7 Quartz Crystal Types That Your Chakras Will Thank You For Adopting

Quartz crystal is one of the most sought-after and loved crystals among spiritual practitioners.

Although it’s a simple mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, it has its own beauty and a lot of energetic properties.

Quartz can have many shapes and colors, but our mind usually takes us to the “clear quartz” when we talk about crystals. The six-sided prism is considered the master of all healing crystals.

In this article, I’m going to cover several types of quartz.

We will look at them from a physical, energetic, and spiritual perspective and discuss their role in Reiki.

Also, towards the end, I’ll explain how to attune your quartz crystal to the universal life force energy. This will enable the crystal to have an enhanced flow of energy to help you on your spiritual journey.

It’s a long article so if you wish you can jump directly to a specific section:

Clear Quartz | Rose Quartz | Amethyst | Smoky Quartz | Blue Quartz | Red Quartz | Citrine

Quartz Crystals Throughout History

Since ancient times, quartz crystals have been considered to be the manifestation of certain facets of Divinity.

Dating back to the possible existence of Lemuria and Atlantis, quartz crystals have been used as instruments for channeling energy and manifesting facets of Divinity.

The Sumerians, Egyptians, and Hindu spiritual scholars used quartz crystals in rituals, meditations, and other energy healing practices. Some even thought of them as religious artifacts.

They believed that spiritual, positive entities live within such crystals. The role of these entities here on Earth was to help humanity in its spiritual evolution.

Native American Indian tribes used quartz crystals for different spiritual rituals as well. Harnessing and channeling the power of the Sun and Moon was one of them.

Celts and Germanic tribes used the quartz crystal in various magical rituals. For example, they considered it a vehicle of transmutation, luck, and fortune-telling.

So, we can easily say that alongside the Lapis Lazuli stone, quartz crystal is among the ones that fascinated people since the dawn of civilization.

Even today, it is used in many practices, including mediations and Reiki healing sessions.

What Are Quartz Crystals Good For

Quartz crystals have many uses outside the spiritual world. For example, they are very useful in watch manufacturing, electronics, optics, and even military items.

The electronic watch that you have on your wrist or at home has at least one piece of quartz crystal inside it.

At a spiritual level, the quartz crystal is considered the preferred “tool” for healers. This is because crystals are alive, with molecular activity, and have active, energetic fields of their own. They also withhold ancient wisdom and spiritual information that spans millions of years.

Simply wearing one is very beneficial. It amplifies both the energy fields of the carrier and offers a cleansing effect over your physical and emotional bodies.

The more charged and cleansed a quartz crystal is, the more power it has to manifest what it was “programmed” to do.

By acting as a connector between the physical and the spiritual world, the quartz crystal helps you clear the path towards higher guidance.

If you intend the crystal to heal the emotional body, it will help bring to the surface the elements that need attention.

Like ourselves, all crystals connect to the Spirit of the Earth (or Mother Earth – Gaia). Therefore, they will always act as an enhancer for whatever we wish to achieve.

The Chemical Properties Of Quartz Crystals

A quartz crystal is composed of silicon and oxygen. The chemical formula is SiO₂.

There are two main types of quartz: alpha and beta. Each one has a slightly different molecular structure.

Quartz has a hard structure with a number 7 on the Mohs Scale. This makes it slightly stronger than a steel nail.

Quartz Crystal Types

There are different shapes, colors, and sizes of quartz that can be found on almost all continents.

Some varieties of quartz can be semi-precious gemstones.

One important note is that the quartz engulfs a whole spectrum of stones. 

They can be macro, fibrous, and grainy.

In this article, I’ll talk about the more known and sought after forms – the macro crystals.

We are all familiar with these crystals.

They are widely present in books, expos, and in people’s homes as well as in spiritual practices.

Clear Quartz Crystal – the one for amplifying the Universal Energy

clear quartz

Also known as the rocky crystal, this is the most common yet the most beautiful of all, at least in my opinion.

It is the most versatile and it has many uses in both the physical as well as the spiritual world.

From A Technical Point Of View

It has the ability to convert heat into electromagnetic energy.

Clear quartz is often used in technology al over the world.

It’s present in watches, microphones, headphones, and computers. Clear quartz it’s also used in radio transmitters, memory chips, and military electronic devices.

From A Healing Perspective

There are various uses even at this level.

Usually, it has the role of a master crystal. It amplifies the power and energy of all the other crystals.

