Reiki Symbols And Their Meaning From Usui To Karuna And Shamballa

Reiki symbols are here to allow the flow of healing energy to be more focused and used for specific outcomes, therefore enhancing the practice. 

But we should keep in mind that these symbols are sacred and should be revealed only when someone is initiated into the Second and Third Reiki degree.

Having said that, it’s helpful to have this information at hand and be aware of their use.

What’s Included In This Article

The role of this article is to have all the information in one place, so you can better understand a symbol and its role.

If you have been attuned for at least the second degree, this will be particularly relevant.

Symbols are present in almost every culture, religion, or spiritual texts.

They are represented in different ways, from simple writings to iconic personalities.

Throughout history, they influenced the way we perceive the world and many people still use them as a guide in their daily lives.

When it comes to Reiki you should know that there are no symbols that are better or more powerful than others.

Each has its role, and their power lies in the way you use them.

Adding symbols to your practice doesn’t necessarily make you a better practitioner.

Using hand positions as the only way you do Reiki can be enough to find the results you’re looking for. You should never consider the hands-on technique a lesser method.

On the other hand, apart from the Usui Reiki Symbols, there are many others that you might stumble upon.

This can become confusing and I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count.

That’s why in this article you’ll find not only the symbols for Usui Reiki, but also the ones used in other systems, like Karuna Reiki, Shambala MDH, and a few of the non-traditional Reiki symbols.

It’s a journey that will give a lot of insights, and hopefully, add value to what you already know.

On top of that, I intend to provide context and clear things out if needed, by going beyond the traditional path and showing you what’s out there.

What Are Reiki Symbols And What’s Their Meaning

Traditional Reiki symbols are split into two main groups:

  1. A Japanese Kanji sequence of words and meanings that make a whole representation of philosophy, function or practice. 
  2. A form of expressing an ideology that has the direct purpose of healing a certain part (emotional, mental, metaphysical) of your life and/or your body.

These two types are applicable as an explanation for the physical drawing.

At an energetical and spiritual level, the Reiki healing symbols act as gateways to certain types of energies. These energies, in turn, are different manifestations of the universal life force energy that flows through us.

This means that each symbol connects to such energy and a certain vibration. It increases the energy level of your body, mind, and spirit while healing you from within.

We are all channels through which the universal life force energy flows and it can efficiently manifest through symbols and intention. 

Therefore, the purpose is to raise your vibration and pull out the root of your problems. Then you can heal by opening the main energy channels and centers.

Types Of Reiki Symbols

As mentioned before, Reiki symbols belong to different types of levels and systems.

Each level and each Reiki system represents a spiritual threshold that one must pass to achieve an efficient state of healing, awareness and higher consciousness.

Thus, the symbols can differ in power and vibration.

There are symbols for:

  • concentrating the energy and power into a certain place;
  • harmonizing and balancing;
  • mental and emotional healing;
  • opening a dimension to a certain place or space;
  • healing and opening emotional and communication blockages;
  • surrounding and filling yourself with energy;
  • connecting to certain angels/archangels;
  • balancing your energy fields and energy centers (chakras);
  • aligning your chakras;
  • grounding;
  • abundance;

… and many more.

How To Properly Draw And Use Reiki Symbols

You can activate the Reiki symbols by:


  • Put the index and middle finger together with the thumb (out of your 5 fingers, these 3 hold most of the energy and their gathering has the purpose of concentrating it into one point);
  • You can also use your hand or one finger while pronouncing (even in silence) the name of the symbol. Do this 3 times while drawing it and it will enhance its activation power;


  • After you become more accustomed to the Reiki symbols and after you gain some experience, you can simply visualize them using intention;
  • First, you must learn what it does to have a clear image of that symbol;

Note: Do not use any Reiki symbol on a person or a group of people without their acceptance!

Be aware that Reiki promotes life and therefore try to avoid using it on infections.

After you achieve a higher experience level and vibration, you can then work on infections with the intention of annihilating the bacteria/viruses.

Reiki On Animals: you can do Reiki (hands-on) on animals, but do not draw any symbols directly on them;

The Most Important Reiki Symbols

Generally speaking, all Reiki symbols are important.

