Reiki Level 2 | OKUDEN – What To Expect From It And Its Symbols

Reiki level 2 is also known as the level of “hidden, inner teachings”. That’s because you now go from simply exploring Reiki at a physical and mental level, to working with your emotional side as well.

When I started attending Reiki classes I would run into people talking about fellow practitioners who have changed, in a good way. They were mentioning a solid positive attitude as well as confidence and well-being.

There was so much to take in at the time and I couldn’t understand those regular discussions.

Looking back, it makes a lot of sense and it all has to do with this second degree.

When Reiki “traveled” to the West, it was split into 3 degrees or levels. The reason for this was for people to better assimilate the vibration and knowledge that is contained within each level.

With time, teachers and masters were pleasantly surprised to see that this separation had very efficient results.

After reaching and practicing Reiki at level 2, students became more aware of themselves and their practice.

If you’re interested in the concept of “awareness” and how it’s important not only to have a thorough introspection but to also learn how to monitor your inner world – this article on will be a great read.

They began to understand and perceive the changes that occur within themselves. They started to be more kind, more patient because they became aware of their emotional imbalances.

With a profound acknowledgment came the intention of profound healing.

How It Made Sense For Me

Throughout the years of attending seminars, I’ve learned how this worked, from one of my Reiki teachers.

I saw the gradual evolution of his students first hand. Now, I was going from being a shy beginner to observing others going through the same process.

It was like having a look in the mirror.

These students would constantly receive positive remarks: ‘You’ve changed” … someone would say with am appreciative smile on their faces.

Truth to be told, they were actually the same person. They were just consciously aware of their inner potential towards a mental and emotional balance.

At first, when I had my Reiki level 2 attunement, I was honestly a bit confused. I used to ask myself. “What just happened? What does this mean?

My Reiki Master would explain it to me but being a bit confused and overwhelmed by the amount of energy, I wasn’t sure how to apply it.

I’m telling you this so you can see that everyone has gone through something similar. If you’re at that point right now or you’re about to be, I understand perfectly how you might feel.

I intend to offer support to anyone interested, hence these posts, so you don’t have to go through these experiences alone as I did.

So let’s take it one step at a time!

What To Expect From Reiki Level 2

Reiki second degree (level 2) focuses predominantly on the mental and emotional aspects.

Because you gain access to a higher vibration, you also gradually develop a sharper awareness of yourself. This is primarily around your emotional status.

Both the frequency and flow of energy that travels through you will be exponentially higher at this level.

Therefore, one might say, there is a certain degree of awakening with Reiki level 2.

There should be a period of at least a few months between the first degree and second Reiki attunement.

The difference in energy and vibration has to be mastered before moving on. The information and practice need to settle in before moving to the next Reiki level.

There is no rush in Reiki.

How To Practice Reiki At Level 2

After you receive the attunement for the second level, you can continue practicing every day, for 21 days.

The 21 days is the general optimum period of time, that a person needs to adapt to the new high vibrational energy.

During this time a daily self-treatment is recommended and attention to the changes your physical and mental body goes through.

The 21 days of self-treatment have also a symbolic meaning with reference to Mikao Usui’s 21 days of meditation on Kurama mountain.

Again, you might experience some physical changes, similar to the ones you had at Reiki level 1. Of course, not everyone goes through the same symptoms so don’t seek out patterns. We’re all different, therefore you might feel even more grounded, balanced and at peace with yourself.

Introducing The Reiki Symbols For Level 2

By gaining access to a higher vibration, you learn that there is no space, no past, no future but only the present.

Reiki energy has no calculated speed, yet it travels instantly through our intention. As Reiki has a spiritual foundation, it transcends the concepts of the physical plane.

At this level, we open the path for better emotional intelligence and a strong psychic.

Here we can put in practice techniques that are based on more esoteric concepts…

Why so?

Because at Reiki level 2 we learn the concept of the Sacred Symbols of Reiki.

