can help you bring to the surface all that needs to be healed.

      Many blessings!


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