However, I would highlight the fact that every practitioner has to learn the fundamentals, the core of Reiki, and that is: the Usui Reiki Rhoyo system.

In a way, I would point out that the most important teachings are found in the Usui Reiki symbols. That’s because you cannot move forward without first understanding their use and vibration.

Each Reiki symbol has its meaning, vibration, and its use complements other symbols and techniques.

It all depends on us and how we decide to put them in practice.

Note: the following pieces of information are brief descriptions. If you’re interested in learning more and read an in-depth article, just click the corresponding link for each symbol.

Usui Reiki Symbols

Normally all Reiki practitioners start with this system.

In a few words, Usui Reiki represents the fundamentals that take you through the phases of connecting with yourself.

At this stage, you learn how to heal and cleanse yourself.

It’s the foundation of all the practice that we know as Reiki. Mastering this system is the first step to a higher state of awareness and consciousness.

Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol (CKR)

There are no symbols at Reiki level 1. This is where you receive access to the universal light through the attunement process. Also known as the beginners teachings, at this first degree, you get to learn about yourself through Reiki.

Cho Ku Rei though is the first symbol you learn in Reiki, and it’s revealed to you at the second degree or Reiki level 2.

It’s known as the “Reiki Power Symbol” and can be generally translated as: “Placing all the power of the Universe here, now”.

cho ku rei reiki symbol

Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol acts as a light switch before starting self-treatment or treatment on others.

You may use and draw CKR on all your energy centers (primary and secondary) for cleansing, activation, and protection. Draw it on your body and visualize it on your back as well.

It enhances the practitioner’s flow of energy, cleanses and keeps away unwanted energies.

You can also draw CKR over a painful area, accompanied by 10 minutes of hands-on therapy.

When placing this Reiki symbol between you and a person (or animal) it creates a barrier of energy that acts like a filter. This keeps away the negative thoughts or intentions the other person might have.

Use CKR for protecting and cleansing your house. Do this by drawing it on each wall, ceiling, floor, and corner of the room. 

Note: Cho Ku Rei is always useful to enhance the energy of any treatment, therapy or other symbols but remember that intention is key.

CKR allows the energy to flow properly.

It can have various uses from cleansing your food and drinks to eliminating blockages within your energetic system.

Read the in-depth article on Cho Ku Rei here >>

Sei He Ki (SHK) Or The Mental And Emotional Reiki Healing Symbol

This is the second symbol you learn at Reiki level 2. It represents mental-emotional healing, harmony, and balance.

sei he ki reiki symbol

SHK helps you establish a better connection with your conscience and sub-conscience levels and see what needs to be healed.

This Reiki symbol brings harmony when you draw or invoke it in a room with a group of people.

You can use Sei He Ki Reiki symbol to help cure addictions such as smoking or drinking, as well as negative induced thoughts and patterns.

You can do this in self-treatment by having the intention of freeing yourself from any kind of addiction.

With time, the energy of SHK will work with your emotional part as well, letting you know what is the root cause.

Next, it will mentally cleanse you by creating a subconscious awareness of the negative effects of the respective addiction.

It’s like opening the window in the morning to get some fresh air.

The same works for Sei He Ki.

It releases negative energy from a place or an energy center and allows positive energy to enter.

More about Sei He Ki in this article >>

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN) Or The Reiki Distance Symbol

Also known as the Reiki distance symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is one of the most powerful symbols in all Reiki systems.

hon sha ze sho nen

It’s the third symbol you learn in the Usui Reiki Rhoyo system.

It generically translates as:

“Without Past, present or future”.

“The Divinity in me contacts the Divinity in you”.

It allows us to transcend time and space when it comes to helping others, sending light, connecting to someone or just meditating.

Usually, it’s used together with Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki to facilitate the connection with the universal source of life force energy.

From here on you can visualize it flowing through your body, healing all your structures.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be used as part of a distance healing treatment for a patient that may feel uncomfortable receiving hands-on Reiki treatment.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol Can Be Used To Send Healing Energy For

Yourself – past, present or future

Whether you intend to use it for your well being or a specific, important event in your life, sending Reiki healing energy for your future will help settle all prospect events for your greater good.

Even if the outcome is sometimes different than what you would expect, the events that are ready to be in motion will be happening.

