24 Reiki Symbols And How To Use Them In Usui, Karuna, And Shamballa

Reiki symbols allow the practitioner to focus the universal life force energy flow and achieve specific outcomes. It’s how you enhance the Reiki practice.

There are many Reiki systems, and each has multiple symbols. Usui Reiki Ryoho, Karuna Reiki, and Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing shape the Reiki universe.

This article gathers the most important Reiki symbols from these 3 systems in one place. Its role is to help you better understand each one and how to use them in therapy.

What To Expect From This Article

If you are attuned for at least the second degree, this will be particularly relevant.

Symbols are present in almost every culture, religion, or spiritual text. They can be represented in different ways, from simple writings to iconic personalities. Throughout history, they influenced the way we perceive the world and many people still use them as a guide in their daily lives.

When it comes to Reiki you should know that there are no better or more powerful symbols than others.

Each has its role, and their power lies in the way you use them.

On the other hand, apart from the Usui Reiki Symbols, there are many others that you might stumble upon.

This can become confusing, and I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count.

That’s why, in this article, you’ll find not only the symbols for Usui Reiki but also the ones used in other systems. Karuna Reiki and Shambala MDH are the main ones but we’ll go through a few non-traditional Reiki symbols as well.

It’s a journey that will give many insights and, hopefully, add value to what you already know.

On top of that, I intend to provide context and clear things out if needed, by going beyond the traditional path and showing you what’s out there.

NOTE: Their importance and value cannot be underestimated. Each symbol’s true potential is revealed only when the student is attuned for the corresponding Reiki level.

In anticipation of your next attunement, it’s good to have knowledge of them and become aware of their uses.

What Are Reiki Symbols And What’s Their Meaning

Four things need to be mentioned before we dive in.

1 – When it comes to Reiki, you should know that all symbols are good and useful. There is no symbol better than the other. It all depends on your need and intention. Reiki symbols can have different vibrations. Therefore, they can be used in different ways.

2 – Reiki symbols don’t necessarily make you a better practitioner. Using hand positions as the only way you do Reiki can be enough to find the results you’re looking for. You should never disregard this technique.

3 – Reiki symbols are a fascinating topic, and I understand why they attract so much interest. Just be careful not to make them the core of your practice. Consider using them only as a boost for raising your awareness and consciousness towards your spiritual development. The real work that you need to undertake is with your inner-self.

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4 – Traditional Reiki symbols are split into two main groups:

  1. A Japanese Kanji sequence of words and meanings that make a whole representation of philosophy, function or practice. 
  2. A form of expressing an ideology that has the direct purpose of healing a certain part (emotional, mental, metaphysical) of your life and/or your body.

At an energetic and spiritual level, the Reiki healing symbols act as gateways to certain types of energies and entities. In turn, these represent different manifestations of the universal life force energy that flows through us.

So, each symbol connects to a certain vibration. It increases the energy level of your body, mind, and spirit while healing you from within.

We are all channels through which the universal life force energy flows. This can manifest efficiently through symbols and intention.

Therefore, the purpose is to raise your vibration and discover the root of your problems. Then you can start healing by opening the main energy channels and centers.

Types Of Reiki Symbols

As mentioned before, Reiki symbols belong to different types of levels and systems.

Each level and each Reiki system represents a spiritual threshold that one must pass to achieve an efficient state of healing, awareness, and higher consciousness.

Thus, the symbols can differ in power and vibration.

There are symbols for:

  • concentrating the energy and power into a certain place;
  • harmonizing and balancing;
  • mental and emotional healing;
  • opening a dimension to a certain place or space;
  • healing and opening emotional and communication blockages;
  • surrounding and filling yourself with energy;
  • connecting to certain angels/archangels;
  • balancing your energy fields and energy centers (chakras);
  • aligning your chakras;
  • grounding;
  • abundance;

… and many more.

How To Properly Draw And Use Reiki Symbols

You can activate the Reiki symbols by:


  • Put the index and middle finger together with the thumb (out of your 5 fingers, these 3 can channel the most energy and their gathering has the purpose of concentrating it into one point);
  • You can also use your hand or one finger while pronouncing (even in silence) the symbol’s name. Do this 3 times while drawing it, and it will enhance its activation power;


  • After you become more accustomed to the Reiki symbols and after you gain some experience, you can simply visualize them using intention;
  • First, you must learn what it does to have a clear image of that symbol;


Chanting represents the vocal and physical presence of a symbol.

Therefore, pronouncing its name three times will help make it present in the physical world. You may combine chanting with any other way of activating the Reiki symbols. You don’t need to shout the symbol’s name. A silent pronunciation is enough.

NOTE(1): Whenever you feel that you haven’t drawn the Reiki symbol correctly, remember that intention is the key. This will allow the universal energy to work towards your goal.

NOTE(2): Do not use any of the Reiki symbols on a person or a group of people without their acceptance!

Be aware that Reiki promotes life and therefore try to avoid using it on infections.

After you achieve a higher level of experience and vibration, you can then work on infections with the intention of annihilating the bacteria/viruses.

Reiki On Animals: you can do Reiki (hands-on) on animals, but do not draw any symbols directly on them;

Debating if animals have a soul is beyond the scope of this article. At a basic level, think about how any animal is fond of the person who takes care of it. With Reiki, you can go one step further and help them whenever needed.

Activate your palms with the Reiki symbols and send energy for their greater good and emotional balance. Whenever an animal feels like it has received enough energy, it will leave and most likely fall asleep. Because we can’t know what their pain is, use your intention.

