Shamanic Reiki: How To Align You With Nature’s Spirit

Shamanic Reiki is a unique spiritual blend that brings out the best of both practices.

It helps you re-evaluate your connection to other planes of existence as well as your interaction with nature’s elements and their corresponding entities.

Through the synergy created between the Shamanic and Reiki practices, you learn how to dissolve energetic blockages and access higher stages of consciousness.

In this article, you’ll get a chance to explore the benefits of Shamanic Reiki and learn about the distinct attributes that set it apart.

What Is Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is a spiritual practice that harmoniously blends the concept of shamanic healing through the elements of nature with the spiritual concept of Reiki.

Even though Shamanic Reiki is based on Usui and uses its symbols, there are 3 key differences that make it unique:

  1. Clearing energetic blockages by using the flow of universal life force energy together with shamanic methods of removing negative energy strings;
  2. Accessing the astral world and healing past life traumas;
  3. Learning how to bring back the lost parts of your soul while making it more resilient to future influences;

Of course, as with most types of Reiki, you’ll enjoy a spiritual transformation and an enhanced divine connection as a by-product of regular practice.

Shamanic Reiki may seem to bring together two distinct approaches. Yet, they have more in common than one would think.

The best way to understand how they can coexist is to highlight their main features and the particular benefits they create together.

How Does Shamanism Work

Although there isn’t a clear, agreed-upon definition, shaman or shamanism refers to a “religious practice” that involves a strong connection with nature’s elements.

From a historical point of view, the original shamanic practices date back to the Neolithic age. This makes it much older than the concept of hands-on healing specific to Reiki.

However, most of the present forms are new, therefore, slightly different than the original methods.

NOTE: I do not see shamanism as a religion because it focuses on “guiding” the energies and spirits of nature rather than praying to them. Therefore, it’s very similar to Reiki.

  • Still, at its core, shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that enables the practitioner to connect to certain planes of existence where specific types of energies, information, and entities reside.
  • This is possible through various rituals based on physical elements like incantations, instruments, plants, oils, or even chants.
  • These components allow the shaman to explore the astral world, connect to the spirits of ancestors, and access higher consciousness levels.

Reiki vs. Shamanism

Both Reiki and shamanism are spiritual practices used to place the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies into a state of healing.

They help the practitioner increase their awareness, reach new consciousness levels, and, eventually, develop their spiritual potential.

The divine energy is present in both disciplines as a force we can all tap into for guidance and inner growth.

Shamanism leans more toward the idea that the universal force created everything we connect to.

Its manifestation here, on Earth, happens through primordial elements like water, fire, air, as well as other living things. Yet, shamans also use these physical elements to connect to their corresponding entities in the spiritual planes.

On the other hand, Reiki practitioners aim to connect directly to the universal life force energy.

How Does Shamanic Reiki Work

Shamanic Reiki uses the physical elements from shamanism to connect to the spiritual world, followed by the Usui methods like hand positions and Reiki symbols.

It’s not a rule, but usually, everything flows as described above.

Some standard shamanic instruments may include:

  • Bamboo flutes or reed flutes;
  • Shamanic drums like small or large tambourines;
  • Hourglass drums and Nepalese Shamanic drums;
  • Shamanic Rattles, also known as healing maraca;
  • Gongs and bowls of different sizes;
  • Nataraj Toombi, which is a long-necked lute with a string;

Of course, many more instruments are available to Shamanic Reiki practitioners. It all depends on the lineage they belong to and the entities they want to connect to.

Using Plants And Oils

Again, Shamanic Reiki practitioners may choose any of the examples below according to their lineage and goal.

  • Beach Moonflower – Ipomoea Violacea;
  • Nyakwana – Virola Elongata;
  • Tobacco leaves – Nicotina Obtusifolia;
  • Peyote – Lophophora Williamsii;
  • Ayahuasca – Banisteriopsis Caapi;

You can burn, inhale, or extract oils from the above to alter reality and connect to the outer worlds.