Everything will develop in a balanced way and for your greater good.

By using the sequence of CKR+SHK+HSZSN you can send energy (distance healing) in over any timeline or place.

When sending to your past to heal a certain event like a break-up or trauma, I would recommend not making it a habit.

A rule of thumb if you like, would be no more than 5-10 minutes from time to time.

Remember you want to heal the moment.

You don’t want to bring its energy back.

By healing your past, you also heal consequences from the present and future.

Somebody else – in distance or future

First of all, remember to have the approval of the person before sending energy!

Then, you can either use a photo, her written name or even visualization to send healing energy using the same sequence of Reiki symbols.

Someone who passed away

Having this intention for 10 minutes from time to time can help that spirit on its path to evolution.

It’s always good to help close ones that passed away as they can guide us in our life as well.

Keep in mind that this is not a way to communicate with them.

Your Reiki Spirit Guides

By sending energy from time to time to your Spirit Guides, it enhances both their power, to help you, as well as facilitates your communication with them. 

They are there to offer support and guidance so asking them for help and sending healing energy will bring many positive results.

Reiki projects

Whether you wish for a new start in your life, to grow your spiritual side, or even have a material goal, building a Reiki project is extremely useful.

Just remember to write all your wishes at present, like they are already manifesting themselves, positively without negations. 

Always mention “for the greater good”.

Discover the distance healing symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen >>

Shika Sei Ki Reiki Symbol

This Reiki symbol is best used for the heart chakra (Anahata – the 4th chakra) because it removes negative energies from the heart as well as emotional stress, anger, and anxiety.

shika sei ki

It has a big capacity for concentrating energy in one area.

It brings peace and serenity, it enhances your ability to offer and receive love and it fills your heart chakra with light.

Drawing it in the center of a room, together with Sei He Ki will create a warm and loving environment.

It is a very useful symbol for relationships. It can remove monotony and bring emotional balance.

You can use it when you have the feeling of sadness, depression, fatigue or anger.

It can basically work for any issues regarding the heart.

Read about Shika Sei Ki and Shika So Reiki symbols >>

Shika So

This Reiki symbol is mostly used for the throat chakra (the 5th chakra – Vishuddha). It deals with communication issues, thyroid problems, and energetic imbalances.

shika so

It helps open ourselves for a better connection with other people and may remove anxiety when speaking to a large group.

Shika So works really well for couples who have communication issues.

Drawing it in the middle of a room enhances the desire for communication and understanding.

Expressing your feelings verbally (but in a harmonious way), can have unbelievable healing effects. This may release certain “trapped” emotions that can only be revealed through communication.

Dai Ko Myo The Master Symbol

Dai Ko Myo is considered to be the Master Usui Reiki Rhoyo symbol that you get access to in Reiki Level 3.

dai ko myo

It’s the Divine energy that manifests through us and the healing hands.

As a general Japanese meaning, it translates as “Great Shining Light”.

It has the capacity of filling with light both a place or an object. It can also go beyond that and influence in this way crystals, living organisms, and human beings.

You can activate it in your palms the same way you do with other symbols, and then draw it on your energy centers and body.

Dai Ko Myo represents the pure light, the highest level of wisdom and energy that a person can aspire to. It is connected to the Divine love which surrounds and sustains us.

It represents pure joy, love, happiness, success, enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Just simply meditating on it will gradually change your life and your vibration.

Go in-depth with the Master Reiki symbol Dai Ko Myo >>

The Tibetan Dai Ko Myo

This is also considered a Reiki Master Symbol, used mostly in attunements to open the main energy channel.

tibetan dai ko myo 1
tibetan dai ko myo 2

It has more ancient positive energy and very high vibration.

This symbol assists you in removing residual energy from an area or energetic blockages in therapy.

Tibetan Dai Ko Myo can realign chakras with the corresponding vibration that your body needs.

The Serpent of Fire (Nin Giz Zida)

Use it at the beginning of attunements and deep healing sessions.

Draw it on your back or the back of the person you are doing Reiki on, to align the chakras. It also helps to open and clear the energy path on Sushumna, the main channel.

the serpent of fire

Add Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki to the sequence to clear your energetic path. Do this by drawing them in front of you and parallel to the ground.