It can help heal many health issues, eliminate toxins, and sustain the health of organs.

By pulling out the negative energy, it can help heal headaches, pains or injured areas.

Placing the charged crystal on a wound, it can heal it faster. This can work for burns, blisters or rashes.

By wearing a master clear quartz crystal with you at all times, it will help balance your blood flow and keep you focused.

It will help the best opportunities for you to become present. Be aware that they might not be the ones you wished for.

It is said that by drinking crystal elixir, you’ll help the digestive system, and kidneys. This will further aid in many other disorders.

(Crystal elixir is a beverage, usually still water, that has stayed in a bottle with a crystal inside) 

I have never tried this myself, so I can’t recommend such methods. But it seems they are considered beneficial and quite popular among spiritual practitioners.

The Emotional And Spiritual Level

Clear quartz works best for this level.

It is used by spiritual practitioners for hundreds of years in meditation, healing, divination and more.

But perhaps one of the most important uses is the ability to cleanse the energy essence of your soul and energetic fields.

If the crystal is charged correctly and cleansed, it can remove the negative energy trapped in your energy fields. This can also work for the one attached to your inner energetic structures, such as the chakras, the soul, or energetic channels.

Having a clear quartz crystal with you enhances the power of your energy fields and provides a continuous cleansing effect. This means that it contributes to your health and awareness.

It is ideal for almost all spiritual practices. The quartz crystal positively influences all the chakras and the overall energetic system but mostly resonates with the crown chakra.

The Role Clear Quartz Has In Reiki

When used in your Reiki self-treatment or treatment on others, a quartz crystal can amplify the flow of the universal life force energy tens, even hundreds of times over. Of course, this greatly depends on the size and quality of the piece. The larger it is, the more it can channel the energy.

In a Reiki crystal grid, it plays the role of a master crystal. Therefore, this is the best choice to use for charging the grid with energy.

If you have it within your proximity, during self-treatment or treatment on others, in time, you’ll notice the difference.

A decent size piece of about a few inches tall, you can hold it in your dominant hand while doing Reiki treatment. Being in direct contact with you can amplify the flow of universal life force energy towards cleansing and healing.

Don’t forget to cleanse the crystal after each session. You do this by keeping it between your palms for at least 10 minutes. Reiki symbols can also help at this stage.

Rose Quartz Crystal – the one for emotional healing

rose quartz

With a pale rose color, the Rose Quartz is one of the best-known types out there.

The rose quartz crystal was first mined in China and Tibet and used as jewelry by ancient Egyptians and Romans. They would use it to prevent irritations and wrinkles from forming.

But from a spiritual perspective, rose quartz is the optimum crystal for enhancing the potential for offering compassion and unconditional love.

It resonates with the heart and all the pure healing emotions that we should have since inception.

Rose quartz is well known for its healing powers and can enhance the connection between friends, family, and within a couple.

Therefore, rose quartz crystal is a great stimulant for relationships. It helps attract and manifest love, passion, and romance.

At The Chemical Level

Sharing the same formula as the clear quartz rose quartz can be found in a more raw form, without any specific terminations or facets.

Its color can vary from pale, even translucent, to a more deep reddish-pink. This is the result of a molecular mix of iron, titanium, and manganese within the mineral. Compared to other stones and crystals, its rose color does not fade in the sunlight.

Sometimes we might find varieties with rutile or fiber inclusions.

From A Physical Healing Perspective

Generally speaking, this particular crystal aids in heart and circulatory problems.

The rose quartz can help stimulate issues such as heart weakness, hypo, and hypertension, or irregular heart rhythm.

It can also have a beneficial role in eliminating stress and anxiety.

As the clear quartz, rose quartz can be used for soothing burns and injuries.

It has the ability to enhance the flow of fluids throughout the body and helps in releasing toxins. Stimulating the thymus, lungs and breathing system are also notable attributes.

By having a more Yin type of energy, the rose quartz has a favorable effect on the female reproductive system. It brings a better flow of sexual energy and soothes the pain during the menstrual cycle.

The Emotional And Spiritual Level

Each one of us is like a mix of emotions and feelings. We store them in almost every part of our body, especially in the heart area.

The way we manifest them greatly depends on our ability to express ourselves in the physical world.