The Most Important Reiki Symbols

Generally speaking, all Reiki symbols are important.

However, I would highlight the fact that every practitioner has to learn the fundamentals, the core of Reiki, and that is: the Usui Reiki Rhoyo system.

In a way, I would point out that the most important teachings are found in the Usui Reiki symbols. That’s because you cannot move forward without first understanding their use and vibration.

Then, the Karuna Reiki symbols follow. The system itself has a higher vibration and potential for raising your spiritual consciousness.
So, the symbols at this level have a higher vibration as well. Some connect to the Archangels. You can use these for energetic protection, accessing certain elements, and even healing humankind.

Next is the Shamballa MDH Reiki system. This is literally the next level in spiritual awareness. The concepts, symbols, and meditations presented here are quite unique. The symbols from Shamballa MDH Reiki focus on balancing the chakras and raising your consciousness level.

Each Reiki symbol has its meaning, vibration, and its use complements other symbols and techniques.

It all depends on us and how we decide to put them in practice.

Note: the following pieces of information are brief descriptions. If you’re interested in learning more and read an in-depth article, just click the corresponding link for each symbol.

Usui Reiki Symbols

Normally all Reiki practitioners start with this system.

In a few words, Usui Reiki represents the fundamentals that take you through the phases of connecting with yourself. At this stage, you learn how to heal and cleanse.

It’s the foundation of the Reiki practice. Mastering this system is the first step to a higher state of awareness and consciousness.

Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol (CKR)

There are no symbols at Reiki level 1. This is where you receive access to the universal light through the attunement process. Also known as the beginner’s teachings, at this first degree, you get to learn about yourself through Reiki.

However, Cho Ku Rei is the first symbol you learn in Reiki, and it’s revealed to you at the second degree or Reiki level 2.

It’s known as the “Reiki Power Symbol” and can be generally translated as: “Placing all the power of the Universe here, now”.

cho ku rei reiki symbol

Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol acts as a light switch before starting self-treatment or treatment on others.

You may use and draw CKR on all your energy centers (primary and secondary) for cleansing, activation, and protection. Draw it on your body and visualize it on your back as well.

It enhances the practitioner’s flow of energy, cleanses, and keeps away unwanted energies.

You can also draw CKR over a painful area, accompanied by 10 minutes of hands-on therapy.

When placing this Reiki symbol between you and a person (or animal) it creates a barrier of energy that acts like a filter. This keeps away the negative thoughts or intentions the other person might have.

Use CKR for protecting and cleansing your house. Do this by drawing it on each wall, ceiling, floor, and corner of the room. 

NOTE: Cho Ku Rei is always useful to enhance the energy of any treatment, therapy, or other symbols but remember that intention is key.

CKR allows the energy to flow properly.

It can have various uses, from cleansing your food and drinks to eliminating blockages within your energetic system.

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Sei He Ki (SHK) Or The Mental And Emotional Reiki Healing Symbol

This is the second symbol you learn at Reiki level 2. It represents mental-emotional healing, harmony, and balance.

sei he ki reiki symbol

SHK helps you establish a better connection with your consciousness and sub-conscience levels and see what needs to be healed.

This Reiki symbol brings harmony when you draw or invoke it in a room with a group of people.

You can use Sei He Ki Reiki symbol to help cure addictions such as smoking or drinking, as well as negative induced thoughts and patterns.

You can do this in self-treatment by having the intention of freeing yourself from any kind of addiction.

With time, the energy of SHK will work with your emotional side as well, letting you know what the root cause is.

Next, it will mentally cleanse you by making you aware of the negative effects of that addiction.

It’s like opening the window in the morning to get some fresh air.

The same works for Sei He Ki.

It releases negative energy and allows the positive one to enter.

More about Sei He Ki in this article >>

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN) Or The Reiki Distance Symbol

Also known as the Reiki distance symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is one of the most powerful symbols in all Reiki systems.

hon sha ze sho nen reiki symbol

It’s the third symbol you learn in the Usui Reiki Rhoyo system.

It generically translates as:

“Without Past, present or future”.

“The Divinity in me contacts the Divinity in you”.

Usui Reiki Symbols Chart

It allows us to transcend time and space when helping others, sending light, connecting to someone, or just meditating.

Usually, it’s used together with Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki to connect with the universal source of life force energy.

From here on, you can visualize it flowing through your body, healing all your structures.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be used as part of a distance healing treatment for a patient that may feel uncomfortable receiving hands-on Reiki treatment.

Use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen To Send Healing Energy For:

• Yourself – past, present or future

Whether you intend to use it for your well being or a specific, important event in your life, sending Reiki healing energy for your future will help settle all prospect events for your greater good.

Even if the outcome is sometimes different than you would expect, the events that should happen will be put in motion.

Everything will develop in a balanced way and for your greater good.

By using the sequence of CKR+SHK+HSZSN you can send energy (distance healing) in time and space.

When sending to your past to heal a certain event like a break-up or trauma, I would recommend not making it a habit.

If you like, a rule of thumb would be no more than 5-10 minutes from time to time.

Remember, you want to heal the moment.

You don’t want to bring its energy back.

By healing your past, you also heal consequences from the present and future.

• Somebody else – at a distance or in the future

First of all, remember to have the approval of the person before sending energy!

You can then either use a photo, her written name, or even visualization to send healing energy using the same sequence of Reiki symbols.

• Someone who passed away

Having this intention for 10 minutes from time to time can help that spirit on its path to evolution.

It’s always good to help close ones that passed away as they can guide us in our life as well.

