Reiki Grand Master System: Expanding Your Traditional Practice

The Reiki Grand Master system extends from the Usui teachings, enabling the practitioner to access higher levels of the universal life force energy.

Even though it’s not part of the traditional lineage, Reiki Grand Master introduces new symbols that connect to profound spiritual concepts rooted in Japanese philosophy.

Through its unique methods, practitioners can optimize their energetic structures to reach new consciousness stages.

This article will explore the system’s origins and how it can help you in your spiritual journey.

What Is Reiki Grand Master

The Reiki Grand Master system is a non-traditional type of Reiki that continues the legacy of Mikao Usui.

In order to practice, you need at least 6 months of experience at the Master/Teacher level of any traditional system like Usui, Gendai, or Jikiden Reiki.

It’s a blend of mental and emotional healing and methods of accessing higher vibrational manifestations of the universal life force energy.

This is possible due to the system’s deep energetic cleansing techniques that clear the path toward raising your vibration and enhancing the connection with divine consciousness.

Among them, you can find:

  • Specific meditations for each Grand Master symbol;
  • Laser-focused methods for healing physical imbalances;
  • Various attunements that help connect the practitioner to the superior manifestations of universal life force energy;

The Reiki Grand Master system represents the ability to take the Usui experience to the next level of awareness, healing, and spiritual growth.

The Origins Of The Reiki Grand Master System

The Reiki Grand Master system is not part of the traditional teachings. Yet, it certainly is a continuation of the Usui Master/Teacher level.

While there’s no clear trace, it seems there are two sources that directly connect to the system’s origins.

• The first one comes from a Qi Gong Master in Berlin, Brigitte Muller. She introduced the first two levels that didn’t include symbols.

• The second source is a teacher from Great Britain who channeled the symbols necessary for precise healing and passing on attunements. Then, he took his work further to define the rest of the levels.

About The Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20 And Associated Symbols

The Reiki Grand Master system totals 16 levels, starting from 5 and all the way up to 20.

The reason for beginning with level 5 is that most Usui Reiki schools see the Master/Teacher as a separate stage with its own attunement. Therefore, it becomes level 4 Usui.

Each of the Reiki Grand Master levels includes one high-vibrational symbol representing a spiritual concept. In Japanese, this is called “kotodama” and refers to a Shintoist ideology about life’s spiritual meaning.

These unique symbols are gates toward divine manifestations of the universal life force energy, each serving a specific purpose. The order is also intentional, as it helps practitioners optimally internalize their information.

Generally speaking, you can use either of them in self-treatment or to amplify the power of other symbols. You do so by activating it on your palms and superior chakras (soul star chakra, third eye chakra, throat, heart, and crown chakras).

There are exceptions when you intend for the energy to reach the sacral and root chakras level to connect the conscious with the subconscious. This process is specific for accessing the required elements for advancing on your spiritual path.

Otherwise, unless intuition dictates, you rarely use these symbols on the lower chakras like the solar plexus, sacral, root, and earth star chakra.

To make the most out of each symbol and better connect with its vibration, you’ll use dedicated meditations attributed to each of them.

On a personal note: I find it’s easier to integrate the Reiki Grand Master symbols compared to those from Usui. That’s probably because, at this stage, you’re already connected to a higher spiritual vibration and approach the practice from a different level of understanding.

Let’s now continue with the primary elements of the Reiki Grand Master system and their role within the system.

Reiki Grand Master Levels 5 And 6

These are the first two levels you receive an attunement for in the Reiki Grand Master system.

They come together because they represent the perfect balance between the Yin and Yang energies.

Levels 5 and 6 enable the practitioner to:

  • Harmonize their light and shadow sides;
  • Balance the masculine and feminine energies;
  • Stabilize the static and dynamic actions;

Levels 5 and 6 did not initially include Reiki symbols, but each received one later.

Level 5 – Dai Cho Wa (The Great Harmony)

When you activate Dai Cho Wa, its energy travels from the third eye to the heart chakra. It then flows upward to the crown chakra and finally down at the root chakra area.

