Explore The Mystical Potential Of The Kabbalah Tree Of Life

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a spiritual representation of the various dimensions that exist beyond our physical Universe.

It serves as a tribute to both divinity and humanity, acting as a symbolic map that holds highly esteemed spiritual values. These values encompass a range of consciousness levels, from becoming one with divine consciousness to material and earthly awareness.

Despite being a key to the multiverse, decoding the Kabbalah Tree of Life requires genuine intention and interest.

By gaining knowledge of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, one can catch a glimpse of the non-material worlds that exist within our own awareness and beyond the boundaries of our Universe.

What Is The Kabbalah Tree Of Life

The Kabbalah Tree Of Life is a quintessential element of Jewish esoteric knowledge that can take various forms.

From a cosmic perspective – it represents the dimensions that exist beyond our physical Universe.

From a psychological perspective – you can perceive the Kabbalah Tree Of Life as the superior stages of consciousness that you can achieve through spiritual work. These “come to life” through the 10 Sefirot or the more popular term “Sephirotic Tree Of Life.”

From a cosmical perspective – the Kabbalah Tree of Life means viewing it as a multi-dimensional concept that exists beyond our physical realm.

Each sefirah can be its own Universe within a different dimension, emanating from the divine Creator. Each can be a unique type of energy, information, or a celestial entity that governs that particular aspect of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

Alternatively, from a psychological standpoint, we can draw a parallel between the Sephirotic Tree and the higher levels of the human psyche.

By following this line of thought, we can gain a new perspective.

Kabbalah Tree Of Life - Reikiscoop infographic

The Tree Of Life Can Help Enhance Our Awareness

By beginning to explore this mystical concept, you may better understand your:

  • Inner-self as a spiritual being;
  • Role in this world;
  • Energetic connection with the rest of the inhabitants;
  • Approach toward spiritual practices and how they help you heal from within through acceptance, compassion, and understanding;

All these elements will enable us access to a higher consciousness level connected with the divine spectrum of spiritual values.

When this happens, we “move up the cosmic concept ladder” of divinity, which we can then associate with the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

In other words, each time you stimulate your spiritual side, you tap into the higher dimensional sefirah. So, in a way, you get to interact with those specific elements. This happens even if you’re still part of the physical realm.

This can undoubtedly help you reach higher vibrational energies and connect to the consciousness of higher dimensional beings.

Personally, I like interpreting these steps as part of the “spiritual growth” process.

Yet, to better understand the mysteries of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, we should start with its origins.

Where Does The Kabbalah Tree of Life Concept Come From

The origins of the Kabbalah Tree of Life concept are somewhat unclear. It all begins with the Book of Raziel and the Tree of Life. Yet, both contain divine wisdom and knowledge that God supposedly offered.

Book Of Raziel

According to tradition, the Book of Raziel (known as Raziel HaMalack in Hebrew) was given to Adam, the first man, as a guide for spiritual growth.

Its writings have a code-like form and the reader should expect to interpret it rather than read it.

At its core, the Book of Raziel explores the connection between all souls. These will eventually incarnate into human beings within the physical realm.

Specifically, it symbolically refers to the Sefirotic Tree.

This suggests that the 10 sefirot are actually different divine levels from which each soul arrives on Earth in an incarnated form, all having the same source.


The second most important reference of the Kabbalah Tree of Life belongs to Abraham, the patriarch of Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic religions.

This book is called “Sefer Yetzirah,” which roughly translates as the “Book of Creation” in Hebrew. It seems that it dates back almost four millennia.

Sefer Yetzirah is the first text to describe the 10 sefirot as they are organized within the present form of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

The book is also an allegory, with most of its text having a symbolic meaning.

Pentateuch or the Five Books of Moses

In chronological terms, the next significant book to mention the Sefirotic Tree is the “Pentateuch” or the “Five Books of Moses.” This is considered the oldest version of the Bible, dating back more than 3000 years.

Similar to the Book of Raziel, the Pentateuch also employs allegorical writing, particularly when it comes to the various concepts presented in the Bible.

For instance, the presence of Giants, the Nephilim, Noah’s Arc, and numerous conflicts may all refer to internal struggles and spiritual forces that interact with human beings rather than actual events.

Within the Pentateuch, the phrase “tree of life” is mentioned three times as the location of knowledge of good and evil.

