Raku Reiki Symbol: How To Help Reset Your Energetic Patterns

Raku Reiki symbol is a spiritual token that plays an essential role in finalizing and implementing the energy and information one is able to gain through the Reiki attunement.

It helps remove energy blockages while providing a solid grounding effect when you regularly include it in therapy.

Although somewhat contradictory, it also acts as an element of completion and separation within the attunements and Reiki sessions.

This article will reveal the primary uses of the Raku Reiki symbol and help you determine if it’s a concept worth exploring.

Where Does The Raku Reiki Symbol Come From

While we cannot know for sure, it seems that the Raku Reiki symbol finds its origins in Tibet. The descendants of the sunken continent of Atlantis supposedly brought it into the physical plane.

Alongside the Dumo Reiki symbol, they are considered sacred, powerful spiritual tokens that are part of the esoteric teachings of Tibet.

Iris Ishikuro, a student of Hawayo Takata, introduced Raku to Reiki. Ms. Ishikuro eventually developed a proprietary method of practicing Reiki called Raku Key Reiki. In general terms, this means “Comfort Reiki Lineage,” sometimes referred to as the “Way of the Dragon.”

Later on, Arthur Robertson, a student of Master Isihkuro, managed to bring this system, as well as the Raku Reiki symbol and the Tibetan Dai Ko Myo, to the west.

Both symbols became part of the Reiki attunement and therapy methods in the following decades.

Their contribution was quite significant and shaped the way Reiki is today. The attunement process became more efficient and brought additional value to the overall results you get from a regular Reiki session.

Like any other spiritual concept, history is solely the beginning of one’s journey. It’s a learning phase that acts as an introduction. Ultimately, we’re responsible for integrating each element in our work and exploring its possibilities through practice.

How To Draw And Activate The Raku Reiki Symbol

Raku Reiki Symbol

The shape and structure of the Raku Reiki symbol are relatively simple. So you start “drawing” it from the tip and continue downs its path.

The Most Common Uses Of The Raku Reiki Symbol

You may use this symbol in the attunement process as well as the self-treatment and treatment of others.

Within Attunements

You generally introduce the Raku Reiki symbol at the end of an attunement.

Specifically, the master/teacher places a prominent Raku symbol on the back of the student right after they have finished the attunement. The way to do this is to start from the head area and continue drawing it to the base of the spine.

This action has the following roles:

  1. It allows the energy and information of the attunement to settle within the physical and energetic body of the student. This enables the future Reiki practitioner to better integrate the spiritual elements that the attunement offers;
  2. Cleanses the central energy channel Sushumna from any excess residual energies;
  3. The Raku Reiki symbol offers a harmonious grounding effect that ends the attunement process while providing the future practitioner with a sense of stability after this intense spiritual experience. This is also known as an act of completion;
  4. It creates a healthy barrier between the energy fields of the teacher and the student. This may seem a little “rough” at first glance. Still, it has a beneficial effect by removing unnecessary attachments and energy strings that can imply future unwanted energy transfer. In simpler words, the freshly attuned student needs to use what they have learned with the teacher’s guidance without constantly depending on them;

Within The Self-Treatment

Generally speaking, you can visualize the Raku Reiki symbol within or at the end of your self-treatment sessions. Activate it from the top of the head and down the spine.

This has the following roles:

  1. It helps cleanse the Sushumna energy channel, removes blockages, flushes down residual energies, and allows the universal life force energy to flow freely;
  2. You’ll enjoy a grounding effect, a “down-to-Earth” feeling, that will settle your mind and energy levels;
  3. It removes unwanted energy strings that belong to past events or toxic people. These are usually elements that you drag along and can unnoticeably drain you of vital energy. To further improve the efficiency of this intention, you can visualize Raku in front of you as it cuts the energy strings that belong to these people or events;
  4. Constantly using it within the Reiki self-treatment, the Raku Reiki symbol has the potential to help you overcome addictions. This usually happens by building a protective layer rather than healing the root cause (more on this later in the article);
  5. Activating it within your palms before the self-treatment can help cleanse the aura of residual and negative energies;
  6. Activate it on your palms alongside the rest of the Reiki symbols and place them on the kidneys, liver, or any body part that may be affected. (see all the Reiki hand positions here) Raku Reiki symbol has the potential to work in dissolving kidney stones and other affections of the organs;