Keep in mind that this is not a way to communicate with them.

• Your Reiki Spirit Guides

By sending energy from time to time to your Spirit Guides, it enhances both their ability to help you, as well as easing the communication with them. 

They are there to offer support and guidance. Asking them for help and sending healing energy will bring many positive results.

• Reiki projects

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start, to grow your spiritual side, or even achieve a material goal, building a Reiki project is extremely useful.

Just remember to write all your wishes at the present time. You have to think about them like they are already manifesting themselves, positively without negations. 

Always mention “for the greater good”.

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Shika Sei Ki Reiki Symbol

This Reiki symbol is best used for the heart chakra (Anahata – the 4th chakra) because it removes negative energies from this area as well as emotional stress, anger, and anxiety.

shika sei ki reiki symbol

It has the ability to focus a lot of energy in one area.

It brings peace, serenity and enhances your capability to offer and receive love while filling your heart chakra with light.

Drawing it in the center of a room, together with Sei He Ki, will create a warm and loving environment.

It is a beneficial symbol of healing relationships. It can remove monotony and bring emotional balance.

You can use it when you feel sad, depressed, or angry.

It can basically work for any issues involving the heart.

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Shika So Reiki Symbol

This Reiki symbol is mostly used for the throat chakra (the 5th chakra – Vishuddha). It deals with communication issues, thyroid problems, and energetic imbalances.

shika so reiki symbol

It helps open ourselves for a better connection with other people. It may remove anxiety when speaking to a large group.

Shika So works really well for couples who have communication issues.

Drawing it in the middle of a room enhances the desire for communication and understanding.

Expressing your feelings verbally and harmoniously can have unbelievable healing effects. This may release certain “trapped” emotions that can only be revealed through communication.

Dai Ko Myo – The Master Symbol

Dai Ko Myo is considered to be the Master Usui Reiki Rhoyo symbol that you get access to in Reiki Level 3.

dai ko myo reiki symbol

It’s the Divine energy that manifests through the healing hands and us.

As a general Japanese meaning, it translates as “Great Shining Light”.

It has the capacity to fill with light both a place or an object. It can also go beyond that and influence crystals, living organisms, and human beings.

You can activate it in your palms the same way you do with other symbols. Then, draw it on your body and energy centers.

Dai Ko Myo represents the pure light, the highest level of wisdom and energy that a person can aspire to. It connects to the Divine love, which surrounds and sustains us.

It represents pure joy, love, happiness, success, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

Meditating on can gradually raise your vibration and change your life for the better.

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The Tibetan Dai Ko Myo

This is also considered a Reiki Master Symbol, used mostly in attunements to open the main energy channel.

tibetan dai ko myo reiki symbol

It has more ancient positive energy and very high vibration.

This symbol assists you in removing residual energy from an area or energetic blockages in therapy.

Tibetan Dai Ko Myo can realign chakras with the corresponding vibration that your body needs.

The Serpent of Fire (Nin Giz Zida)

Use it at the beginning of attunements and deep healing sessions.

Draw it on your back or the back of the person you are doing Reiki on, to align the chakras. It also helps to open and clear the energy path of the main channel, Sushumna.

serpent of fire reiki symbol

Add Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki to the sequence to clear your energetic path. Do this by drawing them in front of you and parallel to the ground.

The Dragon of Fire

This Reiki symbol works well in treating affections related to the female genital organs.

dragon of fire reiki symbol

It has a very important role in establishing your connection with the earth and balancing the higher, celestial energies with the telluric ones.

The Dragon of Fire symbol is particularly useful in grounding you. This leads to balancing out the celestial and telluric forms of energy. It should provide a healthy boost at the physical level.

Karuna Reiki Symbols

Karuna Reiki system was brought to our word through the Reiki Master William Lee Rand.

As a whole Reiki system, it is said that Karuna Reiki has a much higher vibration than Usui Reiki.

This does not mean that one is “weaker”. It simply indicates that Karuna Reiki has a more mystical approach.

It contains many spiritual meditations with angels, archangels and ascendant masters.

Also, the symbols are quite different from traditional Reiki.

In this system, the symbols have multiple roles. They heal extremely deep imbalances at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

Using the Usui Reiki Symbols together with the ones from Karuna Reiki will considerably amplify and enhance the power of your Reiki practice.


The first Karuna Reiki symbol that you will learn is Zonar. It roughly represents infinity – infinite love, infinite evolution.

zonar karuna reiki symbol

This symbol has been revealed to Marcy Millier through a guided meditation.

It has a strong connection to Archangel Gabriel, who brings Divine messages.

Zonar connects to your past lives and has a deep healing level, reaching cellular and DNA layers.

At this level, it simply dissolves any negative patterns, replacing them with pure light.

Zonar supports unity and wholeness.

It may be very well used on all the energy centers (primary and secondary) together with the rest of the Usui Reiki symbols.

Draw it on the walls, ceiling, and floor to achieve a very strong shielding effect. 

One of the most beautiful things about this symbol is its connection to Archangel Gabriel.

This is a healing relationship.

Consider including Zonar when sending energy through the distance healing technique to a relationship. This will help heal any karmic issues that might interfere with that particular relationship.

Zonar also has a strong supportive role in healing emotional traumas or issues.


Looking similar to Zonar, Halu Reiki symbol has the main attributes of psychic and global protection.

halu karuna reiki symbol

Halu can create a structural and energetic field of protection similar to a “pyramid of energy”.

It has a strong connection to Archangel Raphael, the protector. It acts as a guide of all doctors, therapists, and healers. 