The Dragon of Fire

This Reiki symbol is associated with treating female genital organ affections.

the fire dragon

It has a very important role in establishing your connection with the earth and balancing the higher, celestial energies with the telluric ones.

The Dragon of Fire symbol is particularly useful in grounding you. This leads to balancing out the celestial and telluric forms of energy.

It should help lift your physical energy.

Karuna Reiki Symbols

Karuna Reiki system was brought to our word through the Reiki Master William Lee Rand.

As a whole Reiki system, it is said that Karuna Reiki has a much higher vibrational energy compared to Usui Reiki.

This does not mean that one is “weaker”’ compared to the other. It simply indicates that Karuna Reiki has a more mystical approach.

It contains many spiritual meditations with angels, archangels and ascendant masters.

Also, the symbols are quite different from traditional Reiki.

In this system, the symbols have multiple roles, healing extremely deep imbalances from the physical and emotional to the spiritual level. 

Using the Usui Reiki Symbols together with the ones from Karuna Reiki will considerably amplify and enhance the power of your Reiki practice.


The first Karuna Reiki symbol that you will learn is Zonar and it roughly represents infinity – infinite love, infinite evolution.

zonar karuna  reiki symbol

This symbol has been revealed to Marcy Millier through a guided meditation.

It has a strong connection to Archangel Gabriel, the bringer of Divine messages.

Zonar connects to your past lives and has a deep level of healing, reaching cellular and DNA layers.

At this level, it simply dissolves any negative patterns, replacing them with pure light.

Zonar supports unity and wholeness.

It may be very well used on al the energy centers (primary and secondary) together with the rest of the Usui Reiki symbols.

Draw it on the walls, ceiling, and floor to achieve a very strong shielding effect. 

One of the most beautiful things about this symbol is its connection to Archangel Gabriel.

This is a healing relationship.

Consider including Zonar when sending energy through the distance healing technique to a relationship. This will help heal any karmic issues that might interfere with that particular relationship.

Zonar has also a strong supportive role in healing emotional traumas, or issues.


Similar by shape as Zonar, Halu Reiki symbol has the main attributes of psychic and global protection.

halu karuna symbol

Halu can create a structural and energetic field of protection under the form of a “pyramid of energy”.

It has a strong connection to Archangel Raphael, the protector, and acts as a guide of all doctors, therapists, and healers. 

As the previous symbols, Halu may be used on your energy centers (primary and secondary) as well as for cleansing interior spaces.

Some of the main uses of Halu Reiki symbol:

  • It increases self-trust by activating it on your energy centers;
  • Protects against any kind of physical, mental aggression and/or manipulation techniques;
  • Through meditation, Halu can heal the energetic structures of your body and place your consciousness in balance with your soul.
  • It helps you recognize the past traumas and heal them in your optimum rhythm. 
  • Halu connects us to the acknowledgment of our own mistakes. By becoming self-aware, it teaches us how to avoid “pointing fingers” and take responsibility for our actions.
  • It helps us harmonize ourselves with our flaws and imperfections through learning and how to analyze and change things that are not useful to our spiritual evolution.


One may notice the name resemblance with the word “heart” and that’s because this Reiki symbol represents pure love and light.

harth karuna

Using Harth opens up the gateways to the highest and purest forms of energy and vibration. This leads to an understanding of unconditional and divine love.

I would advise to use it on the crown chakra, third eye chakra as well as on the heart chakra.

When you activate it on the crown energy center, it reconnects you to your loving desire for life and intuition.

If you activate it on the heart and throat chakra it will facilitate the human relationships (family, friends, spouses, etc.); at this level, it considerably diminishes cardiac issues.

Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Shika Sei Ki + Harth + Dai Ko Myo

This represents the ideal sequence of Reiki symbols to:

  • Eliminate emotional blockages by enhancing the harmonious feeling of love towards ourselves first and others while keeping any cardiovascular issues at bay. After all, we need to understand that any physical problems are a consequence of an energetic issue, which in turn has a spiritual cause. In this case, a lack of self-love and compassion towards others has the negative physical cause of cardiac issues.
  • Slowly places your emotional body in a state of healing by bringing to the conscious mind the source of imbalances at this level.
  • Fills your heart chakra (Anahata) and the direct energy center of your heart with pure positive energy.