When we are unable to do so in a healthy way, some of our energetic centers will become affected. Usually, the primary chakra that is affected is the heart chakra. The front of the heart chakra is the one that is influenced by the emotions and feelings from the present. The back-projection of this chakra is the one that handles past traumas and retained residual emotions.

That’s where certain crystals come in. They can help us heal the emotional body and enable us to express them harmoniously within the exterior world.

The rose quartz is a very powerful tool for healing such issues. It brings a sense of peace and inner nourishment.

Keeping a cleansed rose quartz crystal with you or close to your chest area each day will gradually help remove negative emotions.

You just need to have the intention of healing your emotional status and make room for the light to enter.

When using the rose quartz in meditation, we learn to love ourselves first in a harmonious, non-narcissistic way. This is the first step we need to take before understanding how to offer love to others in a healthy manner.

Pink Crystal Quartz

Even though many believe they are the same, rose and pink quarts are slightly different at the chemical level.

Also, the pink quartz is rarer and usually mistaken for the rose quartz.

Around 1990 scientists discovered they differ in composition and color. Since then it’s considered as another type of quartz.

From a spiritual perspective though, the pink and rose quartz share similar attributes.

Rose Quartz Crystal And Reiki

When keeping rose quartz in your dominant hand or close to you during the Reiki self-treatment, the flow of the universal life force energy will be amplified.

Together with a clear intention and the power of symbols for emotional healing, it can channel the energy directly towards physical or emotional-related imbalances.

Be sure to cleanse and charge the crystal before and after using it. You may do so with Reiki symbols and/or by holding the crystal between your palms for 10 minutes.

I use rose quartz on myself and my patients to channel the universal energy and draw the symbols for each energy center.

Rose quartz crystal works brilliantly.

Amethyst – the one for cleansing your energy fields


Due to its intense purple color and bold shape, amethyst is one of the most beautiful stones, from the quartz crystal family, on Earth.

Also called the “all-healer”, amethyst is extremely useful for cleansing and healing living organisms. Also, it has a strong effect when used within a room or when cleansing other crystals.

Small pieces, as well as majestic geodes, are available for purchase all around the world.

Throughout the years I had the privilege to witness the power of amethyst many times in meditations and Reiki therapy.

My teachers always had large geodes in their offices. They were able to increase the flow of the universal energy hundreds of times.

It is a remarkable crystal that can protect against different forms of energetic attacks or negative influences.

Amethyst was discovered roughly 5000 years ago. It was used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks as a protection against malevolent intentions and poisoning.

Due to its huge power of channeling and amplifying energy, amethyst is now mostly used for spiritual practices.

You can sometimes find it as an ornamental piece.

Honestly, I am one of the people who believe that crystals are beneficial entities and should not be used strictly for design purposes. If you take them from their natural environment they should be used for the greater good.

At The Chemical Level

Amethyst has the same chemical formula as the rest of the quartz crystals presented above: SiO₂. But it stands out because of its purple color. This can range from a somewhat transparent shade to a bold, deep purple.

Naturally irradiated iron and the presence of manganese give the amethyst this color.

The most abundant place where amethyst can be found in Brazil. That’s followed by Uruguay, Africa, South Korea, and North America.

From A Physical Healing Perspective

Amethyst has the power to treat insomnia and lower stress and anxiety level.

It can help remove headaches and ameliorate hangovers.

Amethyst has a calming effect over the brain by releasing energy impulses over time. It will diminish hyperactivity and uneasiness.

It has a beneficial influence over the immune and digestive systems by offering a balanced flow of energy throughout the body.

Amethyst can also work to balance your brain potential.

It aids in concentration, clearing the mind and general relaxation.

Wearing amethyst can help dissolve angry temperaments for you and the ones around you.

From An Emotional And Spiritual Perspective

This is the level where the amethyst “shines”. It is one of the most efficient healing crystals in existence.

Amethyst can transform the negative energy around us into a positive one.

As with the rest of the quartz crystal family, amethyst greatly amplifies the universal life force energy flow.

In addition to this, amethyst is one of the best “defenses” you can get against psychic attacks, negative influences/projections, and discordant energies.

Amethyst releases tension from emotional burdens and physical fatigue. It helps you overcome addictions by raising your vibration and encourages you to have a calm and positive attitude towards life.

Meditating with the help of a cleansed and activated amethyst will help bring to the surface the root of certain mental or emotional imbalances.

Amethyst is the crystal that resonates most with the superior chakras, especially with Ajna or the third eye chakra.