As the previous symbols, Halu may be used on your energy centers (primary and secondary) as well as for cleansing interior spaces.

Some of the main uses of Halu Reiki symbol:

  • It increases self-trust by activating it on your energy centers;
  • Protects against any kind of physical, mental aggression and/or manipulation techniques;
  • Through meditation, Halu can heal your body’s energetic structures and place your consciousness in balance with your soul.
  • It helps you recognize the past traumas and heal them in your optimum rhythm. 
  • Halu connects us to the acknowledgment of our own mistakes. Becoming self-aware teaches us how to avoid “pointing fingers” and take responsibility for our actions.
  • It helps us harmonize ourselves with our flaws and imperfections through learning. It teaches us how to analyze and change things that are not useful to our spiritual evolution.


One may notice the name resemblance with the word “heart” and that’s because this Reiki symbol represents pure love and light.

harth karuna reiki symbol

Using Harth opens up the gateways to the highest and purest forms of energy and vibration. This leads to an understanding of unconditional and divine love.

I would advise to use it on the crown, third eye, and the heart chakras.

When you activate it on the crown energy center, it reconnects you to your loving desire for life and intuition.

If you activate it on the heart and throat chakras, it will help improve your relationships. This leads to further benefits like diminishing cardiac issues.

Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Shika Sei Ki + Harth + Dai Ko Myo

This represents the ideal sequence of Reiki symbols to:

  • Eliminate emotional blockages by enhancing the feeling of love towards ourselves and others. It will then keep any cardiovascular issues at bay. After all, we need to understand that any physical problems are a consequence of an energetic issue, which in turn has a spiritual cause. In this case, a lack of self-love and compassion towards others has the negative physical cause of cardiac issues.
  • Slowly place your emotional body in a state of healing by bringing to the conscious mind the source of imbalances at this level.
  • Fills your heart chakra (Anahata) and the direct energy center of your heart with pure positive energy.

Drawing Harth will bring the energy of love and compassion to any specific area.


This Karuna Reiki symbol has the main attribute of grounding and balance.

rama karuna reiki symbol

Rama has a strong connection with the Archangel Michael.

Using the Rama symbol in self-treatment will help eliminate any energy blockages. In turn, this leads to better energy flow through your body.

Whenever you have a feeling of not being grounded, that you’re “up in the clouds”, use Rama on your feet with the intention of grounding yourself. 

Rama is exceptionally useful for cleansing and purifying indoor spaces. 

You can do this by applying Rama in the center and corners of each room.

Avoid using this Karuna Reiki symbol directly on someone in therapy.

I found Rama to be very useful for:

  • My protection;
  • Protection and cleansing of indoor spaces (this can be anything from your bedroom to a working space);
  • Cleansing and protection of crystals;
  • Opening the energetic road and facilitating an easy path to wherever you would like to go;
  • Enhancing your ability to focus on daily tasks;
  • Removing feelings of depression or sadness;
  • Rama is able to keep away dark energy entities and negative intentions from other people;


As the name suggests, “Knowledge” is Gnosa’s main trait.

gnosa karuna reiki symbol

This symbol has been revealed to Marie Abraham through guided meditation.

It is mostly applied to the third eye and crown chakras to develop intuition and freeing the energetic path of learning and understanding. 

Gnosa is strongly connected to the angels of Divine wisdom.

It works well in helping you with studying and memorizing. It amplifies your ability to focus and enhances mental clarity as well as your creative side.

On a more spiritual note, when you use it in self-treatment and meditation, it helps connect to your higher-self and unveil the absolute Divine truth. 

This Karuna symbol can bring to the surface your potentials for true spiritual knowledge and wisdom: compassion, love, peace, and forgiveness.

When you draw a double Gnosa on the crown chakra, it can eliminate fatigue, help you recover from hangovers, and give you a strong general focus.

Another amazing trait of this Reiki symbol is that it provides awareness.

That’s why, when used in self-treatment, it supports self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love in a harmonious, non-narcissistic way.


The main trait of this wonderful symbol is the manifestation of material creation through action and its connection to the angels of creativity.


It was channeled by Reiki Master Kathleen Millner in collaboration with William Lee Rand.

Any wish can become true if they are done according to the Divine will. 

Kriya influences those wishes to manifest in real, physical life. That is why, besides your other initiatives, it empowers the Reiki projects along with the other symbols.

One of the best uses of this Karuna Reiki symbol is activating it on the crown chakra.

According to the Divine Will, you need to have a clear intention to receive all that is best suited for you and your life.

Kriya turns ideas into action.

It removes the subconscious struggle and amplifies your will to manifest and focus.

I often use it for grounding and cleansing at the same time.

To achieve this I draw it from the hips down the legs and finish with the spirals on the feet.

Kriya Karuna Reiki symbol can be used for ambitious purposes as well.

Having a high vibration, it can be used together with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to help heal entire regions of our planet.

Obviously, this can’t be achieved overnight and in isolation. More people have to work on it. With the right intention and in time, the effects will become present.


The main attribute of this symbol is to phase out the veil of illusions.

Iava has the ability to eliminate the false self-generated conditionings and open the channel to reality.


Revealed through channeling by Reiki Master Catherine Mills.

Earth, fire, wind, water, and spirit are represented in harmony through this beautiful Karuna Reiki symbol. It indicates how everything is a whole.

Iava has a strong connection with the angels of harmony, nature, and the angles of Earth.

By activating it on the crown chakra (especially drawing it twice on the hemispheres) you access your own authentic ideas and clear the influence of others.