Long-time ago these symbols were considered sacred and secret. With time the symbols were eventually revealed but their spiritual value remained unchanged.

For example, the students of Mrs. Hawayo Takata were asked to burn their notes with or without symbols, at the end of each class.

This lead to slightly different versions of Reiki symbols for each school. In the end, they all noticed that the symbols had the same energetic and spiritual effect, regardless of the detail of the drawing.

In Reiki, intention is the key trigger.

Remember: If you are attuned, then you do have access to the energy and information of a symbol or technique. It is up to you how you use them. You should not use Reiki or symbols on a person without her approval! It is considered an aggression. Always ask for permission to do therapy on other people and to use the Reiki symbols.

Some Reiki teachers say that you cannot access them unless you have this second level attunement. Others say that even with level 1 attunement you do have them within your energy fields and you may use them but not to their full extent.

Each of these symbols acts like a key that unlocks “hidden” energy. This is just a comparison of course but the idea stands. They connect to a certain energy, vibration, and manifestations of the universal life force.

Traditionally there are 3 symbols that you learn at this level:

  • Cho Ku Rei – The power symbol. By concentrating the energy of this symbol into one point, it can cleanse and heal.
  • Sei He Ki – The mental-emotional healing symbol. This symbol will slowly bring harmony to your inner self by bringing to surface the root of your imbalances at an emotional level.
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – The distance symbol. There is no time and space, not in Reiki. The light/energy is able to reach the past, present, future, and distance as long as we guide it.

There are two additional symbols that were “added” to Reiki level 2, through other teachers. I consider them indispensable when it comes to therapy.

They are extremely useful and they work very well in emotional healing.

  • Shika Sei Ki – The healing heart symbol. This has the role of a very deep inner, emotional healing, dissolving feelings of depression, anxiety and negative energy from this level and replacing it with light.
  • Shika So – The healing emotional and communication symbol. This symbol will recalibrate your ability to verbally express your deep emotions harmoniously.

More on Shika Sei Ki and Shika So Reiki Symbols here >>

How To Use And Activate The Symbols

The symbols can be used and activated in a variety of ways.

They don’t have only one pattern and can have a variety of uses within their “department”.

A symbol can heal, cleanse, harmonize, balance emotions, heal at distance and many more.

There are two main ways:

DRAWING – Join the first two fingers (the index and the middle finger) together with the thumb.

This helps you better focus the energy you channel. You can draw a symbol with one finger or with your whole hand.

Whenever drawing the Reiki Symbols it is recommended to pronounce its name three times. This is especially good when you are a beginner because it helps the symbol activate to its fullest.

VISUALIZING – With time, you will have a better understanding of the symbols, their use, and their true meaning. Then you can simply visualize a Reki symbol covered in a bright, shining light activating where you need it.

Even if you think you’ve drawn the symbol wrong, do not worry. The important thing is to have a clear and strong intention of using it in order to become active.

It is recommended to draw the symbols on your palms and energy centers, before starting self-treatment or therapy on others. You may also draw them on your whole body.

Visualize yourself drawing them on the back projection of your energy centers as well. This will help you activate, cleanse, and also protect them from any residual energies.

I believe that each symbol has more uses than any book or course can present, and by this, I don’t imply that anyone wants to keep information from their students.

I think that by having the discipline and profoundly meditating on each one of them, will reveal (when we are ready) secrets we never imagined existed.

There is much more behind what we know. We are simply not yet ready to access their full use and vibration.

This just a personal opinion so do your research and experiment as much as you can. I would love to hear more about your journey.

Usui Reiki Symbols Chart

In The End …

There will be a point in your Reiki career when you won’t be needing the symbols so often.

Even if they still work and have power, you as a Reiki practitioner will grow as well and become more sophisticated.

But don’t rush. That’s not a goal, just something you can expect happening in the future.

Level 2 Reiki Symbols are very useful for healing and propelling us to a higher level of consciousness and vibration.

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