By drawing it in any given place, Harth will bring the energy of love and compassion.


This Karuna Reiki symbol has the main attribute of grounding and balance.


Rama has a strong connection with the Archangel Michael.

By using the Rama symbol in your self-treatment, will help eliminate any energy blockages, which in turn, offers a better flow of energy through your body.

Whenever you have a feeling of not being grounded, that you’re “up in the clouds”, use Rama on your feet with the intention of grounding yourself. 

Rama is exceptionally useful for cleansing and purifying indoor spaces. 

You can do this by applying Rama in the center and corners of each room.

Avoid using this Karuna Reiki symbol directly on someone in therapy.

I found Rama to be very useful for:

  • Protection around me in all four cardinal points
  • Protection and cleansing of an indoor space (this may vary from your personal bedroom to a working space);
  • Cleansing and protection of crystals;
  • Opening the energetic road and facilitating an easy path to wherever you would like to go;
  • Enhancing your ability to focus on daily tasks;
  • Removing feelings of depression or sadness;
  • Rama is able to keep away dark energy entities and negative intentions from other people;


As the name suggests, “Knowledge” is the main trait of this Reiki symbol.

Gnosa Karuna Symbol

This symbol has been revealed to Marie Abraham through guided meditation.

It is mostly applied to the third eye and crown chakra for deloping intuition and freeing the energetic path of learning and understanding. 

Gnosa is strongly connected to the angels of Divine wisdom.

It has a strong effect on helping you with studying and memorizing. It amplifies your ability to focus and enhances mental clarity as well as your creative side.

On a more spiritual note, when you use it in self-treatment and meditation, it helps connect to your higher-self and unveil the absolute Divine truth. 

This Karuna symbol can bring to the surface your potentials for true spiritual knowledge and wisdom: compassion, love, peace, and forgiveness.

When you draw a double Gnosa on the crown chakra it can eliminate fatigue, help you recover from hangovers and give you a strong general focus.

Another amazing trait of this Reiki symbol is that it provides awareness.

That’s why, when used in self-treatment, it supports self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love in a harmonious, non-narcissistic way.


The main trait of this wonderful symbol is the manifestation of material creation through action and its connection to the angels of creativity.

Kriya Karuna

It was channeled by Reiki Master Kathleen Millner in collaboration with William Lee Rand.

Any wish can become true if they are done according to the Divine will. 

Kriya influences those wishes to manifest in real, physical life. That is why, besides your other initiatives, it empowers the Reiki projects along with the other symbols.

One of the best uses of this Karuna Reiki symbol is activating it on the crown chakra.

You need to have the clear intention to receive all that is best suited for you and your life, according to the Divine Will.

Kriya turns ideas into action.

It removes the subconscious struggle and amplifies your will to manifest and focus.

I often use it for grounding and cleansing at the same time.

To achieve this I draw it from the hips down the legs and finish with the spirals on the feet.

Kriya Karuna Reiki symbol can be used for ambitious purposes as well.

Having a high vibration, it can be used together with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to help heal entire regions on our planet.

Obviously, this can’t be achieved overnight in isolation, or by a single person. Having more people working together on this intention, with time, the effects will start to be present.


The main attribute of this symbol is to phase out the veil of illusions.

Iava has the ability to eliminate the false self-generated conditionings and open the channel to reality.


Revealed through channeling by Reiki Master Catherine Mills.

Earth, fire, wind, water, and spirit are represented in harmony through this beautiful Karuna Reiki symbol. It indicates how everything is a whole.

Iava has a strong connection with the angels of harmony, nature, and the angles of Earth.

By activating it on the crown chakra (especially drawing it double on the hemispheres) you access your own authentic ideas and clear the influence of others.

It can also act as a protection against manipulations and negatively induces thoughts.

You can use it in self-treatment to develop a resistance against social patterns or superstitions by protecting your rational side.

Iava helps us regain our inner strength and the self-trust that lies within us.


This is a high vibrational symbol that has peace as the main attribute.

From a spiritual side, it connects to the angels of harmony, peace, and support. 


I use this Karuna Reiki symbol on the 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd chakras, including their projections.