It can also act as a protection against manipulations and negatively induces thoughts.

You can use it in self-treatment to develop a resistance against social patterns or superstitions by protecting your rational side.

Iava helps us regain our inner strength and the self-trust that lies within us.


This is a high vibrational symbol that has peace as the main attribute.

From a spiritual side, it connects to the angels of harmony, peace, and support. 


I use this Karuna Reiki symbol on the 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd chakras, including their projections.

This helps me harmonize, open, and balance them in a short amount of time.

Together with Sei He Ki and Shika Sei Ki, they bring peace and harmony to an environment.

Here are some of the important uses for Shanti:

  • It helps bring harmony and peace when activated in an energy center or situation;
  • Induces a feeling of relaxation when chanted (Shanti means peace in the Indian Language);
  • Helps manifest material projects in a harmonious way;
  • Can defuse panic attacks and fears;
  • Contributes to detachment, accepting the present while helping create a radiant future;
  • In self-treatment it helps with insomnia;
  • Can improve self-trust;


Like Dai Ko Myo in Usui Reiki, AUM or OM is the master symbol for Karuna Reiki.


It personifies the essence of:

  • Compassion
  • Unconditional Love
  • Forgiveness
  • True mastery of oneself

Originally a Sanskrit symbol, it connects to the angels of Divine harmony and purity.

It is considered to hold the energy and knowledge of eons of spiritual evolution, not only from this physical world but from other spiritual planes of existence.

Meditating on it can bring to the surface many secrets of our true, inner potential.

AUM represents Universal unity. It produces the essence of purity and connection to Divinity.

Used in the attunement process, it opens the crown chakra and the main energy channel, Sushumna.

Used together with Dai Ko Myo and Harth, it creates the ideal path to love, harmony, and light.

As some of you may already know, AUM is part of one of the most powerful mantras that exist:

“Aum Mani Padme Hum”

Although it has many meanings, this Reiki symbol, and especially this mantra, is used for purifying and helping oneself reach higher consciousness through meditation.

Here is an example of a beautiful meditation using chanting for Aum Mani Padme Hum:

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (MDH) Reiki Symbols

It is said that the Reiki Shamballa system was channeled by The Count of Saint Germain directly to John Armitage and acts as an expansion of the Reiki knowledge and energies.

Would You Like To Learn Shamballa MDH Reiki

Send me an email and let me know more about what you need.

Nevertheless, this is a high-vibrational concept that offers amazing results if applied correctly.

Shamballa MDH has even more meditations than Karuna Reiki, with each one meant to help raise the practitioner’s consciousness and spiritual potential.

In addition to that, it offers the practitioner access to some of the highest energies known to mankind such as the Christic Consciousness energy, the Mahatma Energy, Ascendant Masters energy, Tibetan energy, and Archangel’s Michael energy.

Shamballa MDH is considered to have 352 symbols of incredible power that remain unknown to most people for that very reason.

One may access them through deep, consistent meditation or revelations if the initiated is allowed to receive any.

Here are the most important Shamballa MDH Reiki symbols:

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

This symbol is represented by the manifestation of the Divine Mother.

I use it on the back of the body for re-alining and energizing the chakras.

When activated on the back and on the crown chakra, it has the power to simultaneously ground and connect you to the universal life force energy.

Also, Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma can rebalance and activate the energy at the DNA level.

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Motor Zanon

This is quite a unique Reiki symbol. Its purpose is to literally disintegrate the bacteria or viruses that cause an infection or a disease.

motor zanon shamballa mdh

It’s also called the Anti-Viral symbol.

Used together with Cho Ku Rei, it can bring amazing results.

Use CKR 3 times > then Motor Zanon > then again CKR 3 times over the body’s area where the infection started.

I have used this sequence while asking specialized entities for guidance. This was a while ago when I had a pretty bad illness. In two or three days I recovered without using heavy medicine.

Considering that Halu, from Karuna Reiki, connects to Archangel Raphael, the patron of all doctors and therapists, I would recommend bringing this into the equation as well.

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Palm Master Symbol

As the name suggests it can be activated on your palms as well as on the back of your body, starting with the crown chakra.

palm master shamballa mdh

Point 1 connects to the crown chakra, 2 to the third eye, 3 for the throat, 4 through the remaining chakras and 5 connects to the Soul Star chakra, which is located approximately 10-15 inches above the crown chakra.

This can help you, your soul, and higher-self connect within one energetic structure.

In return, if you use it often and in self-treatment, this will help heal imbalances on all levels while activating the universal source of life force energy.

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Amsui symbolizes completion.

It is used in Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing attunement process and each segment represents a unique symbol corresponding to a certain level of consciousness.

amsui shamballa mdh

It may be used when a person is going through spiritual awakening and needs to adapt to the new changing energies and vibrations.

This Reiki symbol is credited to Bas Van Woelderen.

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Ho Ka O ili ili

This Shamballa symbol helps with self-esteem.

Ho Ka O ili ili

When used on the front and back of your body it creates an aura that streams the idea of respect.

You can condition it to remain activated or you can simply visualize it again if needed.

It’s very useful especially by those with a poor self-image and in need to learn that they must first respect themselves in order to be respected by others.

Of course, this can be done harmoniously with the help of Ho Ka O Ili Ili Reiki Symbol.

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If you were ever wondering if there is a “Reiki symbol for money”, this is the one.


This Shamballa symbol has the attribute and energy of material and spiritual abundance.

It is not used in treatment as much. Usually, it is found in Reiki projects related to business or self-growth.

