Flower Of Life: What You Must Know To Support Genuine Spiritual Growth

The “Flower of Life” is one of the oldest and most enigmatic symbols in history, present in almost every culture and religion around the world.

It is a symbol of pure divine energies, unity, higher dimensions, and the continuity of life.

The Flower of Life represents the DNA blueprint of the Universe. Within it, we can explore the secrets of its creation and expansion.

This symbol acts as a link between the physical and spiritual worlds and is part of the Sacred Geometry concept.

We’ll go beyond its basic meaning in this post to describe the Flower of Life as a depiction of spiritual knowledge and universal energy.

What Is The Flower Of Life

Visualize the human DNA strings.

Within this element, each characteristic, trait, and unique feature that you have is printed here, at this level.

The same applies to every living being here, on Earth.

But the DNA is a small physical component of a much larger energetic and spiritual layout.

Evolution enables life to transcend certain evolutionary steps alongside the spiritual realm in the physical world.

Essentially, whatever exists in the spiritual realm must pass through a sequence of changes before the physical realm can advance.

That’s when these events upgrade our DNA sequences and allow us to evolve.

So what does this have to do with our subject at hand?

The Flower of Life represents a spiritual DNA map that embeds everything that is part of the past, present, and future. The fact that we perceive it as a drawing of overlapping circles is only a harmonious, physical depiction of the oldest notion in the Universe:

Everything is connected because everything is one.

Remember that this idea doesn’t belong to any religion, culture, or country. It simply belongs to everything in existence.

Physically speaking, the Flower of Life consists of 19 concentric circles that intersect, creating a flower-like pattern.

The Flower of Life is part of the field of study known as Sacred Geometry, which explores the spiritual purposes and meanings behind geometric forms observed in the physical Universe. It’s probably the most popular element of all.

NOTE: All the Sacred Geometry concepts imply the existence of a spiritual, universal architect that designed and created everything we see and know.

Where Did The Flower Of Life Originate

We can’t know where the Flower of Life originated from, but we know that its design has been present on Earth for millennia.

One of the earliest occurrences is on the walls of the Osiris temple in Egypt. Even though it dates back more than 4000 years, BCE, the ochre painting of a double Flower of Life is no older than 600 years BCE. The two Flowers of Life seem to intersect, symbolizing the merger of two planes of existence.

Another ancient depiction is preset in King Ashurbanipal’s palace, during the reign of the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

In the Forbidden City, Beijing – China, you can find the Flower of Life motif under the statues of the Imperial Guard Lions.

In Celtic tradition, the Trinqueta comprises three perfect circles. We can see a little pattern that resembles the Flower of Life. The Triquetra is a sign not only for spiritual but also for eternally continuing life.

Leonardo DaVinci was particularly interested in studying the Flower of Life, making it part of his great work “Codex Atlanticus.”

Furthermore, it is thought to have been utilized in alchemy and other esoteric practices throughout history. Still, the Flower of Life is more of a spiritual statement than a useful symbol.

And … the list could go on.

Yet, I believe one more mention is worth the attention.

Perhaps Drunvalo Melchizedek explains this spiritual concept the best. In his book, “The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life,” he goes into great detail about the history, spiritual meaning, and importance of this impressive symbol.

What Is The Golden Ratio In The Flower Of Life

As mentioned before, Leonardo da Vinci was quite interested in the Flower of Life and its significance. He was one of the first to reveal that it incorporates elements from the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci spiral.

The number Phi refers to a pattern of numbers squared by adding one to itself. To save the mathematical explanation, the Golden Ratio is 1.618.

The Fibonacci Spiral uses the Golden Ratio, or Phi, to create a logarithmic spiral sequence that repeats itself infinitely when magnified. This spiral has a perfect shape and is present in the human anatomy, nature, and even in the cosmos.

According to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Codex Atlanticus,” all these perfect ratios integrate into the Flower of Life. This means that there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this symbol, making it even more mysterious.

Therefore, let’s try and go a little bit deeper.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Flower Of Life

This is obviously a vast and, at times, controversial subject. That’s why I’ll do my best to highlight only those elements that can provide a clear understanding of the Flower of Life’s spiritual meaning.

There are three main elements with both physical and spiritual significance that construct the symbol:

  1. Vesica Pisces;
  2. Seed of Life;
  3. Egg of Life;

They extend to form the Flower of Life as we know it.

But there’s more.

The Flower of Life itself is the base for the Fruit of Life.

Within this concept, there are 5 platonic solids that are, in turn, integrated within Metatron’s Cube.