This somewhat chaotic route has the role of surfacing the required elements for healing and bringing them into the conscious mind from the subconscious.

You can also use Dai Cho Wa as a beam of light to gradually dissolve negative emotions and strengthen the connection with the higher self in regular treatment as well as distance healing.

When you activate it in the center of a room, Dai Cho Wa promotes harmony and peace.

Level 6 – Dai Fa Shu (The Great Separation)

This symbol resonates with the throat chakra and helps you express your repressed emotions smoothly.

Dai Fa Shu also separates beneficial from negative influences and dissolves harmful patterns, habits, and negative thinking.

It’s a symbol of guidance that points you toward those elements that can improve well-being and support your spiritual side.

Level 7 – Dai Ji Yu (The Great Freedom) And Dai Kiro Se (The Great Wisdom)

Dai Ji Wu complements Dai Fa Shu in its efforts to release you from old patterns that are preventing you from evolving. These can include harmful habits, toxic relationships, and even daily choices you can otherwise avoid.

In turn, you should develop a feeling of freedom by strengthening your connection with the universal life force energy.

Dai Kiro Se is a Reiki Grand Master symbol channeled by Reiki Master Teacher Helmut Ernst.

Even though it’s present at this stage, it can be introduced at any other level.

As the name suggests, it amplifies your potential for manifesting wisdom and intuition while enhancing the effects of other Reiki symbols.

Dai Kiro Se smoothens the connection between what we perceive at the conscious level and the divine primordial knowledge within the subconscious.

This raises your awareness and perception of your role in this life. With regular use, Dai Kiro Se can help you become a channel of light and wisdom while also improving your relationship with the world.

Level 8 – Dai Hey Wa (The Great Peace) And Antahkarana

Dai Hey Wa is the primary energy and symbol presented at this level.

It allows you to connect to the manifestation of the universal life force energy that generates peace, reconciliation, and unity.

Dai Hey Wa enables you to pass over your ego and establish a link with your inner trust and devotion toward the divine energy source.

The Antahkarana is an ancient symbol that helps connect the inner self, the mind, and the higher self. It also helps remove energetic blockages and cleanses your energy fields.

By activating Antahkarana on your primary chakras, you can potentially bring the elements from the subconscious that require healing at the conscious level.

At this stage, you can acknowledge their existence and gradually work to balance them in your own rhythm.

Level 9 – Dai Fu Ku (The Great Happiness)

This Reiki Grand Master symbol connects to the energy of acceptance and unconditional love toward yourself and others.

It helps you understand and accept your imbalances so you can embrace them with compassion and forgiveness.

Again, this process will help surface the specific elements that require healing so you can learn more about yourself and your relationship with the world.

Level 10 – Dai Ki Bo (The Great Hope)

This symbol enhances the energetic and spiritual connection with your Reiki spirit guides, angels, and higher self.

Dai Ki Bo has the potential to help you navigate your daily choices and acts as an engine for future achievements.

We cannot see into the future.

Yet, our future is usually the result of present actions.

Asking for divine guidance can be quite helpful in making those decisions that will prove to unfold for our greater good.

Level 11 – Dai Chi Kara (The Great Strenght)

This symbol resonates with the solar plexus and sacral chakras to enhance your inner strength and protection.

Dai Chi Kara helps you become resilient to unwanted exterior influences but often in a different way than you might expect.

Its high vibration will help you learn that your inner strength comes from bringing peace and harmony between people and situations rather than engaging in conflict.

This strength will also positively impact your daily life, supporting your efforts and leading you to an optimal outcome.

Level 12 – Dai Ai (Great Love)

As the name suggests, Dai Ai connects you to the energy of love and compassion.

Through this Reiki Grand Master concept you first learn to love yourself and remove fear from your life.

Then you discover how to offer compassion to others by understanding that we all function as one.