The Text Of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

The fourth chronologically important text is approximately 1800 years old by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. He wrote the first version of the Zohar and described the Kabbalah Tree of Life as having the 10 sefirot and 22 possible “permutations” that can take place between these dimensions.

Of course, the Zohar is much more profound and explains the multiple planes of existence and how the divine Creator emanates light through them.

Etz Hayim Book

The fifth most significant mention of the Kabbalah Tree of Life appears in the book titled “Etz Hayim,” which translates to “Tree of Life.” This work was written by Isaac ben Solomon Luria Ashkenazi, also known as Ari Z’al, in the mid-1500s.

Unlike previous writings on the subject, “Etz Hayim” was the first text on the Kabbalah Tree of Life that was more accessible to the general public, employing language that was not overly complex or coded.

Ari Z’al presented the laws of creation in connection to the Kabbalah Tree of Life with a more scientific perspective in mind. He believed that humanity was entering a final phase of mental and spiritual evolution, making his interpretation of the Kabbalah Tree of Life particularly relevant at that time.

Baal Hasulam Book

The information that shaped Ari Z’al’s book was written in the 1900s by Baal Hasulam.

He took Ari’s writings and presented them in a new, more spiritual light. Specifically, he went deeper into the 10 sefirot of the Kabbalah Tree of Life and the 22 connections between them.

NOTE: This is an abstract and complex spiritual concept. Even though many books on the subject exist, it’s pretty challenging to say one follows the absolute truth. I believe the information in the text mentioned above is essential. Still, it was written according to each author’s level of understanding. That’s why it’s highly likely that new findings will emerge as people begin reaching higher consciousness levels.

Kabbalah Tree of Life Meaning

The Kabbalah Tree of Life revolves around internal alchemy, regardless of how you choose to perceive it.

More precisely, the Kabbalah Tree of Life represents intelligence and wisdom in a much more advanced state than what we typically comprehend here on Earth.

Let me elaborate.

Divinity is characterized by omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. As a result, all the energy, information, and wisdom that exists in the physical realm is made possible through the creation of divinity.

However, as sentient beings, we have the ability to generate and choose our thoughts, intentions, and actions. These can either be in tune with the divine frequency or not. Nonetheless, the power to create them is bestowed upon us by the divine source.

Since the Universe is always seeking balance and order between different types of energies, if we choose not to manifest these elements in accordance with the divine energy, then there will be “consequences” in the sense that things will eventually balance themselves out.

Alternatively, suppose we manifest our thoughts, intentions, and actions harmoniously with the divine frequency. In that case, we bring about order, eventually creating positive effects. Once again, what we generate will tend to balance itself out.

This is the basis upon which the concepts of Karma and Dharma arise and operate.

Therefore, this system of balance, existence, and flow of universal life force energy is made possible through the fabric of divine intelligence.

How To Move And When To Still

The Kabbalah Tree of Life represents the map of existence, universal energy flow, and divine intelligence.

By accessing this divine intelligence, we engage in internal alchemy, enabling us to align with divine creation or descend to the lower planes of existence.

This is because we are constantly in motion, and our thoughts, intentions, and actions propel us in one direction or another. So dynamism is crucial to determining our alignment, whether it’s our lifestyle, creativity, or emotional interactions.

In essence, intelligence and wisdom involve understanding what, when, and how to engage in this dynamism and when to withdraw and become static for a while. This action reverberates within our spiritual evolution, impacting our consciousness development.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life encompasses all these concepts and elements, allowing us to access new levels of knowledge, wisdom, and awareness.

Therefore, let us delve into how each sefirah functions as both a celestial dimension and a level of consciousness.

The Kabbalah Tree Of Life Explained

The Kabbalah Tree of Life, also known as the Sefirotic Tree of Life, is comprised of 10 sefirot which are believed to be the emanations of divinity into existence. The sefirot play a crucial role in creating the possibility of manifesting life and light within multiple verses, including our physical Universe.

Notably, “life” within these dimensions is not always physical. From a spiritual perspective, life is the existence and motion of the spirit, which can have ethereal and/or physical manifestations. Therefore, life in another dimension may exist through different perceptions than on Earth.

Each sefirah can be considered a different stage of consciousness, which can be analogous to the energy centers or chakras in the human body. And we can associate the main pillar with Sushumna.