It assists your intuition, wisdom, and help you “see” what you normally can’t perceive. It makes you aware of the lessons you have to pay attention to every day.

At the crown chakra level, this type of quartz crystal has the potential to help you expand your consciousness and awareness towards the spiritual worlds. It creates a connection between us and our higher self.

Also, amethyst resonates with the etheric, outer body chakras such as the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway Chakra. Through them, you can connect to higher planes of existence and reach new levels.

Amethyst And Its Role In Reiki

As mentioned, amethyst has a mystical, high vibration and a strong connection to certain higher dimensions. It offers energetic cleansing and spiritual protection and can help channel the universal life force energy.

When it comes to the Reiki self-treatment or treatment of others, the larger the amethyst, the greater the power to enhance the flow of the universal energy.

Amethyst is, in particular, very receptive to reiki symbols and energy. So just be sure to keep your amethyst cleansed and energized.

If cared for properly, a large amethyst can create a healing, protective circle of energy around the person wearing it.

Smoky Quartz Crystal- the one that grounds you

smoky quartz

This is a translucent, grey version of quartz. 

As with other types of quartz, smoky has a mystical connotation throughout history. It’s considered the magical stone of Scotland. 

The smoky quartz crystal is a symbol of purity, grounding, and stability.

It is vastly used in alternative therapies and meditations for learning how to concentrate and center oneself.

The ancient druids and the Celts saw it as the talisman of power. They started mining this crystal more than 2000 years ago from the Scottish highlands.

Its color varies from pale to deep dark grey and even yellowish-brown. Keep in mind that every smoky quartz has to have at least some degree of transparency.

Each type of smoky quartz is used for different healing purposes. Because smoky quartz is, in general, so versatile you can take any piece and use it for a specific healing process.

At The Chemical Level

It shares the same chemical formula as the other quartz crystals – SiO₂.

Some of the most beautiful types of smoky quartz crystal are:

  • Cairngorm – yellow-brown;
  • Brandberg Smoky Quartz- a blend of smoky quartz with amethyst and clear quartz;
  • Smoky Amethyst Quartz – a beautiful combination of smoky quartz with amethyst;
  • Smoky citrine quartz – citrine binds with smoky quartz forming dark-yellowish inclusions;
  • Morion – this is the rarest form of smoky quartz and extremely dark for it’s kind;

From A Physical Healing Perspective

Due to its color and vibrational power, smoky quartz can help eliminate toxins faster from your body. It helps the flow of fluids and maintains healthy adrenal glands.

Unless it’s artificially modified, smoky quartz is naturally irradiated. Yet, it can slowly withdraw the energy of irradiation from the body.

Therefore, it can be very well used for treating burns, radiation and even chemotherapy side effects.

Headaches, muscle stiffness or abdominal pain can be treated as well using smoky quartz crystals.

It works quite well for smokers because it helps them regenerate the pulmonary and bronchi tissue.

From An Emotional And Spiritual Perspective

Smoky quartz aids by absorbing negative residual energy. It is the perfect “sponge” for relieving you from stress, resentment, anger, and hate.

If it’s a properly cleansed crystal it will not only absorb those energies but it will also automatically disband them in time.

It works perfectly well with feelings of depression, anxiety, and fatigue. It helps us understand and harmonize with the world around us by making us aware of the important role we play.

Smoky quartz stimulates the activation of Muladhara or the root chakra. Together with the Earth Star chakra, it enhances the flow of energy while helping us get rid of residual parts of our body. 

With the help of smoky quartz, we can balance the energy flow of all our energy fields, down from the Crown chakra.

It has tremendous power in grounding and stability and deepens our connection to the physical world.

The Role Smoky Quartz Crystal Has In Reiki

Smoky quartz can enhance the flow of the universal life force energy significantly.

As mentioned, it has the ability to absorb those residual energies that can be found in our energy fields and chakras.

If the smoky quartz crystal is connected to the universal life force energy source, it becomes a powerful tool for transmuting negative energy into light.

Even so, it is advised to cleanse it with Reiki after treatment by holding it in your palms for 5-10 minutes. Additionally, you can draw Reiki symbols on it.

Blue Quartz Crystal – the diplomat

blue quartz

Rather rare, the blue quartz crystal is seen as the talisman of diplomacy and negotiations.