It simply helps to manifest abundance and removes poverty energy by bringing prosperity into consciousness.

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There are many more Reiki symbols to talk about that have unique representations and uses. In this general presentation, we cover the most common as well as some of the non-traditional ones.

What you should leave with from this article is what they actually serve and how to use them correctly.

Use it as a guide and a point of reference for you or anyone in need of a more clear image of the Reiki symbols.

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Vlad is a Usui Reiki Grand Master/Teacher who has also gained the Master/Teacher Level in Karuna, Shamballa MDH, and Gendai Reiki, with 15+ years of experience. He now shares his knowledge through ReikiScoop. You can always read more about Vlad and ReikiScoop in the about section.

82 thoughts on “24 Reiki Symbols And How To Use Them In Usui, Karuna, And Shamballa”

  1. Hello: Could you please explain this “ Avoid using this Karuna Reiki symbol directly on someone in therapy”?
    The reason I asked is because I have used it, just before finishing the healing to ground the client with the help of St Michael!
    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi there, Rochelle and thank you for your question.

      Indeed you can use Rama on another person with the purpose of helping and offering therapy of course.

      What I meant to say was “not use it without another person’s consent”, considering its power.

      It was an oversight from my side and I shall correct it soon enough.

      Thank you for pointing this out.

  2. Hi: When you indicate to use Dai Ko Myo in combination with other symbols, are you referring to the Usui or Tibetan symbol?
    You don’t have any idea how much of an asset your teaching has become to my healing practice! Even though, I knew Karuna Reiki, no one could tell me the process of how to combine it! So for the longest time I continued doing Usui Reiki, and kind left Karuna in the back burner! Love and Light to you! Thank you,

    • Hi there, Rochelle.

      Thank you for your kind words and it brings me a lot of joy knowing that this knowledge is useful for you!

      Karuna is a wonderful and very powerful Reiki system. The energy that it brings is unique. Out of all Reiki systems, I believe that Karuna Reiki has the best, harmonious blend with Usui Reiki. They amplify each other’s power and effectiveness.

      When we talk about combining Dai Ko Myo with other symbols I refer to the Usui Master symbol. It can be used almost any combination of symbols according to your need.

  3. can i start using the above mentioned symbols of karuna reiki even if i am just a reiki level 2 practitioner (Usui system of attunement). or do i need another attunement for these symbols? please help.

    • Hi there Pooja and thank you for writing.

      What I can tell you is that you do need to have a Karuna Reiki attunement in order to use the symbols from this system.

      Having said that, remember that you have access to the universal life force energy, therefore you can tap into the vibration of this symbols to some extend.

      Try meditation on each of the Karuna symbols and see what you can gain from feeling their vibration.

  4. Thank you so much for the confirmation. Years ago, just after receiving my master certification in Usui reiki, I started receiving the Shamballa reiki symbols in meditation. The process was incredibly intense, and I couldn’t really find any information on it. This is the first time I have found any coherent information on the symbols I received, so thank you! Many blessings!

    • Hi there

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for your kind words. It is a blessing that you were able to channel powerful symbols such as those from the Shamballa MDH Reiki system through meditation. There is a lot of information for this beautiful system and we are all in a continuous learning process. There are still over 360 hidden yet powerful symbols in Shamballa MDH Reiki that are waiting to be discovered. Hopefully, we will reach the required wisdom and energy level to access at least a part of them.

  5. Hi Vlad!
    I am form Assam in India. I received Reiki I & II attunements more than 20 years back and initially practised regularly. Did my 21 days full body cleansing also. I also received attunement in karuna reiki from a reiki master. But some how could not carry on the practice regularly. However still when I try to give hands on reiki to someone in the family I feel vibrations in my palms. Can I restart giving reiki to self and others using the reiki symbols taught in Reiki II course which I remember and karuna reiki symbols which I have almost forgotten about. Further, can I use the Reki master symbol and other symbols as mentioned in your this article. Regards, Aditya

    • Hi there Aditya.

      Of course, you can restart your Reiki practice. Using the symbols will offer you an enhanced potential for channeling the universal life force energy.

      Feel free to start practicing on yourself first so that you can strengthen your connection with the universal energy. Then, it will be much easier for you to help others.


    • Hi there Lorene and thank you for writing.

      Reiki is not usually used for infections, viruses, bacteria, or parasites, especially if you are level 1. However, there are ways to get rid of such elements if you understand some basic concepts.

      A virus, parasite, or bacteria has only one energetic field and that is usually called a vital energetic field. If this is destroyed, the bacteria, virus, or parasite dies. There are two ways to do this:

      1. You can activate all the Reiki symbols you have access to on your palms and chakras. Then you can “condition” or “inform” the energy that travels through your palms to focus on disintegrating the vital energy field of the parasite and the parasite itself as well.

      2. You can use higher vibrational symbols and methods if you have access to them. One of these is Motor Zanon from Shamballa MDH Reiki. Using CKR x3 + MOTOR ZANON + CKR x3 every day (even two times per day) should help a lot. Motor Zanon basically ruptures the energetic structure of a virus, bacteria, or parasite.
      You may also ask Saint Germain to offer you the Silver-Violet Flame. This kills most bacteria or viruses and also negative energies. Remember, the intention is the key.

      In order to do all this, your personal vibration needs to be raised as well. This is strongly liked to your ability to forgive (and forget), understanding, and conceptual thinking towards life itself.