Although some scholars may not agree with this idea, it can help us understand the psychological and cosmic perceptions of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

Before describing each sefirah, here are…

The Three Primary Levels Above The 10 Sefirot

  • The first layer is called “Ein,” which translates from the Hebrew language as “nothingness” and represents the first stage before the emanation of creation existed;
  • The second layer is called “Ein Sof,” which means “unending” or “endless;”
  • The third layer is named “Ein Sof Aur” or “Ohr Ein Sof,” which basically translates as “Infinite (or unending) light;”

These three layers represent everything that existed before the emanation of light within the Kabbalah Tree of Life. One may say that Ein, Ein Sof, and Ein Sof Aur are the layers that “existed before existence.”

Then, light manifested, and through the light, the first emanation became present as an extension of the infinite light. Through this emanation, the universal life force energy source became present at its highest level. Then it spread out throughout the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

This light was proportioned into three major sections that the human consciousness can theoretically attain. Thus, they have a robust psychological significance as well as a cosmic multi-dimensional role.

The 3 Majestic Pillars Of The Kabbalah Tree Of Life

After the three transpersonal layers of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, we can observe the presence of three important pillars. These are called the Pillars of Eternity, and each one has a significant role and symbolic meaning.

The left pillar of the Kabbalah Tree of Life is called “Boaz”. It represents the divine feminine concept through various transformations, from self-glory to severity and judgment over elements outside the Creator. Finally, Boaz rises through divine knowledge and understanding, spreading throughout the pillar and its associated sefirah.

The right pillar is associated with the masculine divine concept and is named “Jachin.” Like Boaz, Jachin undergoes a series of spiritual transformations, from victory to mercy and ultimately reaching divine wisdom, which emanates throughout the pillar and its corresponding sefirah.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life would not be complete without a third middle pillar that balances the divine feminine and masculine concepts and unites the concepts of light, beauty, and stability. This pillar has no specific name, but along with Boaz and Jachin, it creates the balance of creation.

From a psychological and energetic perspective, we can compare these three pillars to Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna – the primary energy channels of the human body.

Kabbalah Tree Of Life Triangles

Supernal Triangle – this first Triangle is the most sublime section of the Kabbalah Tree of Life and contains the first three sefirot:

  • Keter – the crown;
  • Hochmah – wisdom;
  • Binah understanding.

It acts as the most spiritual version of the “Holy Trinity,” and all three dimensions are aspects of the same facet of the reality of the Creator.

Even if some scholars believe that this layer is beyond the reach of human consciousness, the Supernal Triangle is the region within the Kabbalah Tree of Life that serves as a gateway towards what we would call “enlightenment” or “God-realization within oneself.”

Between the Supernal Triangle and the next one, there’s a layer called “The Abyss.”

Ethical Triangle – is the second one and holds three sefirot:

  • Hesed – Mercy;
  • Gevurah – Severity;
  • Tifereth – Beauty.

Of course, these concepts go way beyond our worldly understanding of these “ethics” and take a much higher knowledge of order within the spiritual dimensions of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

These three sefirot represent the access point a trained spiritual person can reach by raising their awareness and reaching a higher spiritual consciousness.

Another layer of separation, “Paroketh,” follows. This is like a barrier that needs to fill so the healed subconscious can become one with the higher self, creating spiritual unity.

Astral Triangle – is the third Triangle which contains three sefirot:

  • Netzach – Victory;
  • Hod – Glory;
  • Yesod – Foundation;

This is the subconscious and subtle mind that forces the need for acknowledgment by the spiritual practitioner as the part of oneself that requires healing.

Emotions, thoughts, ideas, the generated energy, and information of our lives are believed to originate within this Triangle of human consciousness.

The 10 Sefirot

These are the primary components that create the essential part of the Kabbalah Tree of Life:

  • Keter;
  • Hochmah;
  • Binah;
  • Hesed;
  • Gevurah;
  • Tiferet;
  • Netzah;
  • Hod;
  • Yesod;
  • Malkhut;

1st Sefirah – Keter

Keter, the “top” sefira of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, represents the ultimate emanation of infinite light and is also referred to as the “crown.” It symbolizes eternal divine glory and is the highest revelation of the divine Creator. The entire existence of the Kabbalah Tree of Life is made possible by Keter. Without it, there would be no physical universe.

From a cosmic and celestial perspective, Keter is the infinite source and the supreme unseen reality. It is the final gateway between an individual and the Creator, the “superconscious,” and the abode of the archangel Metatron. Metatron is God’s scribe, the celestial powers’ leader, and the entity that supports the concept of existence. His presence is symbolized by Metatron’s Cube, a spiritual token of power, protection, and compassion.