The main visible difference between blue quartz and the rest of the family is that it has the blueish color at the surface rather than a colored center, like the amethyst. Therefore, blue quartz is not as transparent as others.

Also, its color is determined by the number of inclusions from other minerals within the blue quartz.

At The Chemical Level

SiO₂ is the chemical formula shared by the blue quartz as well.

Its color can vary from a pale greyish-blue to deep blue.

Instead of being transparent, like other members of the quartz family, blue quartz is more translucent.

There are two types of blue quartz crystal:

  • The crystal type with its even distributed mineral inclusions;
  • A more coarse type which is opaque and can be confused with sodalite;

From A Physical Healing Perspective

Blue quartz can help improve diplomatic abilities. 

It has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland as well as the pulmonary system.

Together with amethyst and clear quartz, blue quartz helps remove procrastination. Additionally, it works to enhance your focus on the tasks at hand.

From An Emotional And Spiritual Perspective

Blue quartz stimulates communicative and listening skills.

By enhancing our focus it also helps us to “think before we act”. 

This means that any form of expression goes first through the filter of our mind. Therefore, blue quartz keeps a balance between thought and expression.

Of course, we need to be aware of this process each day. The crystal simply supports this act of awareness that should already be activated within ourselves.

Blue Quartz Crystal And Its Role In Reiki

This crystal helps in healing the communication and third eye energy center through self-treatment and treatment on others. 

However, it’s not the best conductor of the universal life force energy like its “cousins”.

Sill, by cleansing and keeping it energized, it offers good support for enhancing our energy fields.

Red Quartz – the one for vital energy

red quartz

This is a very interesting type of crystal.

Red quartz has a beautiful vibration that is, from my experience, very positive.

It mostly resonates with enhancing physical energy and reaching out to deep emotional desires and feelings.

Red quartz crystal represents vitality, passion, love and inner strength. 

It brings equilibrium to individuals as well as relationships. It offers confidence and the necessary positivity boost to carry on no matter what.

Most deposits of red quartz can be found in Brazil and Morocco.

It is a rare type of quartz having the highest value among its peers.

At The Chemical Level

The beautiful deep red-orange color is mostly from the iron oxide within.

The formula though stays the same: SiO₂.

Its color differs from a somewhat pale red to a very deep dark cherry red.

As the clear quartz, red quartz has piezoelectric potential. This means it can channel electricity when placed under mechanical pressure.

From A Physical Healing Perspective

Red quartz stimulates your desire for physical activity. It promotes strength and material stability.

It enhances your vital energy and has an important role in diminishing the effects of anemia.

Red quartz crystal is also ideal for women who have difficulties getting pregnant. It acts as a good conductor of life force energy.

Our blood contains vital energy. Red quartz is an ideal instrument for optimizing the flow of blood in any living organism.

From An Emotional And Spiritual Perspective

Red quartz is responsible for helping us bring to the surface our inner confidence, power, and sensuality.

It is an ideal remedy for couples that need to reignite the flame of passion.

Besides being a great stamina enhancer, red quartz can deepen the effects of meditations and therapy.

It is recommended to keep red quartz near your bed area to help you fall asleep easier.

Your immunity and physical health will benefit from a properly cleansed and activated red quartz.

Sexual energy and intimate desires will manifest in a more balanced way. This will help you attract them harmoniously into your life.

Energetically it offers protection against the evil eye and negative influences. The larger the crystal, the more absorption power it has.

The Role Red Quartz Crystal Has In Reiki

Red quartz mostly resonates with the root and sacral chakra, thus stimulating your own, vital energy.

However, it is quite a good conductor of the universal life force energy.

Together with clear quartz, it greatly enhances the power of self-treatment and treatment on others.

Also, accompanied by smoky quartz, the red quartz can help remove any residual energies from our energy fields.

Be sure to cleanse any crystals you have used in therapy. Draw Reiki symbols and hold it between your palms for about 10 minutes.

Citrine – the one for protection and material potential


Citrine is a glamorous yellow version of quartz crystal, which shines like the Sun. It is associated with protection, manifestation, and spiritual change.

Citrine is the crystal that promotes the thirst for life and adventure.

Greeks were among the first to use this stone, from around 300 B.C. 

Today it can be found in various forms ranging from small stones and all the way up to the big citrine geodes of Brazil.

Among its many uses, it is a recommended crystal for those who work in fields related to marketing and commerce. 