This helps me harmonize, open and balance them in a short amount of time.

Together with Sei He Ki and Shika Sei Ki, they bring peace and harmony to an environment.

Here are some of the important uses for Shanti:

  • It helps bring harmony and peace when activated in an energy center or situation;
  • Induces a feeling of relaxation when chanted (Shanti means peace in the Indian Language);
  • Helps manifest material projects in a harmonious way;
  • Can defuse panic attacks and fears;
  • Contributes to detachment, accepting the present while helping create a radiant future;
  • In self-treatment it helps with insomnia;
  • Can improve self-trust;


Like Dai Ko Myo in Usui Reiki, AUM is considered the master symbol for Karuna Reiki.

It personifies the essence of:

  • Compassion
  • Unconditional Love
  • Forgiveness
  • True mastery of oneself

Originally a Sanskrit symbol, it connects to the angels of Divine harmony and purity.

It is considered to hold the energy and knowledge of eons of spiritual evolution, not only from this physical world but from other spiritual planes of existence.

Meditating on it can bring to the surface many secrets of our true, inner potential.

AUM represents Universal unity. It produces the essence of purity and connection to Divinity.

Used in the attunement process, it opens the crown chakra and the main energy channel, Sushumna.

Used together with Dai Ko Myo and Harth it creates the ideal path to love, harmony and light.

As some of you may already know, AUM is part of one of the most powerful mantras that exist:

“Aum Mani Padme Hum”

Although it has many meanings, this Reiki symbol, and especially this mantra, is used for purifying and helping oneself reach higher consciousness through meditation.

Here is an example of a beautiful meditation using chanting for Aum Mani Padme Hum:

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (MDH) Reiki Symbols

It is said that the Reiki Shamballa system was channeled by The Count of Saint Germain directly to John Armitage and acts as an expansion of the reiki knowledge and energies.

Nevertheless, this is a high-vibrational concept that offers amazing results if applied correctly.

Shamballa MDH has even more meditations than Karuna Reiki, with each one meant to help raise the practitioner’s consciousness and spiritual potential.

In addition to that, it offers the practitioner access to some of the highest energies known to mankind such as the Christic Consciousness energy, the Mahatma Energy, Ascendant Masters energy, Tibetan energy, and Archangel’s Michael energy.

Shamballa MDH is considered to have 352 symbols of incredible power that remain unknown to most people for that very reason.

One may access them through deep, consistent meditation or revelations if the initiated is allowed to receive any.

Here are the most important known ones:

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

This symbol is represented by the manifestation of the Divine Mother.

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma Shamballa Reiki Symbol

I use it on the back of the body for re-alining and energizing the chakras.

When activated on the back and the crown chakra, it has the power to simultaneously ground and connect you to the universal life force energy.

Also, Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma can rebalance and activate the energy at the DNA level.

Motor Zanon

This is quite a unique Reiki symbol when it comes to its use. Its purpose is to literally disintegrate the bacteria or viruses that cause an infection or a disease.

motor zanon shamballa reiki symbol

It’s also called the Anti-Viral symbol.

Used together with Cho Ku Rei, it can bring amazing results.

Use CKR 3 times > then Motor Zanon > then again CKR 3 times over the body’s area where the infection started.

I have used this sequence while asking the specialized entities. This was a while ago when I had a pretty bad illness. In two or so days I was recovered without using heavy medicine.

Considering that Halu, from Karuna Reiki, connects to Archangel Raphael – the patron of all doctors and therapists, I would recommend bringing this into the equation as well.

Palm Master Symbol

As the name suggests it can be activated on your palms as well as on the back of your body, starting with the crown chakra.

palm master symbol

Point 1 connects to the crown chakra, 2 to the third eye, 3 for the throat, 4 through the remaining chakras and 5 connects to the Soul Star chakra, which is located approximately 10-15 inches above the crown chakra.

This helps yourself, your soul and higher-self connect within one energetic structure.

In return, if you use it often and in self-treatment, this will help heal imbalances on all levels while activating the universal source of life force energy.


Amsui symbolizes completion.

It is used in Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing attunement process and each segment represents a unique symbol corresponding to a certain level of consciousness.

amsui shamballa reiki symbol

It may be used when a person is going through spiritual awakening and needs to adapt to the new changing energies and vibrations.