This is the path to balance and happiness for all humanity.

The energy of Dai Ai resembles the rest of the symbols, meaning it will assist you in achieving your goals by removing the unnecessary elements that impede your evolution.

Level 13 – Dai Hana (The Great Teacher)

The Great Teacher refers to the relationship between your inner and divine self.

It’s a symbol of wisdom that will help you see how the physical and spiritual realms interact.

When you start pursuing change and evolution, you begin to attract the people, situations, and events that will help you grow from a spiritual perspective.

Dai Hana sets the proper vibration so you can attract the answers you need to fulfill your personal life’s mission. This happens by accessing your divine consciousness and working with your true self rather than your ego.

Level 14 – Dai Moku (The Great Eye)

Dai Moku encourages you to look within your soul and inner self to find the necessary strength to address imbalances.

Its energy gravitates around stability, confidence, and honor.

Level 15 – Dai Michi (The Great Way)

Dai Michi is the Reiki Grand Master symbol that enables you to maintain your course of spiritual growth. This is made possible through the acknowledgment of your innate abilities and values that can supplement your life and the lives of others.

This symbol enriches your experience by manifesting wisdom and compassion toward yourself and others.

Level 16 – Dai Kei (The Big Revelation)

Dai Kei’s “objective” is to stimulate your divine intuition and awareness to better prepare for the future.

This doesn’t mean knowing what will happen but being guided toward the best decisions you can make in the present so you can enjoy a better outcome.

Level 17 – Dai Ji (The Great Temple)

Dai Ji is firmly linked to Dai Kei. While the latter helps you construct a better future through present actions, Dai Ji opens the doors to the Great Temple (your divine consciousness).

This blend of symbols has the potential to surface the ideal information you need to fulfill your personal mission.

Level 18 – Dai Tetsu (The Great Wisdom)

Moving on, Dai Tetsu continues supporting your journey from the previous step by assisting you in working with the energy you receive.

This Reiki Grand Master symbol connects you to divine wisdom and knowledge enabling you to guide the universal energy flow toward an optimal outcome.

Level 19 – Dai Yosha (The Great Forgiveness)

Forgiving yourself first and then others is the spark that breaks the chains of Karma. It’s the most important element for continuing your spiritual journey.

Dai Yosha helps you find the strength to walk beside your shadow and light. It enables you to embrace, heal and balance both elements to stimulate your awakening and ability to forgive and forget.

Level 20 – Dai Kansha (The Great Appreciation)

Needless to say, having gratitude for each moment in your life is the second pillar after forgiveness.

Even if appreciation is oftentimes cultivated before it becomes naturally generated, Dai Kansha smoothens your experience.

In this meditative state, you become one with the consciousness of the universal energy. You learn to let go and allow yourself to be guided by a higher force.

This level is far from the end of your spiritual journey.

If anything, you can look at it as a healthy beginning. You’re now more prepared than before to evolve at all levels.

Alongside compassion, forgiveness, hope, and happiness, appreciation closes the circle of fundamental values required for spiritual growth.

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Is The Reiki Grand Master System Something Worth Pursuing

It depends what you’re trying to achieve with your Reiki practice.

The Reiki Grand Master system offers essential elements for spiritual evolution.

It provides access to unique manifestations of the universal life force energy that enable you to enter unexplored areas of your subconscious.

This way, you can acknowledge and accept certain aspects of your existence that are otherwise out of reach.

At first glance, there are many symbols and concepts the Reiki Grand Master system offers. Yet, you’ll most likely find it easier to integrate them within your practice because you’re not starting from scratch.

There’s no need to learn them all by heart.

Instead, you may want to begin by meditating on each symbol and try to tap into their specific knowledge and spiritual value. These insights will let you know which one suits your current vibration level and experience.

From here on, you can learn more about your needs, set clear goals, and adjust accordingly.

Regardless of how you approach this system, know that the Reiki Grand Master has immense spiritual potential and can be a means of uncovering your own.


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