Also, Metatron’s Cube is part of a larger, somewhat more abstract concept known as the Kabbalah Tree of Life, as the esoteric Hebrew philosophy calls it.

Let’s take them one by one…

Vesica Piscis

In the beginning, there was only one.

The term varies according to culture and religion, but I’ll call it the “Divine source” of creation for the purpose of this discussion.

This Divine source is a perfect sphere or circle. It includes all the physical, energetic, and spiritual elements that bring its extensions to life.

Flower of Life Vesica Piscis

Then there’s a need to manifest the Divine source through existence.

That’s when a second circle is born from the first while maintaining an inseparable connection called “Vesica Piscis,” which is Latin for “the fish’s bladder.”

Therefore, two equal diameter circles or spheres represent Vesica Piscis.

NOTE: This shape also has a mathematical formula. It’s the ratio between its height and the width across the center. (read more on Wikipedia) So, even from a physical perspective, this is a complex structure at its core.

You can find these symbols all around, including the human body – from the intersection of two multiplying cells to the shape of our eyes and lips.

Also, Vesica Piscis is present in concentric galaxies that merge with one another.

Over the years, scholars have associated Vesica Piscis with the womb of the Universe, a spiritual gateway through which everything began to exist.

Another association is with fertility and spiritual beliefs.

Vesica Piscis is, therefore, the starting point of existence.

Yet, a seed must be planted for anything to “grow.”

The Seed Of Life

Like a flower’s seeds contain the essential physical elements to blossom, the same is true for the Flower of Life at a spiritual level.

What does this mean?

The Seed of Life consist of 7 concentric circles. Specifically, these six circles intersect with the one in the center, creating multiple “Vesica Pisces” intersections.

Seed of Life symbol

The Seed of Life represents the building blocks of existence, both physically and spiritually. This blueprint forms more complex structures, which, in turn, create life and motion in the Universe.

The Seed of Life symbolizes the beginning of life, integrating all physical and spiritual components.

The seven concentric circles represent the seven days of creation among its many meanings. But, of course, they can also be seen as an extrapolated symbol for the Universe’s need for seven days to create and balance itself from its chaotic dynamic.

The Seed Of Life Around Us

7 primary chakras also exist within our energetic system. They allow us to grow and manifest vital and universal energy into the physical realm. These chakras represent the engines of life and help us create a harmonious connection between the physical, energetic, and spiritual worlds.

Islamic, Hebrew, and Buddhist texts indicate that there are 7 main worlds (or planes of existence) through which we can evolve and develop ourselves towards the ultimate spiritual goal, which is enlightenment.

Needless to say, the list could go on.

Therefore, the Seed of Life also symbolizes the beginning of your spiritual life.

When you meditate on this symbol, you will integrate the concept into your everyday activities. That’s because it has the potential to activate innate energetic structures within your body, allowing you to tap into higher states of consciousness.

It’s also present within the physical, energetic, and spiritual layers of the human body, where it creates a harmonious balance between them.

Once blended, the Seed of Life helps you construct a healthy pattern that is beneficial and inspiring for those who wish to follow the same path as you.

When the seed is planted, the first egg comes into existence.

Egg Of Life

Although some scholars believe otherwise, the Egg of Life represents a transition from the Seed of Life to the Flower of Life.

The Egg of Life is a less popular Sacred Geometry shape with one major physical and spiritual significance.

Egg of Life symbol

Physically – if you were to look at the stages of mitosis, you will notice the multiplication process of cells that enables life to exist in the first place.

It all starts with one cell, which multiplies into two cells, reaching a number of 8 identical cells.

This might be the most important stage of creation that every living being passes through. Unfortunately, it’s also the most fragile because any exterior influence can potentially disrupt its evolution.

Spiritually – the Egg of Life represents the primordial element that reproduces into multiple dimensions.

As the beginning of the Universe, when the galaxies separated and the solar systems came to life, the Egg of Life is depicted, at a macro level, as the formation of multiple astral dimensions. At a micro level, these dimensions represent the development of our chakras, energetic fields, and the rest of our energetic system.

Regardless of how you describe it, each dimension is a whole world in itself but still interconnected with the rest through the fabric of existence.

Fruit Of Life

The Fruit of Life represents an upgraded stage in the formation of the Flower of Life.

Basically, the Fruit of Life emerges when additional circles (or spiritual dimensions) are layered on top of the original structure.

The Flower of Life has 19 circles initially. To create the Fruit of Life, you need to add two extra layers of circles. The first one has 18, while the second has 24. This adds up to 61 circles in total.

Fruit of Life symbol

Although each number has a spiritual significance, what’s interesting is that the Fruit of Life enables the integration of Metatron’s Cube.