Keter is also recognized as the dimension of seraphim, the highest order of divine beings.

From a psychological standpoint, Keter corresponds to the crown chakra, the gateway to divine consciousness and the higher self. It is the primary energy center through which the universal life force energy begins to flow throughout the body. It is where the “dragon breath” is received, opening the primary energy channel.

2nd Sefirah – Hochmah

Hochmah is the second sefirah in the divine structure, representing the first extension of existence and the Creator’s main attribute – wisdom.

It is the pure emanation of unaltered wisdom, containing the divine truth of everything that was, is, and will be.

From a cosmic perspective, Hochmah is associated with the kingdom of the Ophanim – celestial entities known as the “chariots of God driven by the cherubs” that never sleep and guard the throne of God.

They are depicted as wheels of fire with hundreds of eyes holding God’s wisdom and power. Archangel Raziel governs Hochmah and brings insight directly from the throne of God. Raziel is the author of the “book of Raziel,” the spiritual source of all knowledge on Earth.

From a psychological perspective, Hochmah is represented by the left shoulder and connects to our ability to interpret wisdom in its purest form rather than in a worldly manner. This separates our divine side from the telluric, intuitive one.

This sefirah belongs to the pillar Jachin.

3rd Sefirah – Binah

Binah represents the divine attribute of understanding, taking the wisdom from Hochmah and interpreting it in infinite variations, all within the truth of the Creator. As the third sefirah, it shapes the concept of wisdom within each idea, attributing form and expression to it.

In essence, Binah “carves” wisdom that is animated from Hochmah.

From a psychological perspective, the energy center corresponding to Binah is the right shoulder. Most people use their right hand as the dominant one, shaping intentions and making certain situations in life possible through this part of the body. Therefore, understanding oneself and one’s spiritual potential stimulates Binah’s growth and health within oneself and the world.

From a spiritual and cosmic perspective, Binah is the dimension in which the order of Thrones resides. This celestial order handles intellectual faculties and allows us to put them into practical use. They are extensions of God’s wisdom and understanding of all divine knowledge. They access the Creator’s throne directly. The light of the Thrones shines throughout the Sephirotic Tree, and the governor of this dimension is archangel Zaphkiel – the angel of understanding and compassion.

Binah belongs to the left pillar – Boaz.

4th Sefirah – Hesed

This dimension is characterized by kindness, mercy, and compassion.

Hesed represents the emanation of divine values we should cherish above all else here on Earth. These elements sustain physical and emotional health, mental clarity, and spiritual growth.

From a cosmic perspective, this dimension is governed by archangel Zadkiel, the angel of mercy, kindness, and justice, manifested by the Creator. The angelic order that resides here is the Hashmallim in Jewish writings. In Christianity, this could theoretically be associated with the order of Dominions. Both categories are “fire-speaking” angels, always speaking the truth, originating from a greater power within them. They rule and offer duties to lower-ranking angels and hold incredible wisdom.

From a psychological and energetic perspective, Hesed is the energy center found in the spleen area of the body. The positive emotions associated with this chakra are acceptance, understanding, and mindfulness. This chakra can be considered an energetic extension of the heart chakra regarding learning to offer forgiveness towards yourself and others.

This sefirah belongs to Jachin, the right pillar.

5th Sefirah – Gevurah

The fifth sefirah is characterized by strength and judgment as its main attributes. However, these attributes should not be solely understood in simple, earthly terms. Gevurah, considered the “essence of the judgment of God,” along with Hesed, complement each other, forming the concept of order, harmony, and beneficial dominance of hierarchies in higher dimensions.

Archangel Chamuel governs this sefirah as the angel of adoration of the law of the Creator. Chamuel enforces values of honesty, forgiveness, and love towards others, encouraging virtues that govern this sefirah. These virtues also enable humans and the rest of the celestial hierarchies to become aware of their faith in the Creator. Elementals, the spirits of nature and motion, are also under their authority.

From a psychological perspective, the energy center of Gevurah is located on the right side of the body, specifically in the liver. Therefore, one can interpret it as an extension of the heart chakra, transforming judgment into reasoning and understanding.

This sefirah belongs to the left pillar – Boaz.

6th Sefirah – Tiferet

Tiferet is known as the sefirah of glory, beauty, and harmony. It balances compassion and judgment, as it is located at the center of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

Psychologically, Tiferet represents the midpoint of the human body, where energies of varying vibrations are transformed to suit the individual’s needs. It is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, responsible for motion, will, and determination. This is where energy and information are processed and integrated.