  6. Hello Vlad,

    I am a Reiki Master/ teacher myself and would like to try the non-traditional symbols. As you mentioned before one could have an attunement for the symbols but it is not necessary. I like the way you approach Reiki and I would like your opinion on self attunements on the symbols if that is an option.

    Thank you

    • Hi Susanne.

      Yes, in order to have access to the full potential of a symbol you need to be attuned to it. Having said that if you were attuned for Reiki level 2 but not on the non-traditional symbols, you can try to use them and see how it works.

      I believe that self-attunement can be done only as a refresh. That means that you needed to be attuned by a master/teacher on that Reiki level or system. Then you can re-attune yourself. I am not exactly a big fan of self-attunements, neither of distance attunements.

      Here is a link with a video of mine explaining the idea of using symbols without being attuned to them:


      • Hi Vlad,

        This is Gautam (full name – Ashok Kumar Gautam) Age : 70 Years

        About 25 years ago, the period of fortune came into my life when I was attuned for Usai Reiki Part-1. After 06 months for Part-2 and after about one year for Mastership.

        Although every day of my life had happiness, peace and more importantly the satisfaction when I used to practice self heeling with different symbol, but in the next year I was blessed with attunement of Karuna Reiki Mastership.

        This brought tremendous change in my life. In place of self heeling with symbol, I just used to sit for hours together in meditation.

        But during past one year, physical illness ( due to increase of age) has again brought me back to self heeling.

        Just last week I visited your site & collected so much useful information regarding symbol and their use – I have to words to describe.

        I shall contact yourself for some additional information possibly in next month.

        • Hi there Gautam and thank you for writing.

          Perhaps it’s a new period of life that brings its own type of spiritual evolution. You can use this for a different type of awakening through Usui and Karuna Reiki.

          I am very happy that you found the articles useful. You can email me personally at contact@reikiscoop.com for more information.


    • Hi Shashikala

      I am not aware of such a symbol. There are many symbols for opening the heart chakra, but I don’t know the “soulmate Reiki symbol.

      If you would be so kind to shed some light on this I would be grateful.

  7. Hi Vlad,

    I stumbled upon this site last night during my research on reiki, such a great resource!

    I am interested in learning reiki but due to current pandemic situations, I am unable to attend in-person classes, and receive the attunements in person (cases spiking in my location).
    I read in one of your replies that you are not big on distance attunements.
    May I ask why is that?
    Do you also have the same views (not big) on online classes?
    I’m wondering if I should wait until pandemic is over before I start learning reiki, in person?

    Also, I noticed you numbered the strokes on the symbols. Do the order/direction matter or it’s mostly/all about your intention?

    Thank you very much for your time!
    I appreciate all your efforts in sharing the knowledge!

    • Hi there Jenny and pleasure to meet you.

      I have to admit that I changed my perspective regarding distance attunements. In my opinion, there were several “technical” reasons why a distance attunement was not efficient. Again, everyone has the right to learn and change their opinions and after debating this with my fellow Reiki teachers I can accept performing distance attunements depending on the level of vibration of the student.

      About online classes, there was never a problem. I have done before one-on-one classes with many students, especially regarding Usui Reiki.

      AS for the strokes that “build” the physical manifestation of a symbol, what matters most is your clear intention and knowledge of that symbol. You have to know what you are activating/using.

      If you are interested in private Reiki classes, let’s talk on the email platform.


  8. Hi can you please tell me if I can use reiki abundance symbol being a reiki master and natural healer thank you

    • Hi Maureen.
      If you are not attuned in Shamballa MDH Reiki, then you can connect to the energies of the Abundance symbol through meditation. You can also do this through the CKR+SHK+HSZSN sequence.

  9. Dear Vlad
    Hope all is well with you. I am grateful for this article and the time you took to write such pertinent information for us.
    I am a Reiki Master and want to become a Reiki Grand Master. Just for interest sake, do I have to learn all these other Reiki modules to become one? Much love and light 💜🙏

    • Hi there Sharon.

      You can become a Usui Reiki Grand Master with only Usui Reiki. It does require a lot of experience, however. Having said that, being attuned in other systems can only help boost your development, vibration, and understanding of the essence of Reiki.


  10. Great article! Thank you for sharing! These symbols are very useful and I can use it to meditate and combine with the Usui Reiki symbols! Thank you!!

  11. Master ,
    Very nice of you in sharing the powerful symbols with others for the use of many for universal happiness. It shows how selfless you are. I am also a reiki master from Bangalore. Now a days I am getting many requests from covid patients, their relatives and friends. I will add your symbols for better results. God be with you in all your endeavours.

    • Hi there and thank you for your kind words.

      I am grateful that you find the offered information useful.

      And yes, tap into their energy and use the symbols for helping others with their consent.


  12. Thank you for this article. Lots of brilliant information. Can you suggest a symbol or practice to work with someone who has nerve damage from a viral infection? I see you suggest motor zanon for viral issues. The outward viral symptoms resolved 3 years ago. But there is nerve damage and significant, ongoing problems with that. I would really appreciate any suggestions. The individual in question has reiki 2 and does self healing most days. I have level 3 usui and level 2 karuna and I give them reiki when I can. Thank you!

    • Hi Sharon and thank you so much for your kind words and for reaching out.

      Indeed, I would suggest Motor Zanon as a helpful symbol for infections. But in the case you have presented, you have to help heal the consequences.