Raku Reiki Symbol And Addictions

Many people struggle with various unhealthy habits that sooner or later can become addictions.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sugar, coffee, and even alcohol from time to time. Maybe it’s not the same with drugs, of course. What’s vital to keep in mind is to aim for balance rather than forcing yourself to stay away from things that bring you joy.

At a spiritual level – these addictions emerge from various reasons, like lacking affection or the inability to understand and harmonize with the world.

From an energetic perspective – they indicate the existence of an entity that governs that addiction. This often comes with a specific form of energy and information.

• Addictions hold an inner-self-related component. When you constantly feed them, they become part of who you are at the inner-self level. Of course, this will slowly take over your emotional side, which will further show at the physical level.

• By cleansing and raising your inner self’s vibration, you can gradually free yourself from these harmful habits. Generally speaking, the Reiki self-treatment and symbols are the ideal tools for this endeavor.

• Additionally, cutting the energy cords that keep you connected to the element of your addiction will significantly help remove it from your life.

Reiki allows you to access a powerful and non-invasive way of healing. The Raku Reiki symbol will further enhance the effect specific to this need. Still, the general use of Reiki will balance everything out.

How To Use The Raku Reiki Symbols To Help Overcome Addictions

To be even more specific, consider the following sequence of Reiki symbols to help address addictions:

Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Dai Ko Myo + Raku

  • Sei He Ki helps cleanse the mental and emotional fields from the residual energies that may be related to the addiction in question;
  • Dai Ko Myo brings pure energy and raises your vibration;
  • Raku cleanses your energy fields while cutting the cords attached to the energy and entity attached to that addiction;

Here’s a suggestion on how to approach this method:

  1. Activate these symbols in your palms before the self-treatment or treatment of others;
  2. Then, activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Dai Ko Myo on all the chakras;
  3. Start the treatment with the intention of removing any unwanted addictions;
  4. Always ask for everything to happen aligned with your greater good and for the benefit of those involved;

Each element plays its part but combing all of them will lead to a more complete effect. While they might seem unrelated at times, they work together to eradicate the energy behind each addiction.

Therapy on Others

Using the Raku Reiki symbol in therapy for others is similar to using it on yourself. The difference lies in the patient’s intentions and willingness to be open to spiritual change.

After performing a cleansing therapy and/or self-treatment, use the Raku Reiki symbol on the back of the body.

Expect the following results:

  1. It will cleanse the main energy channel Sushumna from leftover residual energies;
  2. It will offer a grounding effect, stabilizing the Kundalini energy and offering mental balance;
  3. When you use it on both the back and front of the body, with the intention of cutting the cords with unwanted past experiences or people, it will sever those strings and allow the person to regain their internal energy;
  4. Within treatment, you can place your activated palms on the areas of the main organs to help remove physical imbalances such as kidney stones or sand;
  5. As mentioned before, using the Raku Reiki symbol in treating others will help cleanse their aura of residual energies and help keep them away from addictions;
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One Last Word

It may be true that Raku is not the most popular Reiki symbol out there. Yet, without a doubt, it represents an essential addition to the attunement process as well as therapy methods.

Reiki symbols are unique. One cannot replace another because each represents a specific manifestation of the universal life force energy. Of course, Raku is no exception.

With time and practice, this truth will become more prominent and make much more sense. This usually happens when the practitioner discovers new or custom ways of adding a symbol to their routine.

It’s actually what makes Reiki such a beautiful energy healing method and why so many people embrace it from day one. When you have a solid base, discovering new and exciting applications becomes the norm.

Only then can one say that the journey has begun.