From a cosmic and spiritual standpoint, Tiferet combines the principles of Hesed and Gevurah to bring about healing through integration and compassion. Its patron is archangel Raphael, who brings harmony to the entire Kabbalah Tree of Life. The divine order present here is the Malakhim or messengers. In Christianity, we can relate this holy order with the “Powers” or “Authorities,” which have the ability to repel dark forces.

Tiferet connects to all sefirot except one. It serves as a transition point for energies and information between the higher and lower planes of existence on the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Thus, Tiferet is similar to a “lower” reflection of the majestic Keter and a “higher” reflection of the sefirah Yesod regarding spiritual dimensions.

This sefirah is part of the middle pillar of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

7th Sefirah – Netzah

Netzah is the sefirah that symbolizes victory, endurance, and eternity.

Together with the other sefirot in its section, it represents the “fruit” or “result” of the cumulated energy flowing through the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

When you access Netzah, it can support you in overcoming self-imposed mental blockages and negative thought patterns that hinder spiritual ascension.

It’s the triumph of the soul’s evolution.

From an energetic perspective, we associate Netzah with the left hip chakra, the next steps in life, and the ability to move forward and evolve. The hips are the first points the Kundalini energy touches as it coils up the spine.

From a celestial viewpoint, this dimension is governed by archangel Haniel, the angel of charm and compassion. The entities here are the Elohim, the divine beings of wisdom and protection. It’s unclear whether the Christian counterpart is the Principalities, the beings that govern nations, or another type of divine entity.

Netzah belongs to the right pillar of the Kabbalah Tree of Life – Jachin.

8th Sefirah – Hod

You can link this sefirah with the concept of “surrender.” It’s similar to the process of integrating genuine values for spiritual growth and becoming one with the divinity within.

Furthermore, reaching this sefirah is one of the most significant thresholds, as it helps to unblock many mental barriers that may be holding you back.

Hod can be connected to the right hip chakra, which has a similar role to the left hip chakra. Both represent the energetic concept of “taking a leap forward in life” and moving towards a better future. The hips are also responsible for the energies of creation and emotional stability.

From a spiritual and cosmic perspective, Archangel Michael, the leader of the heavenly host and protector of heaven, governs this sefirah.

According to Jewish mysticism, the entities that govern this plane of existence are called the “Bene Elohim.” In Christianity, the order of archangels can perhaps correspond to this dimension.

Regardless of how we describe them, these entities are dedicated to helping humanity surrender to the divine will and light emanated by the Creator.

This sefirah belongs to the left pillar of the Kabbalah Tree of Life – Boaz.

9th Sefirah – Yesod

Yesod, also known as the “Foundation,” is positioned near the bottom of the Kabbalah Tree of Life and serves as the final manifestation of the Creator. It represents the fundamental base on which the Universe was built, where all the energies, values, and concepts converge before being channeled into the last sefirah, Malkuth.

Psychologically, Yesod is associated with the sacral chakra, which governs creative and sexual energies. It is the intersection of surrendering to the spirit and conquering oneself. The sacral chakra is also responsible for the physical and emotional interactions with the energies and entities around us.

Cosmically, Yesod is under the governance of the archangel Gabriel, the celestial messenger of divine communication, and, alongside archangel Michael, the guardian of the gates of heaven. Gabriel is responsible for “filtering” those worthy of entering Yesod and climbing the ladder of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. According to Jewish texts, the entities present in this realm are the extensions of Cherubim. In Christianity, this dimension may correspond to the realm of angels.

Yesod belongs to the middle pillar of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

10th Sefirah – Malkhut

The Malkhut sefirah or the “Kingdom,” represents the entire material Universe, including the Milky Way, our Solar System, and Earth, symbolically.

While Malkhut doesn’t result from the Creator directly, it is where the Kabbalah Tree of Life pours all its energy.

Psychologically, Malkhut is associated with the root chakra, which is responsible for our basic needs, such as survival, growth, and stability. This chakra eliminates residual energies to the ground, cleansing and energizing us.

From a celestial perspective, Malkhut is governed by archangel Sandalfon, who protects the material plane and every child born on Earth. According to Jewish texts, the entities that govern this realm are the Ishims, a lower category of angels.