      From a Reiki perspective, I would suggest using Zonar and Halu but perhaps in a slightly different way. You can activate them (and/or visualize them) in a microscopic dimension to go inside the nerve structure. Here, you can guide the symbols and the energy they bring with the intention of healing (repairing) the nerves and the brain’s energetic structure. Using them as presented will bring the necessary energies and light entities to go deep into that energetic level. I think it’s worth trying this, but it will take time for her/him to recover, therefore try to do 5-minute sessions each day.

      You can also follow up with a general Reiki treatment (at least on the head area) with the intention of regenerating the nerve and brain energetic structure.


      • Wow that is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much. I will try it! Blessings to you as well and thanks for this amazing web site! ❤️🌈🦋

  13. Is it possible to use every symbol with Shamballa since it is a higher dimension energy? Or do you need to do karuna reiki and other initiations

  14. Hello Vlad

    Thank you so much, really great insights on the symbols and its uses.
    I am a Usui reiki Grand master and also have been attuned for some Karuna reiki symbols.
    I would like to know, can I do self attunement for Shamballa reiki symbols or do i need to get it attuned from a Master.


    • Hi there Shwetha and thank you for writing.

      Well, I believe that you can do a “re-attunement” on the same system that you already have been attuned to but not on a new one.

      For that, you would need a teacher/master that has the master/teacher level in that respective system.

      If you wish to re-attune yourself or to re-establish a better connection with a system that you were already attuned to a long time ago – a meditation for reconnecting will suffice. You need to ask your guides to help and support you in the process.


  15. Hi
    I’ve done Reiki Levels 1 & 2, also Sekhem Levels 1 &2. I’ve not come across the master levels before. Is it OK to practise and use these Master symbols even though I have not been initiated at this level?

    • Hi Maggie,

      You can tap into the energy of the master symbols through meditation or by using CKR + SHK + HSZSN towards the symbol you with to connect.

      So it’s ok to try and use them but in order to benefit from their full spiritual potential, an attunement on that level is required.


  16. Дякую, Влад. Дуже користа інформація в статті. У мене запитання: чи можно отримувати настройки Рєйки від Майстра дістанційно? І, як це може вплинути на частоти каналів? Дякую за відповідь.

  17. Thank you, Vlad. Very useful information in articles. I have a question: is it possible to get Reiki settings from the Master remotely? And how can this affect channel frequencies? Thanks for the answer.

    • Hi there Natali.

      First off, thank you for your kind words.

      If you are asking me if it’s possible to get distance attunements, yes it is possible. Personally, I prefer the face-to-face approach, but that’s just me.

      A distance attunement will enhance the opening of the crown energetic center and allow the universal life force energy to flow through your body at an optimum rate.

      If you referring to receiving distance Reiki healing and not an attunement, then the answer is still “yes”, You can send/receive Reiki distance healing. it will help cleanse your energetic layers and allow a better flow of the universal life force energy.

      I hope this answered your question.


  18. Thank you, you have a very informative page. I came across your website after searching for Karuna symbols and I was not disappointed with the wealth of information that you have provided.


    • Hi there Mystic and thank you for your kind words.

      I am putting together a Reiki symbols course. It’s still in the making but it will have quite a solid, guided information structure.


  19. Hello All!

    Hey Vlad! May I ask a few questions?
    1. Are there specific symbols for Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, and Etheric Crystal Reiki?
    2. How do you feel about these levels of Reiki?
    3. How is Shamballa Reiki different from the other levels of Reiki?

  20. Hey Vlad!

    Can you please add the symbol Raku? I was taught it was a grounding symbol for the first three levels of Reiki Master. I hope it’s added to your amazing library of symbols.

    Thank you for your great work!

  21. Hello everyone ,
    I’m reiki 2nd degree practioner, I have used reiki energy for home , office , aura cleansing and also on people having sickness , I have experienced alot of things while meditating and healing others , it’s all unexplainable experience’s, I also received alots of msgs from the Angeles while having healing sessions or clearing negative energy at places. I’m located in Malaysia and if there are any1 here , we could meet up here in Malaysia . Thank you

  22. Hello ,

    I received my REIKI 1 &2 Attunement yesterday. As I read more deeper information I came across your page and I’m so amazed with all different symbols. I know I can’t use or practice with them until my next attunement ? I have unlocked CKR SHK & Hnshz . I’m in no rush but reading this article is eye opening for me

    • Hi Paul. Yes, in order to use the full potential of a symbol, you do need an attunement on the system and level of that particular symbol. Having CKR, SHK and HSZSN is an amazing gift, believe me. Learn everything there is to learn about those symbols and levels 1 and 2 Usui Reiki and you will not be disappointed.

      I am preparing a symbols course that I believe will be out at the end of this month. It will contain symbols from Reiki systems and many more.

    • Hi Paul. It is a recommendation and it does have its importance. After the attunement, when you practice the self-treatment, your body will remove residual and negative energies while increasing its vibration.

  23. Wow such detailed, clear, and helpful information. I had no idea there were so many different Reiki symbols. I know the Usui symbols well and love using them.

    One difference I would say for myself is that I really like using Reiki for infections – but I am careful to work on the energy of the client, not the bacteria or virus, and I find it very helpful.

    I have worked sometimes on infections that can be brought into harmony with the client – so many species live in harmony with us in our guts and only cause problems when they are out of balance or out of sync, and that has been a very interesting experience.

    Thank you very much for this beautiful blog.

    • Hi there Alex and thank you for your kind words and feedback.

      Yes, you are right, most bacteria live with us in harmony, and most of the time, we are the ones creating imbalances.

      We can work with Reiki on infections keeping in mind to have a healthy, high vibration when we do. This way we can manage to remove the residual energies that affect the body.



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