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10 thoughts on “Raku Reiki Symbol: How To Help Reset Your Energetic Patterns”

    • Yes, of course.

      There are three elements you need to take into consideration if you wish to help someone get rid of their addictions:

      1. Have their clear consent in using Reiki on them with this specific purpose;
      2. Constant sessions (at least twice per week);
      3. The person that has an addiction needs to understand that addiction is a program that has bypassed the conscious level and needs to willingly let go of it. In other words, they need to “want” to become healed.


  1. Thank you for detailed explanation of what, why and how of Raku. I am attuned to level2 and wanted to know if Raku can be used in healing at this level or if level3 attunement is required to use it?
    I would like to use Raku to send healing to my 12-year-old son who is influenced by negatives of some of the advancements of the modern culture prominent in teens and preteens. I am grateful for the healing through level1 symbols have provided but I see the influence sprouting somewhere inside him which I am trying to cut before it roots up.

    Love and compassion

    • Hi Vatsala.

      Even if you are level 2, you can still access the energy print of the Raku symbol. So use it wisely.

      Perhaps sending energy for the greater good of his life and life decisions is also a good approach to take into consideration. It depends on what those “negative” aspects are.

  2. Hello master,
    It was of great knowledge and information to read and understand these deep to deeper information, just cant stop to read this.
    I am so happy, that universe has chosen me for making me heal and others at the same time.
    I am grateful to the universe and to all the masters for such and for spreading positive energies for my highest good and the souls involved in this journey.
    Thanks master.

    • Hi Smita.

      Being grateful is one key element for spiritual growth and I am happy (and grateful) that the article is useful to you and to your practice.

      Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Vlad :

    Do you use or know who uses the Raku Symbol to put a Reiki student in the first Reiki Level, a student that asks for a quick OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE ?
    Diane Stein says in her book ” Essential Reiki “, that she draws the Raku Symbol from feet to Universe, to send the soul/spirit of the student out of his/her body, and the soul/spirit stays floating near the roof of the room she teaches Reiki.

    I believe the Buddhists use this Raku with the same steps Diane does, but only for having the physical body temporarily ready for receiving cleansing and not for an OBE.

    Diane in an Email told me that she cannot help me, because she only teaches women, and that i should find one of her students to get this way to use Raku, in Reiki.



    • Hi Lucio.

      I don’t have any experience (or expertise) in OBE, therefore I never used Raku for such a purpose. I use it for the exact reasons I presented within the article, though there may be many other uses that I am not aware of yet. Personally, I teach it at the master/teacher level.

  4. Hi Vlad :

    I have Third Level of Usui Reiki since ~2016, and several Reiki modalities taken in person and others from a chi ball sent to me from Reiki masters from other countries.
    I need Raku for OBE’s because to me Raku is the perfect tool ( in the way Diane Stein uses it ) to help people in a horrible accident who is in deep pain, i would be able to help with an OBE , because as far as i know, when the astral body is out of the physical body in deep pain caused from a horrible accident, the physical body will not feel/experience PAIN at all.

    There are other uses of the astral projection ( not exactly for healing ), but this is the only way ( with Raku ) i can use it on a suffering person when i would be helping as a Reiki practitioner. Because Raku in this way on me, will catapult my astral body easy, fast, and only would need to know where i am going. I mean, Raku would provide CONTROL of my exit, at any time of day or night.

    It would be to me as if i would be doing SOUL RETRIEVAL,
    ( in healing with Reiki ) because i would be bringing back the soul/spirit or whatever it is called, to the physical body, reuniting them again, in a healing context.

    My mother used something like Soul Retrieval, through a healing practice from the Precolumbian days, by calling the soul/spirit of the young person suffering, three times by the name of the sick, and the sick responding HERE, I AM GOING ( back to his/her physical body ). It worked easily my mother’s technique, when i was ten years old. The ill young person would regain in a matter of hours, the desire to eat, to play, to go back to school, and enjoy life as usual.

    So, to me RAKU is what i need as Buddhist’s use it.

    Thanks ,



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