Malkhut is perhaps the most dynamic dimension because it combines both energy and matter. In fact, Malkhut and Keter are two sides of the same coin, representing the ends of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Without them, there would be no existence and, consequently, no material world.

Da’ath Sefirah

This concealed sefirah is located beneath the first three sefirot and in between the Supernal and Ethical Triangles.

Despite being on the middle pillar, it clearly sits below Keter and Tiferet. Its position indicates the perfect balance of exalted spiritual values, such as light, wisdom, knowledge, and beauty.

Essentially, Da’ath isn’t a standalone sefirah, but rather the core of each sefirah is present within.

However, Da’ath is a controversial place, as it’s often excluded from the structure of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Sometimes it even appears as a faded point with no detailed description.

Some scholars see it as a gateway to divine knowledge. Here is where the holy thought comes to life, and all the secrets of the multiverse reside. However, accessing it would mean bypassing the necessary steps for spiritual evolution.

Therefore, there’s a sound reason why this dimension is somewhat kept out of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

On the other hand, other scholars consider Da’ath as something similar to a “black hole.” In this instance, too many attributes intersected, causing it to collapse from within.

Regardless, Da’ath is becoming increasingly present in the modern interpretation of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

One can even perceive it as the dark spot within the Yin-Yang symbol.

Kabbalah Tree of Life And Metatron’s Cube

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a mysterious and knowledge-filled realm.

Still, we cannot easily access it due to our limited perception.

Therefore, delving into this quest can prove to be quite challenging.

Archangel Metatron governs the highest sefirah, Keter, and manages the concepts of “existence” and “presence” within the Tree of Life.

This presence is the divine energy the Creator manifests and allows the Tree and our world to exist in the first place.

In his wisdom and kindness, Archangel Metatron has provided us with a “key” (token) to unlock some of the insights the Kabbalah Tree of Life stores. Unfortunately, no standard method exists. It’s usually through practice and experimentation that you work your way through.

Here’s what I found to be the most efficient:

Meditating On Metatron’s Cube

This has the potential to cleanse and activate the pineal and pituitary glands, which correspond to the third eye and crown chakras.

Eventually, it should enhance your connection with the universal life force energy, your inner self, and the primordial energy that allows the Kabbalah Tree of Life to exist.

Remember that everything will happen according to your current vibration and perception levels. The “key” is only as potent as your spiritual ability to work with it.

Using The Reiki Distance Healing Method

This will facilitate a harmonious connection with any symbol, entity, or concept you may want to interact with.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Activate your palms using the Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo sequence of Reiki symbols;
  • Activate your primary chakras with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki;
  • Activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo in front of you with the clear intention of connecting to Metatron’s Cube and gaining the optimum and beneficial information needed for you and for your spiritual evolution;
  • Send energy for 10-15 minutes toward this intention;
  • Ask your Reiki spirit guides and archangel Metatron to guide you in this process, allowing you to obtain what is best suited for your evolution;

The answers may not surface immediately. Even so, be patient and confident because you will receive the proper messages when the time is right for you.

The Relationship Between Kabbalah Tree Of Life And Shamballa Reiki

As mentioned before, we can consider the Kabbalah Tree of Life the blueprint of the muti-verse.

It includes our own physical Universe as well as everything in existence.

It also represents the multitude of consciousness levels one can achieve.

Yet, without proper spiritual guidance and training, you won’t be able to perceive any of this.

Shamballa Reiki is a spiritual ascension system meant to stimulate your inner awareness and allow you to heal the imbalances that prevent your spiritual growth.

Once that’s settled, this Reiki system can provide you with the opportunity to access higher levels of the universal life force energy through specific methods and practices.

By connecting to ascendant masters and new spiritual concepts, you’ll support this journey and enjoy a smooth evolution.

This leads to expanding your consciousness beyond what most Reiki systems or spiritual practices can offer.

Why Would You Want To Advance Your Practice

As you progress and expand your consciousness, you can access the higher dimensions present within the universal life force energy. These dimensions host various celestial beings like angels, archangels, and ascendant masters.

Every dimension holds valuable insights, wisdom, and energy that can enhance your physical and energetic well-being. It’s also a path to unexplored spiritual advancements.

As you may have already figured out, these dimensions are none other than the sefirot and their connecting channels.

Why Choose Shamballa Reiki Over Other Spiritual Practices

There are several other practices that can potentially help you achieve the same expansion of consciousness.