Although it has many attributes, citrine is the stone of success.

Unlike Smoky quartz, citrine does not absorb the residual energies but rather dissipates them.

If it’s connected to the universal source of life force energy, citrine will transform any residual energy into a positive one.

At The Chemical Level

Citrine has various clarity levels. It ranges from pale yellow to golden-yellow. Some of them have inclusions which lead to an almost greenish-brown shade.

The same chemical formula applies – SiO₂.

Basically, citrine is a type of yellow quartz crystal. However, yellow quartz is a different stone.

Citrine is mostly found in Brazil, Russia, and Madagascar.

From A Physical Healing Perspective

Citrine enhances the health of the spleen, stomach, liver, pancreas and digestion system.

It can strengthen disease immunity as well as fight infections.

It is also quite beneficial for the endocrine system and fatigue.

Citrine sustains the proper function of the kidneys.

Together with smoky and red quartz, citrine is a good ailment against menstrual pain and hormone imbalances.

From An Emotional And Spiritual Perspective

Citrine stimulates the growth and health of the energy field of protection.

Therefore, it has an important role in eliminating destructive emotions such as fears, depression, anger, hate, and frustration.

It helps us raise our vibration and understand that if we begin to accept love and joy in our lives, those destructive feelings will simply vanish.

Citrine helps transform them into positive and productive feelings.

Citrine is a crystal that attracts abundance and success from a material as well as a spiritual perspective.

It helps stimulate our desire for knowledge and our will to seek and achieve the goals that are beneficial to us.

Citrine And Its Role In Reiki

Citrine resonates with Manipura or the solar plexus chakra. Stimulating this chakra with Citrine will enhance the self-treatment and treatment of others.

It acts as a very good conductor of the universal life force energy, especially if accompanied by clear quartz.

By cleansing the field of protection generated by Manipura, citrine makes us feel safe and protected.

It is believed that citrine resonates with certain Archangels of protection.

The process of guiding and expressing specific emotions is done through this energetic gateway. It is therefore important to keep Manipura in balance. A well cleansed and activated citrine will be extremely beneficial in this process.

How To Use Reiki To Attune A Quartz Crystal

  1. Activate your palms and energy centers using the Reiki symbols;
  2. Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand and draw the Fire Serpent on its length using your dominant hand. Stabilize it at the base of the crystal three times;
  3. Draw the Usui Dai Ko Myo symbol on the whole length of the crystal and stabilize it;
  4. Place your tongue on your palate (roof of the mouth), with the tip of the tongue behind your upper incisors;
  5. Gently blow the energy of the Dumo Reiki symbol (Tibetan Dai Ko Myo) above the crystal. Visualize the symbol anchored within the crystal and in bright violet color;
  6. Draw all the Usui Reiki symbols on your crystal. If you are attuned in any other reiki systems, you may draw the symbols from those systems as well;
  7. Again, place your tongue on your palate (roof of the mouth) with the tip touching the back of your upper incisors;
  8. Gently blow over the crystal with the clear intention of stabilizing all the Reiki symbols that you have drawn;
  9. Make a clear affirmation that the crystal is now attuned to all the beneficial and healing energies of Usui Reiki. If you’ve used other types of Reiki, mention them as well.
  10. Visualize a large and bright Cho Ku Rei sealing the process of attunement on the crystal;

All done.

Your crystal is now attuned to the universal life force energy of Reiki.

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Quartz Crystal – Main Takeaway

Although there are many other types and varieties of quartz crystals, these are the most well-known.

Keep in mind that crystals and stones have life within them. This is from both a physical and energetic perspective. Each one has its own vibration and quality of energy. Still, you can improve this by cleansing and energizing them regularly.

Through this, they can become excellent tools for helping heal numerous physical, energetic, and emotional imbalances.

Each crystal and stone has an entity attached to it. This entity will change its structure and vibrations if we take good care of our crystals.

In turn, we will benefit from their positive influence through meditations and therapy.

Respect crystals as they are far older than we are and will probably be around after we’re gone. They have witnessed extraordinary events in the evolution of our planet and have witnessed the birth of mankind.

Their information and energy can be put to great use in our mental and spiritual development if we treat them well and decode their vibration.

I believe that each one of them is a living entity. If treated well, they can help us in our spiritual journey and become beacons of light.

Your Turn!

What’s your favourite crystal?

Is there anything in particular you would like a crystal to help you with?


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