This Reiki symbol is credited to Bas Van Woelderen.

Ho Ka O ili ili

This Shamballa symbol helps with self-esteem.

Ho Ka O ili ili

When used on oneself on the front and back of the body it creates an aura that streams the idea of respect.

You can condition it to remain activated or you can simply visualize it again if needed.

It’s very useful especially by those with a poor self-image and in need to learn that they must first respect themselves in order to be respected by others.

Of course, this can be done harmoniously with the help of Ho Ka O Ili Ili Reiki Symbol.


If you were ever wondering if there is a “Reiki symbol for money”, this is the one.

abundance shamballa

This Shamballa symbol has the attribute and energy of material and spiritual abundance.

It is not used in treatment as much. Usually, it is found in Reiki projects related to business or self-growth.

It simply helps to manifest abundance and removes poverty energy by bringing prosperity into consciousness.

You can read more about how to manifest money with Reiki in this article.


There are many more Reiki symbols to talk about that have unique representations and uses.

They will be grouped in more specialized articles.

This one is a general presentation of the most common traditional Reiki symbols as well as the non-trational ones.

It should serve as a guide and a point of reference for you or anyone in need of a more clear image of the Reiki symbols.


What is important for you? To add more Reiki symbols to your practice, or improve the ones that worked best and discover new ways of applying them?

About Vlad and ReikiScoop

Vlad is an Usui Reiki Grand Master/Teacher and has also gained the Master/Teacher Level in Karuna, Shamballa MDH, and Gendai Reiki, with 15+ years of experience. He went through ups and downs like all of us, but what sets him apart is his ability to experiment new and unconventional things in order to grow as an individual and evolve as a Reiki Master. Vlad loves to explore new cultures, meet new people, and exchange ideas. Now, time has come to make that next step: “It’s never good to isolate knowledge therefore it’s time to share my learnings with others”. You can always read more about Vlad and ReikiScoop in the about section.

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    • Hi there, Rochelle and thank you for your question.

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      Thank you for pointing this out.

  2. Hi: When you indicate to use Dai Ko Myo in combination with other symbols, are you referring to the Usui or Tibetan symbol?
    You don’t have any idea how much of an asset your teaching has become to my healing practice! Even though, I knew Karuna Reiki, no one could tell me the process of how to combine it! So for the longest time I continued doing Usui Reiki, and kind left Karuna in the back burner! Love and Light to you! Thank you,

    • Hi there, Rochelle.

      Thank you for your kind words and it brings me a lot of joy knowing that this knowledge is useful for you!

      Karuna is a wonderful and very powerful Reiki system. The energy that it brings is unique. Out of all Reiki systems, I believe that Karuna Reiki has the best, harmonious blend with Usui Reiki. They amplify each other’s power and effectiveness.

      When we talk about combining Dai Ko Myo with other symbols I refer to the Usui Master symbol. It can be used almost any combination of symbols according to your need.

  3. can i start using the above mentioned symbols of karuna reiki even if i am just a reiki level 2 practitioner (Usui system of attunement). or do i need another attunement for these symbols? please help.

    • Hi there Pooja and thank you for writing.

      What I can tell you is that you do need to have a Karuna Reiki attunement in order to use the symbols from this system.

      Having said that, remember that you have access to the universal life force energy, therefore you can tap into the vibration of this symbols to some extend.

      Try meditation on each of the Karuna symbols and see what you can gain from feeling their vibration.

  4. Thank you so much for the confirmation. Years ago, just after receiving my master certification in Usui reiki, I started receiving the Shamballa reiki symbols in meditation. The process was incredibly intense, and I couldn’t really find any information on it. This is the first time I have found any coherent information on the symbols I received, so thank you! Many blessings!

    • Hi there

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for your kind words. It is a blessing that you were able to channel powerful symbols such as those from the Shamballa MDH Reiki system through meditation. There is a lot of information for this beautiful system and we are all in a continuous learning process. There are still over 360 hidden yet powerful symbols in Shamballa MDH Reiki that are waiting to be discovered. Hopefully, we will reach the required wisdom and energy level to access at least a part of them.


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