However, I have been working with Shamballa Reiki for a long time and it suits my spiritual growth values. But, I am aware that there is much more to be discovered even though other systems are as well.

Still, the one feature that sets Shamballa Reiki apart from other spiritual practices is the intrinsic value of Reiki.

Generally speaking, Reiki has a gradual approach to healing and growth rather than offering a “shortcut.”

Shamballa Reiki takes that part and expands it towards inner self-realization, expansion of consciousness, and spiritual ascension.

Still, everything happens progressively.

So… you can experience each step and become aware of the changes that occur within yourself and your life.

Moreover, at the master-teacher level, Shamballa Reiki offers access to Sacred Geometry symbols. In turn, you can use them as keys to connect to the wisdom and knowledge of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

These symbols include the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, and the Merkaba Star. Alongside symbols such as Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma, Palm Master Symbol, and Amsui, the ones attributed to the Sacred Geometry complement the process of accessing different perceptions of reality.

That’s why, due to its high vibration and ability to access higher levels of universal life force energy, Shamballa Reiki is like a “program” that opens the doors of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

Kabbalah Tree Of Life Chart

Although there are numerous interpretations of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, one can observe their similarity. Remembering that each person’s perception is according to their current vibration and spiritual understanding levels is essential.

Nevertheless, the universal truth is singular and unchanging.

It’s like the parable of the blind men and the elephant. Each man feels only a part of the elephant. Therefore, he tends to claim an absolute truth based on his limited, subjective experience.

Moreover, there is a high likelihood that sub-levels (or sub-dimensions) are yet to be discovered or mapped out.

My Reiki teacher used to say that there are countless sub-verses (or sub-dimensions), each with unique energy and life force.

He also explained that:

“The difference between this dimension and the next is akin to the contrast between a starry night with a full moon in our world and the blazing sun shining high in the sky at noon.”

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One Last Word On The Kabbalah Tree Of Life

We’ve just been through a challenging subject due to its complexity and many possible interpretations.

Attempting to access its hidden knowledge is akin to unraveling the secrets of a spider web and understanding its creation.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is like a condensed encyclopedia of divine knowledge that encompasses all the details of creation beyond the echoes of reality. Its inclusion in religious and esoteric literature has only added to the mystery surrounding our origins and spiritual potential.

At first glance, examining the Kabbalah Tree of Life is comparable to studying a map. It’s like looking at far-off countries and islands waiting to be explored. Each component has its own leadership, society, and diversity.

Though reaching these places is difficult, it is not impossible. However, you may question whether you are prepared for such a journey or want to leave once you arrive.

Still, the Kabbalah Tree of Life is available to anyone ready to ascend in their mental and spiritual potential and reach new levels of consciousness.

Although the starting point may appear to be the most challenging threshold, your determination will guide your journey and support your spiritual growth.


Vlad and ReikiScoop

Vlad is the co-founder of ReikiScoop, a spiritual brand that supports those eager to tap into the universal life force energy through specialized courses, an actionable newsletter, and inspiring resources. He is a dedicated Reiki enthusiast and spiritual seeker who has reached the master-teacher level in Usui Reiki, Karuna, and Shamballa MDH.

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2 thoughts on “Explore The Mystical Potential Of The Kabbalah Tree Of Life”

  1. wow!!! There’s so much here! I will re-read and keep reading your other posts/links as well. I am a yoga instructor who’s passionate about the chakras and how they work/we work and how to open, align, balance through what I know: yoga! Mudras, pranayama, visualization/meditation and the asana for each chakra. I was guided recently to determine if/how chinese meridians also connect to the chakras, and how, along with now seeing the tree of life and the spheres that all seem totally similar (of course!). I’m also on a path to determine if/how ayurveda connects with TCM and yoga/chakras (another of course, I would imagine) and how ALL these connects with energy work such as Reiki but in my own hands-on way. So I’m embarking this summer on learning what I can, how I can and then determining how I uniquely apply these paths of knowledge into working with students alone and in groups! Any help is welcome! Are you ever coming to the Chicago area? I would love to connect with others and/or lead some yoga for gatherings and delve into learning at the same time!!! Thank you!

    • Hi there Lauri and thank you so much for your feedback and time to write your complex practice. I really appreciate it!

      Also, I am truly grateful that you enjoy the offered information. I hope that it will be useful to you.

      You can always write an email with a detailed description of your inquiry on contact@reikiscoop.com

      Keep in touch. Blessings!


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