Physically – Metatron’s Cube is a complex geometric shape that incorporates all the 5 Platonic Solids – the geometric forms that exist in the known physical Universe.

Even though each platonic solid seems to have a 3D representation, its energetic structure extends well beyond these dimensions.

Also, each platonic solid symbolizes expansion and evolution into higher vibrational realms. The platonic solids create the Metatron’s Cube when placed in a specific pattern within the Fruit of Life.

Spiritually – Metatron’s Cube is a structure that enables a practitioner to transcend certain levels of evolution. It is present in many practices, including the Shamballa Reiki system.

When meditating upon it and connecting to its vibration, Metatron’s Cube can help you reach higher levels of consciousness. You can also use it for its powerful protection against malevolent influences.

Together with the integrated structure of Metatron’s Cube, the Fruit of Life represents completion, evolution, and perfection. This is one of the keys to unlocking high-vibrational energies alongside the secrets and wisdom of the Universe.

The Flower Of Life And The Tree Of Life

The Flower of Life is the base for the Fruit of Life, which forms the physical and spiritual symbolic pattern of the Universe.

As mentioned before, The Fruit of Life integrates all the Platonic Solids through the presence of Metatron’s Cube.

Tree of Life symbol

But the integration of sacred elements doesn’t stop here. The Flower of Life is a universal, spiritual concept that allows the architecture of the Universe to manifest through this symbol’s fabric of existence.

That’s why the connection between the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life is probably one of the most interesting concepts.

Know that you may find the Tree of Life in:

  • Buddhism;
  • Hinduism;
  • Islam;
  • Christianity;
  • Judaism;
  • Norse Mythology;
  • Celtic Mythology;
  • Ancient Chinese culture;
  • Egyptian culture.

In each and every culture, the Tree of Life has certain particularities that differ from the rest, but the base of its meaning stays the same.

The Tree of Life means spiritual growth, eternal life, and the bridge between heaven and Earth.

Having said that, one of its most complex and comprehensive descriptions is present in the Jewish esoteric philosophy, Kabbalah. The alternative name for the Tree of Life is the Sephirotic Tree.

The Sephirotic Tree Within The Flower Of Life

In Kabbalah, it takes on a whole new meaning, as it contains multiple spiritual dimensions, known as Sephirots.

These dimensions include the symbolic representation of Earth’s physical and spiritual realm all the way up to the Divine source.

Each Sephirot represents an entire universe where spiritual entities reside, contributing to the balance and harmony of the creation.

Archangel Metatron is part of the ruling “class” of the highest-vibrational Sephirot. Here, existence is possible through the rest of the Tree by his help. That’s why Archangel Metatron is also known as “The Angel of Presence.”

He creates the connection between the spiritual and material worlds through his Cube. Metatron’s Cube holds the foundation and knowledge of the connection between existence’s physical and spiritual planes.

If the Flower of Life is a spiritual symbol of the Universe, then think of the Tree Of Life as a more “technical” scheme of the same Universe.

Each Sephirot has a polarity within this representation, which refers to a lower and a higher vibrational dimension. Of course, this doesn’t mean “good” or “bad,” but it’s just a way of making us understand certain aspects of the Sephirot.

Remember that, in the end, they all belong to one perfect source.

That’s why we can consider the Flower of Life a gateway between the physical and spiritual realms. You can apply this idea to both the micro and macro versions of the Universe.

How The Flower Of Life Is Part Of Our Daily Existence

Imagine a house with everything that it may include. Each individual part contributes to the well-functioning of the whole.

Vesica Piscis represents the desire that intersects with divinity and the people with whom you will share the space. This includes buying the land, building the house, and designing the interior or setting up the garden. Everything matters.

The Seed of Life symbolizes the love within you that nourishes your emotional drive. This concept can also apply to the relation between you and the people who are about to live there.

The Egg of Life represents the plans and goals you make for yourself and your family.

The Tree of Life is the actual, physical house.

The Flower of Life is the area where the house sits.

Metatron’s Cube is the blueprint of all the geometric forms that will be present.

The Fruit of Life is the whole land on which the garden, porch, and house are built.

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The Flower of Life and its components have a micro and macro version that extends throughout everything in existence.

While it may seem a bit abstract, the Flower of Life is relatively easy to understand if we look within ourselves. It’s present in our cells, daily life, and the whole Universe.

Think of it as a statement that everything in the Universe is interconnected.

Rather than a symbol, look at it as a spiritual construction meant to help bridge the physical and spiritual worlds.

It’s unclear who left this representation for us to analyze. But what matters is that we have a totem of spiritual understanding and awakening to work with.


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