But here’s the catch…

Combining these herbs and instruments with shamanic methods can lead the practitioner to low vibrational planes. Unfortunately, unless you know what you’re doing, these realms can prove quite detrimental to your overall well-being.

On the other hand, you can always reach beneficial planes of existence that will enhance and complement the Reiki practice.

NOTE: Use the plants and instruments above only with proper guidance from a trusted shaman or Shamanic Reiki practitioner.

The Benefits Of Shamanic Reiki

Considering the caveat above, Shamanic Reiki is, therefore, a more direct way to influence the energetic body with some unique benefits:

  • Severing energetic cords (strings) attached to your body from present and past lives. You do this by traveling, through meditation, to the specific moments that created emotional traumas;
  • Clearing your chakras and energy channels from energetic blockages by connecting to different elements or spirits from nature. This process will help you receive the necessary messages to acknowledge and heal the specific imbalances that kept you still. Musical instruments can be quite helpful at this stage;
  • Increasing your awareness by combining the methods of energetic rejuvenation, cleansing, and the channeling of the universal life force energy. This will help you understand your connection with the etheric planes and experiment with the different techniques and physical Shamanic Reiki elements;

Again, performing Shamanic Reiki with proper guidance and assistance from a trusted master/teacher is best.

That’s because the method of “traveling” to the astral worlds can create unwanted connections to different energies and entities. Therefore, a guide is required to lead you toward a healthy outcome and bring back your energetic and spiritual structures from those places.

The presence of the Reiki treatment, meditations, and symbols are meant to cleanse and balance your energetic structure after returning from this “journey.”

The Reiki “part” of the Shamanic Reiki system will help you connect to your Reiki spirit guides and the higher planes of existence, from where you’ll channel the universal life force energy.

My Experience

I participated in a few Shamanic meditations where I connected with my animal spirit and the energy of nature’s elements.

It all felt like allowing the universal life force energy to manifest in various ways, different than what I was used to. Specifically, the physical elements were now assisting me in the spiritual realm.

The Shamanic Reiki Structure

Similar to the traditional Usui systems, Shamanic Reiki has three primary levels plus the master/teacher for attuning others.

Level 1

At this level you:

  • Receive the attunement;
  • Gain access to the higher vibrations of the universal life force energy;
  • Learn methods of reaching alternate realities where time and space cease to exist;
  • Create a healing atmosphere and learn to connect to Earth’s energy and its elements;
  • Start blending the methods from Reiki level 1 healing with the Shamanic rituals;

Level 2

At this level you:

  • Go through the attunement process where you gain access to Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki symbols;
  • Learn meditations to connect and blend with your animal spirit guide;
  • Begin exploring distance healing methods;
  • Start healing energetic blockages that prevent you from walking your spiritual path;

Level 3

At this level you:

  • Receive the attunement for the Reiki Master level as well as access to the Dai Ko Myo Reiki symbol;
  • Transmute deleterious influences into beneficial energy through the use of Reiki and various physical instruments;
  • Learn how to bring back the lost parts of your soul and restore it to its original divine structure;
  • Begin healing present and past life traumas through meditations;
  • Practice meditations that help you establish a healthy connection with your spirit guides;
  • Start accessing higher levels of your consciousness;
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Why Should You Practice Shamanic Reiki

Working with Shamanic Reiki can bring complementary healing methods not present in the traditional Usui system.

While it can provide an exciting experience, it’s good to know that it’s not a high vibrational system like Karuna, Shamballa, or Lightarian Reiki. That’s because they focus on creating connections with the higher dimensions in which the universal life force energy manifests.

Shamanic Reiki has more telluric roots that may require energy cord cutting and healing of generated energies through the fabric of our existence.

Still, it’s not an energy healing method appropriate for beginners. But, it may very well act as a link between traditional and higher-vibration ascension systems, like Angelic Reiki.


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